07 July 2021



First published at 05:13 UTC on July 7th, 2021

The DICHOTOMY is startling


Dan G said...

With the latest wave of the virus in Israel, where the statistics claim that a quite a large percent of those that were tested positive have been vaccinated - no one seems to have published how many of the tested positive have recovered from the virus.
Could it be that the number is very low (because getting the virus and recovering from it is much more powerful than receiving an artificial vaccine), and they are hiding it because it would interfere with their campaigns to vaccinate the children, and to plan a 3rd shot, etc.?

Neshama said...

Dan, you are correct that someone who recovered from the virus should not be vaccinated. Its almost impossible to get any statistics in all the categories that would be helpful to know what’s REALLY going on. Children don’t need to get the jab, and it could be detrimental or even deadly to do so. But the govt. is a close-minded and deceitful about these matters. The survival rate is in most cases is 99.9….. %

Unless the parents and citizens rise up and declare their absolute abhorrence to what is going on, nothing can be done to stop them.

moshe said...

Believe they are determined to try and get everyone in the world to be branded like cattle. They say this is not a vaccine but a gene therapy which changes the DNA and that is why it is causing such havoc on many. This ls part of their control thing, plus and mainly the depopulation. These shots might have something to do with injecting information on each person - whatever it is, it's the epitome of pure evil (nachash itself). This is not coming from a human mind. That it's happening so drastically in EY is horrifying. We must demand, especially now in the three weeks, that H' hasten the Geulah b'rachamim and send us Moshiach tzdkeinu, post haste!

Neshama said...

Rabbi Kessin in his latest shiur has said that “HQB”H IS hastening the Geula”, which is obvious from the evil infection of the rainbow culture upon Israel and other “nahash” acceleration of gross immorality PLUS.

Hang in there and strengthen Bitachon!!