06 July 2021

RED FLAG: The Tsarist Zionists Grabbing Jewish Boys for Military Service ?

Yeshiva students obligated to enlist after court deadline for law expires. The state is now obligated to draft yeshiva students who turn 18 from Tuesday. This will likely not happen. 

A law that allowed the Defense Ministry to perpetually defer enlistment for haredi yeshiva students technically expired on Monday, although the state has now asked for a six-month extension to pass a new law.

As of midnight on Monday, the defense minister is no longer able to grant military service deferrals to ultra-Orthodox yeshiva students after the deadline, given by the High Court of Justice in February to pass a new law, ran out.

Technically, the state and the Defense Ministry are now obligated to draft yeshiva students who turn 18 from Tuesday, although this will surely not happen.

On Monday, the state requested another six-month extension from the court to give the government time to pass a new law to regulate the standing of yeshiva students who seek to defer their enlistment until they are over the maximum age of military service.

This is the state’s 10th request for an extension to the severely complex and divisive issue since the High Court ruled in 2017 that blanket deferrals from enlistment were discriminatory and illegal.

The court has now given the Movement for Quality Government in Israel, the primary petitioner in the case, until Thursday to respond to the government’s request for an extension.

Another Red FLag against the JPOST:  https://www.jpost.com/israel-news/yeshiva-students-obligated-to-enlist-after-court-deadline-for-law-expires-673019

The *organization has said it unequivocally opposes any extension.


*would that be Lieberman and his anti-religious partners?


moshe said...

The Enemy Witbin! They are like wounded animals and acting like animals. They somehow know,maybe subconsciously know, their time i s up. Tney are the epitome of evil!

Neshama said...

Moshe: we are sooo very close!