07 July 2021

SHOCKING: Idol worship in religious Israeli kindergarten?

The following is from America’s Frontline Doctors (link below)

A video circulating social media depicting religious Israeli kindergarten teachers accustoming children to associate a hypodermic syringe with fun and festive revelry has prompted some rabbis to compare the practice with the ancient worship of Molech, as defined by the Jewish rabbinic codifier and physician Maimonides in his Guide for the Perplexed.

In the video, teachers playfully poke preschoolers with a pastry syringe meant to symbolize a vaccine needle in a joyous party with dancing accompanied by accordion.  At the end of the clip, a male voice is heard exclaiming: “How lucky we are that there are vaccines!”

EndTheMadness founder and author of seven books Rabbi Chananya Weissman responded to the video: “This is state-sponsored mass child abuse, and indeed a modern form of child sacrifice to a death cult different from Molech only in method.”

He went on to say: “Those among us who claim to be the most enlightened and progressive are in fact the most primitive and monstrous.”

In an article entitled Medical Intervention in the Torah, Rabbi Weissman wrote: “If modern pharmacology does not have its actual roots in idolatry, the slavish worship of white coats, degrees, and establishment ‘experts’ is clearly idolatrous. There is overwhelming evidence that the system is rife with corruption and that much of what is taken for granted as ‘scientific fact’ is more akin to faith in cult leaders. Those who scorn religious faith have created a substitute that demands complete faith and ritual obedience.

“Natural interventions are intended to be a camouflage for God’s intervention, not a substitute. This is even when the science behind them is indisputable, all the more so when it is shrouded in deceit, greed, politics, and conflicts of interest. Those who gamble their wellbeing and their lives on such science are certainly turning away from God and committing a great sin.”

Rabbi Weissman concluded: “We are blessed to live in a time when the idolatry of medical worship is being destroyed before our eyes and its priests exposed as frauds. Let us live according to the Torah, turn to God, banish the fear, and enjoy life.”

In an analysis of Molech worship, Chabad.org‘s Levi Avtzon wrote in The Tragic History of Molech Child Sacrifice:

“The Midrash elaborates on Molech worship:

How was Molech served in the valley of Ben-Hinnom? It was built outside of Jerusalem. It was an idol with the face of a calf and open hands like one receiving something from another. They would light this idol on fire until his hands were scorching. There were seven chambers before him and according to the quality of the sacrifice that is how close one could come to him. If one came with a bird, then chamber one; goat, chamber two; sheep, chamber three; calf, chamber four; cow, chamber five; and ox, chamber six.

To he who brought his child, the priests would say that he is offering the greatest sacrifice. He would enter the innermost chamber and go kiss the Molech . . .

The priests would then take the child and place it near the Molech. They would then bang with drums to drown out the cries.

“While the Midrashic tradition cited above states that the child died during the service, not all agree that this happened.

“Maimonides argues this was a service which the child survived (albeit emotionally scarred for life). Other opinions, however, say that the child was actually scarred physically or even burned to death.”  Perhaps foreshadowing modern “fact-checkers”, the description continues: “The priests would bang and clap to drown the noise from the child’s screams so that the father would not regret his decision…

“Maimonides tells us that the conniving priests of Molech convinced people that whoever did not have their children participate in this ritual would witness the death of their children. Thus, people felt that by appeasing the Molech god they would secure their child’s future.”

Indeed, in the Guide for the Perplexed, Maimonides writes: “Promulgators of false, baseless, and worthless ideologies scheme and plan to firmly establish their faith; they tell others that a certain plague will befall those who do not forever perform the act by which that faith is supported and confirmed,” Maimonides says in Chapter 3:37:7.

He continues: “This plague may one day incidentally befall a person, who will then recall his attention to performing that act, and thereby adopt idolatry.

“It is well-known that people naturally most fear and dread losing their property and children, so the fire-worshippers spread the tale that whoever fails to pass his son and daughter through the fire, will lose his children by death.

“There is no doubt that on account of this absurd menace, everyone obeyed at once out of pity and sympathy for the child; especially as it was an insignificant and easy act that was demanded, passing the child over fire.”

Moses ben Maimon, commonly known as Maimonides and also referred to by the acronym Rambam, was a medieval Sephardic Jewish philosopher who became one of the most prolific and influential Torah scholars of the Middle Ages. In his time, he was also a preeminent astronomer and physician, serving as the personal physician of Saladin.

He was posthumously acknowledged as among the foremost rabbinical codifiers and philosophers in Jewish history, and his copious work comprises a cornerstone of Jewish scholarship.

Rabbi Eliyahu Tulshinski responded to the video, asking if one finds it “difficult to understand how doctors ‘followed orders’ to experiment on children in the Holocaust? Sure that you would never endanger your own child with fire?”

He explained: “Hillel would say: ‘Do not believe in yourself until the day you die. Do not judge your fellow until you have stood in his place’.” [Mishna, Avos 2:5]

“Before believing ourselves to be insusceptible to such behavior, consider from what place people decided to so behave – from a place of fear.

“Fear of losing honor (by being labelled a ‘conspiracy theorist’).

“Fear of losing a job.

“Fear of losing one’s children: ‘It being well known that people are naturally most in fear and dread of the loss of their property and their children, the worshippers of fire spread the tale that if any one did not pass his son and daughter through the fire, he will lose his children by death‘ [Guide for the Perplexed 3:37].

“That is, the fire worship ceremony, like vaccines, was claimed to ‘safe and effective’ –

“- safe, since only 1 in a few thousand children died from the COVID injection or from the heat of the fires through which they were forced to pass,

“- effective, since without the vaccine and without passing through the fires, the authorities claimed – without evidence – the chance of death to be extremely high.”

Massachusetts Chabad emissary Rabbi Michoel Green, who was disavowed by the Chabad Merkos L’inyonei Chinuch organization for his public stance on medical freedom issues, has issued a “Rabbinic statement on vaccination in 2021” that states: “Once viewed as a voluntary measure based on sound medical advice, vaccination has morphed in recent years into a form of superstitious obsession and religious dogma. No longer is it necessary — or even permissible — to investigate a vaccine’s safety and conduct a risk-to-benefit assessment. Contemporary vaccine worship obliges its adherents to objectify the vaccine as the key to life itself and regard the shot as a veritable object of polytheistic adoration.”

Rabbi Green continued: “Individuals who dare to decline the jab are viewed as heretics, incorrigible sinners unworthy of any human dignity or individual liberties. An unvaccinated child is expunged from the community like a leper, condemned to a life of illiteracy and alienation from Jewish communal life.

“‘Public health policy’ has been deified as an end that justifies all means, and children are to be offered up on the altar of ‘community immunity’ in an act of blind faith and pious immolation.

“As such, contemporary vaccine policy should be cautiously regarded by G-d-fearing Jews as ‘ways of the Emorites’ (darkei Emori) and Molech worship. ‘Shev v’al taaseh – sit and do not act,’ unless the injection is proven to be incontrovertibly safe, genuinely necessary, and medically indicated for this individual child – by medical experts who have experience and expertise in toxicology, vaccine safety, and the specific technologies and ingredients of that particular vaccine, and who are sincerely prioritizing the welfare of their individual patient. Moreover, these experts must be truly independent and have no financial interest in any pharmaceutical product, especially not in that specific vaccine.

“Without all these conditions, a G-d-fearing individual should avoid vaccines at all costs. Trust in G-d Almighty, healer of all flesh, and eschew any relic of foreign worship.”

Rabbi Chananya Weissman Interview

SOURCE:  https://americasfrontlinedoctors.org/frontlinenews/idol-worship-in-religious-israeli-kindergarten-rabbis-concerned/?fbclid=IwAR3RY96PEkgBDgUpXNhwtwJMdMVEGzLZrRDpcisVgnOvxqm646ZIkgDBs5I

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