02 July 2021

88 Years Ago The Rebbe Gave A Discourse, Part of Which Alludes to Being Buried in a Rubble

The Excellent Powerful Chochma Wisdom of the Rebbe 
that could be thought of as Prophecy about our Time

This Shabbos, hundreds of thousands of Jews will learn in Daf Yomi the Mishnah in Yuma (83a) about the laws of clearing the rubble of a collapsed building to search for possible survivors. [not sure which Shabbas that was]

88 years ago, at a “farbrengen” in Riga, Latvia, the young Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson zt”l, later to become the Lubavitcher Rebbe, gave an all night shiur and farbrengen on this Sugya in Shas, explaining it both in Nigla and Nistar. Some people remembered it, but there was no written record of it.

Several years ago, after the Rebbe’s passing in 1994, they found a personal journal of the Rebbe where he transcribed this shiur, published in a multi-volume set known as “Reshimos,” where the Rebbe explaons at length the Jewish law that we never ever ever give up on any soul. We never allow statistics to stop us from trying to save a life, even if there is the slightest glimmer of hope.

The Rebbe goes on to explain the entire halacha also from an emotional and spiritual perspective, applying these laws to people living in a chaotic and meaningless world. How do we deal with children who left Yiddishkeit? How do we deal with people stuck in a spiritual abyss and completely alienate us?

With the horrific tragedy in Surfside, Rabbi YY Jacobson presented this week a beautiful class sharing some segments of the Rebbe’s farbrengen about searching for souls trapped in the rubble.


Surfside Tower Collapse/Tuesday Women's Class 
When the Lubavitcher Rebbe Spoke about Not Giving up on Souls Buried in Rubble
When You Encounter a Person Living in a Meaningless and Crazy World, Help Him Clear the Chaos

YY Jacobson

Stones are letters
DNA is a dictionary
We are a rock in the building called Earth

One of the Rebbe’s first discourses sounds like the explanation of the times we are living in, of a world that has collapsed into chaos, and how to change it. A very Prophetic message for all of us.

ME: My Neshoma has been trying to come to a greater understanding of the relationship between what is happening and what HaShem is saying to us; and B”H The Rebbe came to explain so much more. The many tragedies that have occurred are telling us something, and we need to dig deep into ourselves to come out with the tachlis. These are not simple tragedies, there must be a common thread running thru them. The picture is expanding and we have several weeks to go until R”H and Sukkot, and then Chanukah. 

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