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30 January 2018

Parshat Yitro Message of Nir ben Artzi 12 Shevat ENGLISH

[Please note that the English translation is by Google, with me scanning for obvious translation flaws, until Reb Menachem ben Rifka can resume his blog. The latest update on Reb Menachem can be found in the ’comments’ HERE]
Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi shlita
The portion of Yitro
Sunday, January 28, 2018, 8:30

The king of the Kings of the Holy Kings, Blessed be He, Father in Heaven and in Israel, has a plan from the beginning of the world to this day, to turn this world into a pure and Holy world, without wars and without killing, without thieves and vandals. A world of free love , and unity, help without desire to receive [united without receiving reward],  the observance of the Ten Commandments, prayers, Torah study and adherence to the Holy One, Blessed is He. They will- [run to the] good, they will not suffer and suffer [be tormented] for nothing. The Jews gave [were given] a soul that is part of Gd above, and through the Jewish people living in Israel, light, goodness, purity and holiness will spread to the repair of  the world.

The Creator said, “In [By] the sweat of your mouth you shall eat bread," for a man to work [that man labors], to work and make a living with integrity, [in] truth and honor, without theft and theft [stealing], without lies, deceit and bribery.

The Holy One, blessed be He, gave the Sabbath a[s a] gift. Six days are [of] hard work and the Sabbath is a rest for all the people of Israel. For all Jews, Shabbat is the source of blessing. When you observe the Sabbath, you have good health, love and peace, abundant livelihood, long and protected life, a blessing for a good living for the coming week and the sins of the Jew are canceled. God says that you are  Shabbat [is complete] - he  pays. It's a pity that people are going against the Sabbath and waiting for her not to keep her, too bad.

Jews who live in Europe, the United States and many other places should go away [leave] and go to the Holy Land, now and urgently, whether they like it or not, they will eventually have to immigrate to Israel, [and] they will not have a shekel in their pockets. [Murder a]nd death is stronger than anything.

The Holy One, blessed be He, loves the people of Israel and the Jews who live in the Land of Israel.
The Holy One, Blessed is He, gave and gave [will give] blessing [of rain from Heaven], gave blessing to the Sea of ​​Galilee and the Sea of ​​Galilee would never be empty - the Blessing of the Lord at the Sea of ​​Galilee because the[re is the] place of Miriam the prophetess.

In Israel everything is good. Plenty of blessings and health. The Holy One, Blessed be He, blesses His children who live in the Land of Israel. The Holy One, Blessed be He, blesses his Jewish children who live abroad, [that they] who will have [understanding and]  wisdom, wisdom and knowledge to immigrate to the Land of Israel. The Holy One, Blessed be He, wants the Jews to ask him constantly, and believe in him - he will give them their requests.

All the cities filled with water and flooded by the rain - it is not from the Holy One, Blessed be He. The docks in the flooded cities are not good, they did Arab work there, not good work, so everything is blocked and the city is flooded.

Trump does all his work happily. He loves the Jews who live in Israel and is happy to help Jews who live in the Land of Israel. His deputy, Mike Pense, also loves the people of Israel. He saw face to face the evil and hatred of the Arabs against the Jews.

The entire world and all the countries of the world are connecting day by day to the Land of Israel and to the Jewish people living in the Land of Israel. All the Arabs hate the Jews, but they hate the Christians a hundred[fold] times.

No one will help anyone, Trump wants a hard hand with the Arabs. The Muslim Arabs care only about their pride and the word they said, to murder and to do evil in the world. Trump knows who he's got [to do] a business with, so he acts with a hard hand. The Arabs, like Pharaoh, find it difficult and insistent, and all this is done by the Holy One, Blessed be He, so that the people of Israel will appreciate the Holy One, Blessed be He, who will know that everything starts from the Holy One, Blessed be He.

The Muslim Arabs and the African refugees want to conquer Europe and the whole world. In Europe, harsh laws were passed to neutralize the refugees, who would [let them[ flee from there. They live in illusions. Most of Europe is Muslim Arabs and they will carry out attacks and severe damage, and the Jews will have no choice but to flee to the Holy Land.

The State of Israel must not give up its rights [to anyone] in the world. Everyone saw that the Holy One, Blessed be He, sent an angel [Malach] who spoke from Trump's throat and stated that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. Jews in Israel must not sell or give up any piece of land. Those who want peace do not want to take land. And those who want to take land from the Holy Land - do not want peace, are fake.

Hamas - the IDF does not hurt it, and the IDF can finish it in a very short time. Israel wants quiet from the world, so before every explosion Hamas is warned. Method of the US.

Egypt, anyone who wants to compete against Sisi in power - has disappeared from the map. Waiting for Sisi to hurt him, to take care of himself. To be heard in the voice of the Israeli government.[?]

In Iran, smart and educated people, they are planning a severe defeat for the regime. Anyone who demonstrated against the regime [was] put him in jail and killed him, as if they had earned quiet. All the families of the dead will not give up. Soon they will go wild and revolutionize Iran.

In Syria, the killing and the disasters will continue. Syria is fighting: Syrians, Turks, Kurds, rebels and Hezbollah - the Tower of Babel. Their sword shall come in their hearts, and their bow shall be broken.

Jordan is waiting for Trump's results. Is in peace with Israel openly and secretly. It contains all the peoples, terrorists, Da'as, Jordanians - one whole porridge [chulent?]

Abu Mazen will not help, nothing [noise] without ringing, an angel spoke through his throat and cursed Trump. As if he was doing good to the Arabs, but only doing damage to them ...
East Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Hebron, Jenin, Nablus and many Arab villages in Israel - full of ammunition and weapons. Be wary of Arabs with Israeli identity cards, some of them dangerous, not all of them.

All the enemies, prime ministers and presidents who want to harm the Holy Land and the Jews who live in Israel, the Holy One, Blessed be He, will lower them to the seabed and harm them so that they will not interfere with the rest of His children. Every president or prime minister who wants to harm the people of Israel, the Holy One, blessed be He, gives him the most severe blows, natural disasters, complications and conflicts, and killing each other.

Jews listen carefully! Outside the borders of Israel, Gog and Magog and chaos, everything is turned upside down and Israel is protected [guarded] and protected!

Hezbollah and Nasrallah cannot talk [discuss anything] because the ammunition is his breakfast, lunch and dinner, and the IDF blows up all the ammunition [within] inside, and [but] he keeps ammunition for emergencies, not wasting.

Lebanon wants peace. She does not care about anybody.

The IDF must pay attention to the borders of the north and everywhere, there is no faith in the gentiles.

Many countries in the world, who did not know the people of Israel and the Land of Israel, began to open their hearts and want to know the Land of Israel and the Jews who live in the Land of Israel, want to come to the Land of Israel, want advice and technology of the Jews in the Land of Israel. At this rate, which will last - all the countries of the world will bend, fold and seek help from the Land of Israel.

Natural disasters, fires, earthquakes, floods, storms and winds will continue. Tragedies will continue on trains, planes and roads.

Dear Jews and Jews! [Do] Not to assimilate with Gentiles, it angers the Holy One, Blessed be He. A day will come and you will repent [regret] very deeply and there will be no one to help. Parents! To Warn the children of [about] assimilation, gambling, drinking and drugs.

[The] Holy Land is growing and [expanding] growing in real estate. The land in Israel is growing and growing. Even if 100 million Jews come, there will be work and livelihood for all, and a good life for all.

Moshiach, the Holy One, blessed be He, allowed people to discover and recognize Him. The Holy One, Blessed be He, is at the highest level in the heavens and in the earth, and presses all the Rabbis and everyone who has the vision to speak to whom the Holy One, Blessed be He, chose Messiah Avduh.

The Holy One, Blessed be He, wants it to be the Rabbis of their free choice, who will vote for whom the Holy One, Blessed be He, chose for the Messiah - who is in our generation! Even though the Messiah is a protector, [responds with replies] a guard and a convert. Most of them know who he is and do not have the courage to speak, waiting for the great Torah scholars to speak. The Torah sages will speak, the Holy One, Blessed be He, will give them the opportunity to speak and be in the first circle of eternal life.

[The] Holy Land is in the best period ever. Every Jew feels and senses in the air that there is something special about our generation. With the help of Gd, when the Torah sages begin to speak, everything will come out and will blossom in public!

Courtesy of Tair Neri (and google translate)


Anonymous said...

May be he wants us to recognize that he is mashiach? Avoda Zarah...Be careful Neshama.

Neshama said...

Why in the world do you come to the premise that this blog should be “careful” about posting what Nir ben Artzi says, as with others, such as politicians, say or don’t say? This blog does not endorse anyone as Mashiach. We report what is in the news, or being said by Rabbinical figures.

All Jews hope for the day when Mashiach will be revealed, in Emes, by HKB”H.