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04 January 2018


Hamas continues with the excavations [digging] twenty-four hours a day. It's not three tunnels - there are a lot of tunnels. There is one very special tunnel that is their hope for success, in order to cause serious problems for the people of Israel, God forbid. There are many more tunnels, but Hamas's special tunnel is the connection of a few tunnels and they want to kidnap soldiers from a military base, God forbid.

Nir Ben Artzi, from Parshat Shemos English


Anonymous said...

Re these tunnels, the question is 'so, what are they going to do about it'? They need to stop it before they go too far and, c'v, soldiers will really be in danger.

Neshama said...

I posted this separately because I hoped that some Israelis that might be checking out the web would find this and it would get around, possibly to the “right” people.