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04 January 2018

Bomb Cyclone Off New England Coast

Winter storm heading for Southeast, 'bomb cyclone' could form off New England coast

A new storm is making its way to the Southeast Wednesday, likely dumping rain, sleet and some snow before moving north. The storm has prompted schools to close in Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina. Meanwhile, the Northeast is bracing for another brutal arctic invasion.It is then forecast to head north, where there is the potential for the storm to become a "bomb cyclone" as it strengthens off the New England coast on Thursday. Very heavy snow, hurricane-force gusts and blizzard conditions are all possible in this scenario.

The snow will continue north Thursday. Long Island and New England -- especially Maine -- may get over 6 inches of snow.

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‘Bomb Cyclone’: Rare Snow in South as North Braces for Bitter Cold

It’s Snowing In Florida And People Are Loving It
Ahead of the approaching “winter hurricane” about to hit most of the U.S. East Coast, Floridians woke up Wednesday morning to something that’s very rare in the Sunshine State. HuffPost – Must see their video.

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