28 December 2016

The “Hole” Truth About Sufganiyot

The “Hole” Truth About Sufganiyot

"There is an Israeli folk tale about how the sufganiya, the ubiquitous Chanukah doughnut, got its name. After Adam and Eve were expelled from the Garden of Eden, they were despondent. G–d Himself cheered them up by feeding them sufganiyot.

"This rather whimsical exegesis is based on a parsing of sufganiya as sof-gan-yud-hey (the end of the Garden of the Lord, aka the Garden of Eden), the last two letters spelling out the Divine name. While no known commentator supports this interpretation, the story indicates the high esteem in which the hole-less Chanukah doughnut is held[….] 

Read more of this funny but en-lighten-ing story at: OU.org

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