05 December 2016

The 9th of Kislev – An Auspicious Et

The Ninth of Kislev

[t]he 9th of Kislev is a very special time where the gates of tefilot are wide open and Hashem is hearing, accepting and answering our prayers! Like the Ramban wrote: "the 9th year on the 9th month at the 9th hour of the day is a time of happiness and grants from Hashem". and you should know, adds the Chesed L'avraham, "this time is very appropriate for success and is a pipe to bring upon ourselves abundance and redemption."

This very special moment only comes around once every 7 years so we must get ready for it and take advantage of the opportunity granted to us from Hashem. Therefore it is important we take the time to pray and ask Hashem for all we need and desire in a clear and detailed way. In order to do so, we must prepare ourselves and put on paper what is the most important to us so that we can ask it clearly on this very special moment.

Source: The 9th of Kislev a Special Time

For some spirited back and forth about this (below) and more, see the comments on the page Daas Torah

“Come and see: There are times in the year when favor is found, and times in the year when Judgment looms. There are times in the month when favor is found, and times in the month when judgments looms over all. There are times in the week when favor is found, and times in the week when judgments appear in the world. There are times in the day when favorite is found and the world is fragrant, and times in the day when judgments loom – and even in the hour. Thus it is written: [For everything there is a season,] and a time for every matter (under heaven) [Ecclesiastes 3:1], and similarly: [As for me, may my prayer to You, O YHWH, come] at a time of favor… [Psalms 69:14], and similarly: Why, YHWH, do You stand far off, and hide in times of trouble? [Psalms 10:1], and similarly: From afar, YHWH appeared to me [Jeremiah 31:3]. And times when He is near, as it is written: Seek YHWH when He may be found, call to Him when He is near [Isaiah 55:6, i.e. Yom Kippur]; YHWH is near to all who call Him [Psalms 145:18]. Therefore, that he not enter at all times into the sanctuary” (Zohar 3:58a-b).

“From the beginning of the month [of Tishrei] books are opened and judges sit in judgment. Every single day courts are empowered to open proceedings, until the day called ‘ninth of the month.’ On that day judgements all ascend to the Master of Judgment, and a supernal holy throne is prepared for the King. On that day Israel below should rejoice before their Lord, who is ready to sit over them on the holy Throne of Mercy, the Throne of Leniency” (Zohar 3:67a).”


“... and in the ninth Israel was answered by the Sea [cf. BT Shabbat 88a: “Blessed is the Compassionate One Who gave a threefold Law to a threefold people, by the third (namely Moses who was the third child born to his parents), on the third day, in the third month [namely סִיוָן Sivan, the month of מַזַל תְאוּמִים Gemini]. And the ninth hour [the time of מִנחָה] is the hour of merriment, and blessing, and joy; it is the hour of offering in which Elijah was answered, as it is written: And it came to pass at the time of the offering of the evening sacrifice, that Elijah the prophet came near, (and said, YHWH God of Abraham, Isaac, and of Israel, let it be known this day that you are God in Israel, and that I am your servant, and that I have done all these things at your word) [1 Kings 18:36]. It is an assurance to you that the ninth year of the Jubilee will be the most auspicious year, the ninth month [כִּסְלֵו], will be a month of רָצוֹן favor [which shares of gematria of 346 with מָקוֹר source, and שְּׁמוֹ His Name (Exodus 3:13)], and it will be the most auspicious of months. The ninth day of the month will be the most auspicious day of the month, and the ninth hour of the day will be the most auspicious hour of all the hours” (Brit Menuḥa).


yaak said...

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Neshama said...

thank you very much Yaak; could you estimate what time that would be for this year - Erev Shabbat?

From some of the comments, one should Not daven mincha. Could one just say Tehillim? Or something from the heart?