13 December 2016

Amona the Beloved Community / Judea and Samaria

Amona, the Beloved Community

Manya Hillel: Amona, Samaria.

Amona, one of the most talked about villages at the moment! Meet Manya Hillel, a pioneer who has deliberately chosen to live in Amona in Ofra. A village (settlement) which threatened under pressure from Europe and America clears to be despite numerous assurances that they could continue to live there.

Amona the Beloved Community. The High Court of Israel has order it destroyed on December 25, 2016. despite they have no legal foundation to do so. This community located in Binyamin next to Ofra has been here for 20 years and is the re-emergence of ancient Amona that existed on this same location in the days of Joshua. Jewish Heritage Project

ב”ה Another ground breaking documentary highlighting the rise of Jewish culture on the land at the cradle of Jewish Civilization. This land is Judea and Samaria also known as Yehuda and Shomron. This is the land where the Jewish nation was born. Now according to all the promises that our Beloved Father G-d made to Abraham and the prophets, the Jewish people have returned to this land.

In this documentary you will find the evidence of this emerging Jewish culture something the major international media sources have failed to report to the world. Today in this movie you will be a witness to this spring of Jewish life and finally get your first real look inside this amazing Jewish Culture and the successful noble settlement communities that are arising up here in the so called West Bank. This is your chance to meet face to face and hear from those who are part of this amazing and successful struggle to revive Jewish life here in Judea and Samaria The Land of G-d.

The movie showcases the rise of Jewish life and culture on the land at the cradle of Jewish civilization. Some want to use terms such as west bank settlements, but the truth is Our Beloved father G-d is helping His people return to the land.He promised to give them. On May 16th Rabbi Moshe Levinger Passed away z"l. The Rabbi can be seen receiving an award in this movie.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting these beautiful eye-opening videos.

To Dear Manya Hillel, as i watched you tell about your beautiful homeland, I prayed that Hashem will watch over all of you, and that you all will never leave your beautiful homes.

May sense prevail among those who trying to get their own people off the Land given to you, the Chosen of Hashem, by Hashem..

Hashem bless and keep you all Under the Shelter of H-s Wings. Amen.

Will keep Amona in prayers. Amen.

Thanks to those who made this video to let us see the truth of what is happening. Hashem bless you all... Amen and Amen.