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03 January 2018


SECRET Satellite Launch on Friday 8PM – Shabbat
*Four Countries Sent Rockets Into The Atmosphere
What are they watching in Space?

A highly classified/top secret mission - Something being monitored above the Earth! Could it be NIRIRU? So secret that even the parties involved do not know what its for! Something being monitored above the Earth!

SpaceX to try and launch the mysterious Zuma satellite again [Updated] Arstechnica. Also see: Top SECRET US satellite launched by SpaceX aims to send 'unknown group' MYSTERY messages Express, and RT

Falcon 9 rocket

*Nothing is a coincidence. US, China, Japan, Russia

A SolarGraph Reveals Solstice – Powerful Sun Burns Paint Off Sign

Does The Secret Satellite Launch Have Anything To Do With This? I Doubt It. But Also Fascinating. Solar Eclipse viewing is a regular event over the years.

ShiratDevorah informs us that we will be shown a Super Red Blue Moon "At the end of January [….] A blue moon is the term used when one month contains two full moons. However, this time it coincides with a total lunar eclipse, which will turn the moon a deep red colour. According to the total lunar eclipse on January 31 will be the first time an event of this kind has coincided with the Blue Moon in over 150 years.”

Photos here from the EarthSky community of 2018’s (January 2) closest and brightest supermoon.

Neeti Kumthekar in Belmar, New Jersey caught the supermoon rising with a mirage effect. The rising or setting moon or sun can exhibit a mirage when there are air layers of different temperatures near your horizon, for example, over an ocean. Read more about mirages from Atmospheric Optics.[from earth sky]

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