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17 January 2018

Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu Shlit”a –– Dismiss Chief of Staff

The chairman of the Jewish home is slandering Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu against his call to fire the chief of staff.  Rabbi of Beit El: "Or a separate unit or not to enlist"

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Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu, the Chief Rabbi of Safed and a member of the Chief Rabbinate Council, called on Army Radio to dismiss the chief of staff, because he is introducing a "crazy feminist agenda" into the army, which undermines the motivation to enlist and harm the soldiers' performance.

In response, the chairman of the Jewish home, Naftali Bennett, shouted at him and called his call "insolent."

"I do not know what went into Eizenkot, the prime ministers and the prime minister have to tell Eizenkot to return the keys and go home, and after the report of the reduction in motivation, you had to pack, too much to reduce the motivation to fight the religious soldiers. Home,“ said Rabbi Eliyahu.

Rabbi Eliahu's remarks come against the background of statements published by the rabbi of the settlement of Beit El and the head of Yeshivat Ateret Cohanim Shlomo Aviner, who declared yesterday that if there are women in the military unit to whom yeshiva students enlist, they should not enlist.

"I am very shocked by the statement," said Rabbi Eliyahu. "If Rabbi Shlomo Aviner said such a sentence, one must understand what led him to this, he is known as a lover of the army and the people of Israel, and if he has reached the point where he has to say such a statement,

If we see today that there is a decrease in the motivation for enlistment, something has been damaged in the army. If mixed units lower the bar, something is hurt. Someone has to say guys - stop. Rabbi Aviner is a responsible person, a yeshiva head with thousands of students at all levels of command in the army. The greatest moral virtues for the people of Israel. For years, if a person whose whole life was educated for the people of Israel and for the sake of self-sacrifice had to say a difficult sentence, perhaps he should wake up. "

Regarding the first squadron commander appointed by the Air Force commander, Rabbi Eliahu said:

"Every person who wants to contribute to the state is blessed, I imagine that she invested a great deal of work and dedication, sweat and effort, but the weight we weigh is not on one squadron. Growing or weakening. The indices show that it has weakened. It is the [cherry on the whipped cream]. These are units of the majority of the army, which are territorial units. The level of female soldiers is affected. That you guard with the guard soldier is hurt. That you are in an armored personnel carrier with the soldier of alertness is hurt, it hurts the IDF, it hurts the country. I am a human being, we are all human beings. After all the stories of sexual offenses in police fashion and in meetings everywhere there are mixtures of men and women. Every soldier next to his mission soldier will not be carried out properly. "

The head of the Jewish home, Naftali Bennett, came out against Rabbi Eliyahu's statement and said, "There is a great Haredi public, we have an excellent state, everything is okay, totally rejecting a call not to enlist in the IDF, "The various groups in Israeli society create a reality picture, a constitutive thesis, and then every error that ostensibly reads justifies the thesis: The IDF has no agenda to humiliate the people and not the Education Ministry.”

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Anonymous said...

What a disgrace for Bennett to speak in such a way to a tzadik such as Rabbi Eliyahu, the son of even a greater Tzadik! Rabbi Eliyahu speaks total TRUTH! There is an agenda to completely secularize and paganize the army. It is unimaginable for the 'Jewish' state to conduct itself in this most unJewish way as to mix the men and women together. There is only one answer to their thinking = total secularization! Also, we must not forget that it was Rabbi Aviner who aligned himself with the army at the time of the infamous expulsion. The Jewish people have to remember who we are, our purpose in the world and what we all stand for and that is G-D, Torah, the Jewish people and the Land of Israel!