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10 January 2018

Parshat Vaera Message of Nir ben Artzi January 7 ENGLISH


Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi shlita
According to Parashat Vaera,
It was reported on Sunday, 20th of Tevet 5778

The Holy One, Blessed be He, King of the Kings, blessed be He, loves the Jews who live in the holy Land of Israel and love the pure and sacred Holy Land! Woe to the country or state, president or prime minister, who will try to attack and want to harm the Holy Land and Jews living in the Holy Land. The Creator of the Universe says to the whole world: "Look at the example of Syria being consumed by the world. Iraq that is dying of the world. Turkey that will be destroyed and destroyed.
An Iran with a revolution in which the chief leaders would fall and the regime would change to a new regime. Jordan, where one million people eat each other. Egypt, which is in dire straits. The Gaza Strip has very serious problems. Hizbullah and Nasrallah have very difficult problems and many other European countries have been destroyed within themselves. The infiltrators who come from Africa to Europe - which is the glory of the world - and make it ash dust.

The Holy One, blessed be He, says to all, "Look, those who touched the Jewish children who live in the Holy Land alone, those who want to take parts of the Holy Land - a holy house, and those who want to touch the Holy Land and disturb the resting of the real Jews who live in the Holy Land - ! I will repay them and I will continue to repay them from the most difficult things! ‘

Today, after a long period of time, one can see how every country, president or prime minister who tried to harm the holy Land of Israel and the Jews - who live in the Holy Land only - were destroyed and destroyed completely. Every country, state, president or prime minister, who will support the Holy Land, will help the Holy Land and support the Jews - who live in the Holy Land alone - will be blessed by the Supreme and will have all good.

The Creator of the world bent and broke all the countries of the world, so that they would work and help the holy Land of Israel, for Jews who live in the Holy Land alone, and to deport the Jews who live outside the borders of Israel. This is the will of the Holy One, blessed be He. The Jews will want to come up with love - they will  come and be blessed. They will not want Don’t run from love. The Creator will use great powers and come against their will and ascend to the Holy Land of Israel.

Thank you, thank HKB”H, to the Father [in Heaven] who gave and gave [will give] rain to the Holy Land, blessed rains, the rains of joy, the rains of repentance Teshuva, the rains of love of God Hashem, the rain of love of the Holy One, Blessed be He, [to] His Jewish people in the Land of Israel.

One of the main elements of the world is the rain. Without rain there is no life, everything starts from the water. The Creator is doing everything, so that the people of Israel will not need any country in the world or any flesh and blood. The Holy One, Blessed be He, asks us to plead with Him, to pray for [with[ Him, and to study Torah. Promises the Creator - will give everything! Like a baby seeking sweets from father and mother.

There are a million Jews on the way to Israel, a million Jews to the Negev, a million Jews to the Western Galilee, a million to the Golan Heights, to Samaria, to Binyamin, to Judea, The Arava and the Jordan Valley.

Gog and Magog and chaos [ותוהו ובוה], only in the Arab countries, and outside the borders of Israel, not in our land!

The Land of Israel and the Government of Israel, not to allow foreign people who do not have Israeli citizenship and are not Jewish to interfere in Jerusalem, within the Land of Israel! They set up riots in East Jerusalem, Hebron, Bethlehem and the West Bank. They come solely to disturb and do destruction within the Land of Israel. Do not let them get to Israel! They are not tourists, they come to do damage. Do not need their money, they come only to destroy and the destruction they do is the destruction of tens and hundreds of millions.

In the north - open your eyes. In the south, most of the tunnels are blown up, some are discovered and some are not discovered. The IDF and the Israeli government - not to enter the Gaza Strip by foot, only from the air.

Hamas is depressed, broken and shattered, and Da'esh disturbs him and wants to destroy him and trample him. Hamas, its situation - 'dying to die’.

Abu Mazen closes the tap for Hamas and Da’esh closes the air to breathe.

Egypt is full of trouble from the Nile, from hunger and water, much more than what you think. Sisi wants to get rid of Hamas and M’da'esh, so that he will have time to deal with Egypt, so that it will not collapse and that there will be no revolution. Sisi should be strong and continue to consult with the Israeli government, to help him not have a revolution in Egypt.

Syria is devastated. The rebels in Syria are killing, and killing without end. There is no peace.

Russia trains in Syria and sells it arms and ammunition.

Jordan, the Holy One, blessed be He, gave her a blow. The king is complicated and conflicted with his family. The Holy One, blessed be He, takes him down from pride and humiliates him, because he does not want to say that Israel is helping him with security. He did not say - he lost.

In Iran there will be a very beautiful revolution, very, very! The Iranians, smart and educated, know that if Israel blows up Iran's atomic plants, Iran will be wiped off the face of the earth. That is why they want to overthrow the evil and cruel government and establish a government of peace, love and mercy, a regime that will stop the atomic plants.

Turkey, Erdogan talks, talks and talks, to scare everyone that there will be a revolution. He is ill, he has mental problems, he is afraid of his people, kills and kills dozens and hundreds to deter them. Da'esh sits on his back and nibbles him, the economic situation in Turkey is very difficult and there is half a revolution, and the media do not say everything.

Nasrallah is afraid, 'dying to die' and afraid to die. He is afraid that Iran will end and leave him, afraid that he will be complicated and that Iran will no longer help him or the Gaza Strip.

Lebanon does not want war, wants peace quiet and peace. They got used to European and American education.

France, the president speaks well of Arabs and Muslims, because he is afraid of being hurt. He has no experience of life, he does not yet know what Arab Muslims are, do[es] not understand that they are fake, that they will turn over him and destroy France. That Muslims and Arabs have one goal - to turn Europe [into Islam] and Islam into it. They laugh and mocked France and the whole world, they have done great damage and trouble in France.

The United States, Trump discovered, understood and knew that his friendship with Israel would open peace and love in the world, because Israel wants peace and love. The best in the world for peace and love. Trump has won the will of the Lord merits to do the Will of Hashem.

The elements of nature will continue to hit, fire and fires, volcanic eruptions and earthquakes, winds and storms, cold and heat all over the world. All the bribes and bribers, the scammers, the thieves, the lewd people-they'll all be caught one by one. It is worth doing Teshuvah for out of love, and fast quickly.

Moshiach works and works within the Holy Land of Israel. The whole world knows that there is a Mashiach in Israel and must be revealed in our generation, in our time, when the Sitra Achra and the impurity in the world are interfering and nothing will help them - Moshiach will be revealed in the near future! The Mashiach protects [guards] and protects all the Jews in the Land of Israel and the Holy Land. The time is very short to discover Moshiach in public - waiting for a sign from the Creator!

Through righteous women [the Jewish People were redeemed] they were redeemed by the Jewish people, and even now, in this last generation, righteous women will influence their husbands to talk about the visions, about redemption and Mashiach. The Mashiach will not advertise himself and will not reveal himself, the others will discover the King Mashiach  The Creator gave strength and tools to Mashiach  and many know him. There is no fear of the people of Israel, the Holy Land, and the Jews, for ever and ever. Stick  [Cleave] to the Master of the Universe and everything will be good!

Just as Samuel the prophet came to the house of Yishai to search for David, the son of Yishai, and to praise him for the king, so in our generation, all the rabbis will begin to look for the Mashiach, son of David, with mercy, and after they find him and reveal him, the Creator will seal heaven and earth, And reveal him to go out in public, instead!!


Ms. H said...

Grateful to you, Neshama!!! Thank you so much! An invaluable service! I actually read it in Hebrew on Sunday - but since Hebrew isn't my strong language - I get the gist - but it's challenging. Kol Hakavod to you for doing the work you do!

Anonymous said...

We sooo want Mashiach, right? And satan using it for its own benefit. So much sheker in the world, and we easily fall into it. Rabbis, ribbis...What? Rabbis can prevent coming of Mashiach, Rabbis stronger that Hashem G-d forbid?
We can do so much for Hashem, but instead we glued to the computer and fall right in Satan's hands. Congratulation!leah