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03 January 2018

Parshat Shemot Message of Nir ben Artzi 12/31/2017 ENGLISH


Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi shlita
According to Parashat Shemot,
Delivered on Sunday, 13 Tevet 5778 8:30

The Master of the Universe is leading the world, facing you all over the world and creating the world for His glory alone! We will [it] or will [it] not - the Creator leads us to do His Will - whether we want it or not. It is worthwhile for the Jews to do their will, and it is worthwhile for nations throughout the world and in Israel not to disturb the Holy Land and the Jews in the Holy Land, for that is the Will of the Holy One, Blessed is He.

The Holy One, Blessed be He, turns all the Arab countries who believe in the Holy Land, and Jews who live in the Holy Land, and not interfere with the Jews who are in the Holy Land. The Creator of the world complicates all the Arab states. Every country [land/nation], country or president, who speaks unpleasant things, bad things about the Holy Land, everything turns over them, and that country and its president will be destroyed from the world. Every country that will help the Holy Land, will love the Jews who are in the Holy Land, and stop harassing and disturbing the Holy Land of Israel - it will have blessing and peace.

Iran is next in line because it interferes with the holy Land of Israel. It wants to give power to the Palestinians, Hamas and Hezbollah. Thank God for the earthquakes HE gave Iran, to give Iran and [will] continue to give to Iran. Thank God for the demonstrations and the beginning of the revolution in Iran. Ninety percent of Iranian citizens love the Jews and the Holy Land, who [and]will continue to demonstrate and revolutionize Iran, to replace the regime with love, peace and mercy. Iran is interfering with Israel and it will be destroyed like Syria.

Turkey, Erdogan interferes with the Land of Israel and Jews living in the Land of Israel. Da'esh suffocates him and Erdogan cries out, and cries before death [to] the last Jews in Turkey - [to] flee from there urgently, before you are here, not there or here.

There will never be peace in Syria. Da'esh leaves Syria like mushrooms, there is no solution and no solution. Da'esh sprouts everywhere like mushrooms, and there is no solution to harm it, harm a hundred - another thousand are born.

Egypt, there are attacks in the Sinai and many Egyptians are killed. Sisi is the best president for the Egyptians, who will protect himself and will not believe anyone around him. If you suspect someone - replace [him]. If Sisi is at peace with the Israeli government - he will be protected [secure] and protected. In Egypt there is a lack of water and lack of food, and the neighbors around it want to fight against it.

Jordan, if Israel closed the water, [they] would not have drinking water. Their king makes 'noise' from the outside, and inside is with the Land of Israel. Jordan is full of refugees, whole porridge and mud.

Hamas continues with the excavations [digging] twenty-four hours a day. It's not three tunnels - there are a lot of tunnels. There is one very special tunnel that is their hope for success, in order to cause serious problems for the people of Israel, God forbid. There are many more tunnels, but Hamas's special tunnel is the connection of a few tunnels and they want to kidnap soldiers from a military base, God forbid.

Hamas and the Palestinians are descendants of Amalek! They do not want peace, they want to take and throw the Jews into the sea. When Moshiach comes out in public, he will order the Mediterranean Sea to raise a 100-meter wave - to take the entire Gaza Strip into water.

The Israeli government and the Israel Defense Forces, instead of messing around how to knock down the third and fourth – begin serious meetings and urgently examine what to do with the tunnels in the Gaza Strip. To invest more in the search for tunnels, and for the IDF to be more in the region to invest thought on the northern border, without provoking them, because Hezbollah and Nasrallah want to draw Israel into the war.

Dear Jews, in all the synagogues and in every house, greet [welcome] the soldiers of the Israel Defense Forces, the policemen, the Border Police and the security personnel! The Holy One, blessed be He, loves the soldiers of the Israel Defense Forces!

Russia speaks outwardly as if it is renouncing Israel, in order to sell arms and ammunition. Everything is normal and good, Putin knows everything that is happening in Israel, he is in continuous contact with the Holy Land.

The United States, Trump is doing everything he can to help the Jews, fed up with the stupidity of the deceitful and deceitful [lying] Palestinians, who discovered the deceit and lies of many countries in the world who went against him at the United Nations. Now he stops their budgets and stops making a real alliance with them - in real time he will not rely on them. They have succeeded in angering him and the entire US; Trump will continue to work to transfer the embassy to Jerusalem, and many countries will continue to transfer the embassies to Jerusalem.

There will be conflicts between all the Arab states and many other countries. They will hurt each other by talking in the media and the Gog and Magog and the 'chaos' will continue to strengthen.
Anti-Semitism will continue to strengthen in a strong world.

Dear Jews, the Holy One, Blessed is He, calls upon you to come to settle and live in the Holy Land. The Holy One, blessed be He, says to you, "Come and invest your money in real estate in the Holy Land." The real estate הנדל"ן abroad will come in time [soon] and [to] take the houses with [and] the money. Do not try the Holy One, Blessed is He, He is stronger than you. [this was difficult to understand]

All the thieves and life [who live] on the backs of others, bribery and bribers, lecherous and abominable - all will be revealed naked. The Holy One, blessed be He, said, “In [With] the sweat of your forebrow you will eat bread" - this is the blessing for success.

The fires in the Land of Israel, over ninety percent, are intentional arson.

World natural disasters will continue, earthquakes, floods, strong windstorms, volcanic eruptions and fire, disasters in air transport, land and sea, conflicts between countries and within themselves will continue strong.

[The Bracha is in] The pool is located on the Sea of ​​Galilee. All the water in the Sea of ​​Galilee is fresh water thanks to the blessing, thanks to Miriam the prophetess, Miriam there - there is a blessing, like the endless jug of oil. Springs fill the Sea of ​​Galilee, the Holy One, blessed be He, fills the Sea of ​​Galilee through miraculous miracles.

The Land of Israel markets to almost all the countries of the world [what they need] their needs. Everything is in Israel. Because of jealousy and narrow-mindedness, there is hatred against the Jews in the Land of Israel. The Creator blessed them with a land flowing with milk and honey! There is everything in Israel, metals, vegetables and fruit, water and livelihood, building tens of thousands of houses without a break and it will not stop even in thirty years! There are a million Jews on the way to Israel!

Rain in the Holy Land will fall abundantly - there will be plenty of rain!

The people of Israel are waiting for the Rabbis to have the courage and confidence, to speak and appreciate the new reality of visions and dreams, to come out with this force and not be afraid and will not be deterred by the truth. The Holy One, blessed be He, removes the impurity and the kelipot, the lewdness, the bribery and the deception, cleanses and purifies the entire Holy Land and the people of Israel, which will be clean, pure and purely, without resentment and vengeance.

There is a great mess and the Holy One, blessed be He, wants all the people of Israel to be pure and holy. The Holy One, blessed be He, prepares the land for the revelation of Moshiach in public! There is no time, time is short and running out, Mashiach has to go out in public! Although many know the King Mashiach, the Holy One, blessed be He, gives signs of redemption and Mashiach, in Israel and abroad!

In Trump's proclamation of Jerusalem, the capital of the country in the 70s, the Holy One, blessed be He, shows the power of impurity and narrowness of the eye against Israel. We have to rely on the Holy One, Blessed is He, for there is no one besides Him, מי לה' אליי!

The Holy One, blessed be He, secures and protects the borders of Israel. Although there are disturbances, you have to be alert at the borders.

The Holy One, blessed be He, has His ways and His time. The Holy One, blessed be He, loves to see and hear that every Jew asks for Moshiach in public. The Holy One, Blessed is He, hears our prayers that we ask Him to appoint the King Messiah in public. The righteous in the heavens buried in the Land of Israel, shun the dust and the righteous who live in the Land of Israel, all of them seek Moshiach in public. 

Those who are buried in the Holy Land, want Moshiach [so there will be the] resurrection of the dead, and those who live in the Holy Land - when Moshiach comes out in public - will live forever. The Holy One, blessed be He, wants to sweeten the law, cleanse and purify all the Jews in the Land of Israel, in honor of the public arrival of the Messiah son of David!


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Thank you ...

Anonymous said...

Why does he imply that the Jews buried in Israel will live forever and sort of, implying Jews buried throughout the world will not, which, of course, we know every Jewish neshama anywhere will be resurrected? We know he's pushing for every Jew to live in E.Y., but there's many a good reason that many are yet not living in E.Y., so suggest he write with more compassion and understanding on this matter. There are also many 'Jews' living in Israel who are really not Jews! BTW, MBY can be recognized as MBY, but MBD will be anointed by H' & just as Dovid was made known as king by Shmuel HaNovi, it will probably be Eliyahu Hanovi who will bring forth MBD.