16 January 2018


Rav Gershon Edelstein [Shlit”a] On How to Deal with Those Who Leave the Fold [TRANSCRIPT OF THE VIDEO TRANSLATED INTO ENGLISH]


Avi Fishoff: The Rosh Yeshiva has stated clearly that when a child is behaving in a corrupt manner (off the derech) he needs to be treated only with “כבוד וידידות” – “respect and heartfelt warm friendship”
Rav Gershon shlyt”a agrees: DEFINITELY – DEFINITELY

Avi: We are following the method of the Rosh Yeshiva, but on your path of “respect and heartfelt friendship” there are a thousand questions…
When we go with “כבוד וידידות” as we should treat all of our children – or perhaps this child should be treated with even more “respect and heartfelt friendship” because he doesn’t feel good about himself… he doesn’t feel like other normal children…
Rav Gershon shlyt”a: YES – YES

Avi: So now the child is at home, but still doesn’t really feel these feelings of “כבוד וידידות” because he knows that he is a disappointment to his father and mother…
Rav Wagshall: They look down at him in a negative way
Rav Gershon shlyt”a: THAT’S NOT GOOD – NOT GOOD

Avi: I think that when the Rosh Yeshiva says that we need to treat the child with respect and heartfelt friendship, he doesn’t mean that we just ‘act’ that way, but that the child should actually feel it
Rav Gershon shlyt”a: OF COURSE – OF COURSE

The Rosh Yeshivah is very clear that parents of children acting out against the Torah must deal with them ONLY in a way of respect and warm admiration that will cause the child to TRULY BELIEVE AND FEEL in his essence that his parents really accept him as he is right now.


Avi: If a child goes with clothing that is different than the clothing of the family and the parents don’t buy the child his clothing, then the child knows that [they do not approve of him]…
Rav Gershon shlyt”a: OF COURSE – OF COURSE
Rav Wagshall: They can buy it for them??
Rav Gershon shlyt”a: Avada – There is no other way – there is no other choice
Rav Gershon shlyt”a: or perhaps try to explain that it is not worthwhile [to dress that way]… that the frum clothing is nicer…
Rav Wagshall: But what if the child is not accepting our opinion… and wants to dress like… like…
Rav Gershon shlyt”a: then there is no other way [but to buy it]

Avi: Is there a hallachic problem of “מסייע” (helping someone sin) by buying clothing that is not tzanua according to hallachah?
Rav Gershon shlyt”a: why would it be…

Avi: Because we are giving her money and she buys clothing against hallachah?
Rav Gershon shlyt”a: And beforehand she was dressing properly?
Avi: Certainly not.

Avi: But People think that if they will give money for things that are not allowed, then why does the child need to ever change his ways and come back? But I think it works the other way around…
Rav Gershon shlyt”a: Of course – the child knows what the parents really want…

Rav Lobenstein: They should supply the child with what he needs right now, and give it with a good heart and that wins over the child…
Rav Gershon shlyt”a: OF COURSE – OF COURSE

Avi: Can we actually buy not tzniusdik clothing [for her to wear] if she anyway has been dressing that way?
Rav Gershon shlyt”a: there is no other way [to properly deal with this situation]

Avi: what should their intentions be [when supplying her with clothing that is against the Torah]?
Rav Gershon shlyt”a: That he should do teshuva!

Avi: So the parents should be mechaven lisheim shamayim (as a remedy to bring the child back to Yiddishkeit)
Rav Gershon shlyt”a: Yes

Avi: And there is no “לפני עור” (causing a person to sin)?
Rav Gershon shlyt”a: This is the only way to heal them – this is the beginning of the necessary process to bring them back… this is the medicine… it brings them back

The Rosh Yeshivah is clear that parents may supply dvarim assurim (ex: buying not tzniyussdik clothing) and there is no issue of “לפני עור” or “מסייע” since this is the MEDICINE to be mikarev them and bring them back to the right path.

* אנוסים – FORCED *

Avi: Does the Rosh Yeshiva look at these children as חולים (sick)… אנוסים (forced), חולה נפש (emotionally sick), חולה רוחני (spiritually sick)?
Rav Gershon shlyt”a: אנוסים – Forced to sin!

Avi: אנוסים? Everyone who sins is considered אונס (forced)?
Rav Gershon shlyt”a: רוח שטות – a wave of insanity [is controlling them now]

Avi: A bigger רוח שטות [then normal Yidden face]…
Rav Gershon shlyt”a: Yes, it’s a רוח שטות – he does not understand [what he is doing] (HE CAN NOT CONTROL HIMSELF NOW)

The Rosh Yeshivah clearly says that we must look at people who go off the derech as “אנוסים!!!” who are hijacked and “forced” to sin, and they are NOT CAPABLE to make the reight decision and behave according to the Torah at this time in their life!


Avi: And the treatment to remedy this sickness is…
Rav Gershon shlyt”a: Yedidus! (a warm feeling of heartfelt friendship)

Avi: True friendship means that I accept you the way that you are right now [without trying to change you]
Rav Gershon shlyt”a: YES – YES

Avi: Can you supply them?
Rav Gershon shlyt”a: YES – YES

Avi: Because supplying them causes them to 100% feel our honor and friendship.
Rav Gershon shlyt”a: CERTAINLY

Avi: and when we don’t supply them they don’t feel the honor and friendship
Rav Gershon shlyt”a: OF COURSE – OF COURSE

The Rosh Yeshivah clearly says that we should SUPPLY the children with their current needs in order to prove to them that we TRULY ACCEPT them so that they REALLY FEEL our respect and warm friendship.


Avi: Are they sometimes mentally unwell? Many of these kids cannot sleep, suffer from various anxieties, fears, they have many mental problems too.
Rav Gershon shlyt”a: YES, that is true

Avi: So aside from the spiritual challenges they may have psychological challenges as well
Rav Gershon shlyt”a: This is the cause for that – it’s together – one is linked to the other… [especially when] he feels he has no father or mother [that love him]

Rav Lobenstein: We have not yet found a boy who went off the derech and became a successful chiloni (not frum) – they are acting this way because they became twisted in the head
Rav Gershon shlyt”a: A רוח שטות (wave of insanity) –

Avi: they are “forced” for a few years? Can one be considered “אונס” (forced) for five years?
Rav Gershon shlyt”a: YES – YES

Avi: Until…
Rav Gershon shlyt”a: until he calms down… and stable… and be “שמח בחלקו” (be happy with his life)

Rav Lobenstein: And through the friendship and the calm in the house, when the parents stop knocking him and raging against him and it becomes calm in the house…
Rav Gershon shlyt”a: …he becomes “שמח בחלקו” (which is necessary for him to be chozer bitshuvah)

The Rosh Yeshivah states clearly that the path back to Yiddishkeit can only be once the child is fully accepted and loved by his parents and then becomes “happy” with his current not frum life – and then he will find his way back to incorporate Yiddishkeit into his life.


Avi: People have such a confusion… they feel that they need to yell at the child… they think: how can we allow our child to act this way [against the Torah]??
Rav Gershon shlyt”a: Shakes head no: Yelling is forbidden! Yelling is לפני עור (causing someone to sin!) – like hitting an older child [that the Rambam says is לפני עור]

Avi: So one may not deal with a son or a daughter in any way that pressures them…
Rav Gershon shlyt”a: yes – it damages them – it damages them

Avi: We openly see that it harms these kids!! People think that לשם שמים (to defend HaShem’s honor) they need to object to such behavior…
Rav Gershon shlyt”a: no – it’s “מזיק” (they are harming the child)

The Rosh Yeshivah states clearly that when you treat them with negativity, criticism or pressure to conform, you damage them & cause them to sin MORE and YOU are ‘oiver’ a ‘lav’ of “לפני עור!!!”


Rav Wagshall: What about the other children?
Rav Gershon shlyt”a: You need to explain to them that he is “forced” to act this way… He doesn’t have the ability to control himself… He is a “רחמנות” (unfortunate and broken person)

Avi: This child won’t be a bad influence on the other children in the home?
Rav Gershon shlyt”a: If the other children know that he is a רחמנות and that right now he doesn’t understand properly… he can’t think straight right now…

Avi: The other kids see how the father and mother buy gifts for him, that won’t make them jealous?
Rav Gershon shlyt”a: Buy gifts for them as well

Avi: Buy normal kosher things for the normal kids and…
Rav Gershon shlyt”a: YES – YES

The Rosh Yeshivah states clearly that when parents treat the child in the derech haTorah of embracing them with respect and warm friendship then he is not concerned about the other children being damaged, and you simply explain to them how to look at him.


Rav Lobenstein: Who has the authority to determine if a child needs discipline (punishment and consequences) so as to bring him to [correct his ways and] do the right thing?
Rav Gershon shlyt”a: It is well known and accepted that there is no concept of ‘smol docheh’ (discipline) anymore [for people who are off the derech]

Avi: Even for regular healthy kids?
Rav Gershon shlyt”a: You can discipline a normal healthy child if the kid understands and accepts that your reaction was proper, but if he doesn’t understand that then [you can’t].

Avi: What changed from all the previous generations?
Rav Gershon shlyt”a: Each generation is different…

Rav Wagshall: If there is lo aleinu a child who is mechallel Shabbos in the home – should the family still treat him with honor and friendship?
Rav Gershon shlyt”a: There is NO other way to deal with this

Avi: And we explain to the other children that this is the treatment for him that Hashem wants?
Rav Gershon shlyt”a agrees: YES, YES, YES… he has no seichel, it is a “רחמנות” on him… he has no seichel – he doesn’t understand [the ramifications of] what he is doing…

The Rosh Yeshivah states clearly that there is NO REJECTION AT ALL when it comes to kids off the derech – EVEN if the child is being MICHALLEL SHABBOS in the house! And we should explain to the other children that he simply has no self control at this time.


Avi: What can I say to strengthen the parents – this ‘derech’ is so hard for them…
Rav Gershon shlyt”a: Yes, it is very very difficult, but there is no other way. This [giving them honor and warm friendship] is the only possible way to deal with this.

Avi: The Rosh yeshiva wrote; this is the only remedy!
Rav Gershon shlyt”a: TRUE

Avi: But the Rosh yeshiva wrote that it is ‘sometimes’ hard [for parents] – what we find is that it is always hard for them
Rav Gershon shlyt”a: Later on it becomes easier… All new things are difficult

Avi: Otherwise it’s a full blown war in the home… to distance a child is a lot easier (no need for self control) – but to have such a boy living peacefully at home is much harder…
Avi: What if a boy brings a girl home – do we need to protest? Should we send them away?
Rav Gershon shlyt”a: NO – CHAS VISHALOM (G-d forbid)

Avi: But how can we possibly allow such a horrible sin to occur in the home of a chassidishe or litvishe or Yeshivah frum home?
Rav Gershon shlyt”a: THERE IS NO OTHER WAY

Avi: So we shouldn’t reject/distance them
Rav Gershon shlyt”a: THERE IS NO OTHER WAY

Avi: I know, but people feel that such a horrific sin… from the three biggest sins….
Rav Gershon shlyt”a: THERE IS NO OTHER WAY

Avi: we should not reject/distance them
Rav Gershon shlyt”a: THERE IS NO OTHER WAY

Avi: My name is Fishoff
Rav Gershon shlyt”a: [Shakes hand] You have a zchus… a zchus… a zchus… be matzliach


Avi: I work with a few hundred parents who have children that have left the derech. We spoke last time I was here that I follow the method of the Rosh yeshiva to deal with the child only using respect and warm friendship to draw him close

Rav Gershon shlyt”a: He is not at fault. He is an אונס (forced to sin) it’s a רחמנות on him

Avi: Every one of them are considered ‘forced’ to act this way?
Rav Gershon shlyt”a: None of them are at fault, they are considered a ‘תינוק שנשבה’ (a child who is kidnapped by the goyim and has no way to live a [proper Jewish life)

Avi: There are people who guide parents to say to their child that I respect and befriend you, but in my home you need to conform… wear a Yarmulka and dress properly
Rav Gershon shlyt”a: CHAS VESHOLOM! CHAS VESHOLOM! CHAS VESHOLOM! (Heaven forbid a parent to tell that to their child!)

Avi: Why?
Rav Gershon shlyt”a: Because it pushes them away and that is a sin of “לפני עור” (causing someone to stumble)

Avi: It’s considered [a ‘lav’ of] “לפני עור” to distance them?
Rav Gershon shlyt”a: YES! The parents need to accept them without ANY rules or conditions or boundaries

Avi: So to tell child that in my home [you need to conform…]
Rav Gershon shlyt”a: NO NO NO! NO LIMITATIONS AT ALL! They must make sure to bring them closer! Otherwise it is “לפני עור”

Avi: But people think that כבוד וידידות is outside – but not in my home
Rav Gershon shlyt”a: YOU CAN REPEAT IN MY NAME!

Avi: He has a few questions – can he ask?
Rav Lobenstein: The parents complain that the child walks around the house not confirming to the standards of “tzniyus”… or without a yarmulke in the house… is it important for the parents to say that it is important for us that you feel good and be comfortable in our home?
Rav Gershon shlyt”a: They are miskainim (not all there), they are “תינוק שנשבה”, they are not guilty – they are not at fault

Rav Lobenstein: The father says that we must show him that we don’t agree with him
Rav Gershon shlyt”a: NO, NO, NO! It’s אסור אסור אסור – forbidden to do that! If they do that then they are being עובר a לאו of לפני עור! (causing someone to sin!)

Rav Lobenstein: What if the child wants his friends to come over to the house, if the parents don’t allow it then he will feel that his parents don’t really accept him either. So what should we do about the friends?
Rav Gershon shlyt”a: Be mikarrev them as well

Rav Lobenstein: One of the hard questions that we get is that a father says that he was walking with his child on Shabbos and this gave him a very good feeling. Suddenly the child took out a cigarette to smoke! Can the father ignore the behavior or must he protest the chillul Shabbos?
Rav Gershon shlyt”a: NO – NO! It’s ‘assur’ to protest!

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[Me: Its truly sad what is happening to our young and confused that have left the path of Hashem. Rabbi Mizrachi says that the majority (80-90%) leave because of the internet; however, there are others who leave from abuse, and yet others who just give up. My heart is wounded from this. If you do not know someone in this situation it is easy to hear/read about it and go on with your life; however, when you know of someone who is in that matzav, it hurts.]

15 January 2018

Parshat Bo Message of Nir ben Artzi January 14, 5778 – ENGLISH


Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi shlita
Parshat Bo [text in red were problematic]
It was reported on Sunday, 14.1.18 8:30

Father in heaven and in Israel, Father of the Jews and of the whole world, created us in His honor only. Life and death in the hands of the Creator and He decides who will live and who will die. If it is righteous who die of [are taken from] the world - to atone for and protect the generation, and pray in heaven for the Mashiach. Some have reached the[ir] time, and some have shortened their time because they risked their lives. However, we should [need] “to be very careful for your souls.” You should exceedingly guard your life”.

After all, the people of Israel and the Holy Land of Israel are in the best time ever. This period will continue for ever and ever, a time when the Holy One, Blessed be He, is with the people of Israel close together, merciful and protective, and does not allow any nation [country] or nation to harm the Land of Israel and the Jews in the Land of Israel.

All the righteous in heaven pray for the people of Israel. Righteous, innocent and pure people are killed and murdered in order to annul decrees against the Jewish people. No one can understand the plans of the Creator, he never makes mistakes, He is not wrong and will not be mistaken. With us, the Holy One, blessed be He, speaks through pain and suffering. This is the way of the Creator and we have no right to speak, to say or to defy, for the Creator of the world never makes mistakes, He has never erred and will never err. Despite the fact that the Land of Israel is protected [guarded] and protected, "you must be very [need to]**careful of [guard/protect] your souls.”

The Holy One, blessed be He, commands the Government of Israel not to believe the Palestinians, neither Hamas nor any country, because their goal is to destroy [attack] and destroy the Holy Land of Israel. Every time the Israeli Government wants to promote something with the Palestinians or Hamas, a disaster happens. This is a red light - do not mess with them because their goal is not peace. Their goal is to do an exercise and destroy, heaven forbid, all the Jews who live in the Land of Israel.

It is true that the Holy One, Blessed is He, gave free choice, but if we choose a bad path, and want to spoil the good way of the Holy One, blessed be He, gives us pain and suffering so that we may return to the good path.

Rabbi Yisrael Abuchatzeira - the Baba Sali, and Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson - the Lubavitcher Rebbe, study Torah together in a cave in the sky. A long rectangular table with benches and seated saints, united and united from all denominations and communities, Ashkenazim, Sephardim, Lithuanians and Hassidim - all in one society. They all pray a united prayer for the Creator, who will appoint King Moshiach the son of David, and that the rabbis and great Torah scholars understand the vision they received and will have the confidence to publish it. They do not choose.

We pray that the Holy One, Blessed be He, will have mercy and help, give knowledge, wisdom and wisdom to those who need to publicize the vision. There is a prayer and a great cry to the Holy One, Blessed be He, so that the Holy One, Blessed be He, will give redemption in mercy, and will bring in the hearts and minds of Torah sages who will not fear and speak in order to ease the people of Israel. The people of Israel desperately need the coming of Mashiach, in order to neutralize all the enemies around us and within us and to have a good and peaceful life in the Land of Israel.

All Muslims and Christians know with certainty that there is a Mashiach who [labors and works] within the Land of Israel. They know that the Holy One, blessed be He, protects [shields] and protects the Jews in the Land of Israel [and yet], Nevertheless, envy gnaws at them and the anti-Semites want to hurt the Jews more severely.

The Holy One, blessed be He cleanses, purifies, and purifies every Jew. Discovers all of them in their nakedness, whether it is bribery, lewdness, theft or cheating. Even though he embarrasses them and embarrasses them, they are severely hurt by the shame and the terrible pain - it's for their own good.
In the end, purifies and purifies them in order to prepare the Land of Israel and the Jews to be at the time of the revelation of Moshiach in public.

Moshiach is waiting [here] and waiting for the instruction of the Creator. There is no time in the Creator and no one knows when the Mashiach will be revealed. No one knows dates. The Creator of the Universe says to the people of Israel: 'You must not ask when, when will you wait, and you will receive a gift?' The Creator of the Universe says to the people of Israel: "From the first day that I was created, I prepare the world for Mashiach and work to reveal the Mashiach in public.”

No one in the world can change the ways of heaven ly moves, moves of the Holy One, Blessed is He - the times of revelation of the Mashiach  Do not hurry or shorten the time and date with the Holy One, blessed be He! The most exact time, when the date, when the day awaited the people of Israel to be revealed King Mashiach - no man in the world does not know[s]. We, the Jews, should continue to pray and ask to be crowned King Mashiach.

Jews who live abroad, the Creator of the Universe, calls upon them to enter the Holy Land in the [an]most urgent and [very] urgent way.  [There is going] to be a wave of anti-Semitism throughout the world, to harm the body of the Jews, and thus to  harm the bodies of the Jews. They’re brought up in Chutz L’Aretz Raised a high threshold abroad, where they want to kill Jews. There are seven and a half billion people in the world who are not Jewish.

France, the young president makes all kinds of [machinations] patents, goes between the drops and chirps that he favors the Muslims to earn quiet in France. France will be filled with infidels, infiltrators and Da'esh, in order to expel the Jews from France to the holy land of Israel, and not to any other country: when the last Jew leaves France, Europe, the United States and the whole world.

Europe has no power against Muslim infiltrators, because Europe is a minority. Millions of infiltrators from Africa will enter and transfer African culture to Europe. Europe will be primitive and ashes. Patience, look what will happen.

Trump knows how to play with his words, it's a good thing the Arabs are sealed, clogged and misunderstood. He knows that thanks to the Land of Israel and Jerusalem, there is power for the United States and existence for the world, Israel is the heart of the world.

Russia is Israel's secret society. In order to support itself, in order to earn a living, it sells arms and ammunition to Arab countries.

There will be another revolution in Iran. The cruel regime will be destroyed. The cruel regime in Iran breaks the body of the Iranians to make them crippled. The whole world and the people of Israel will remember: There will be a revolution in Iran! Tired of suffering the falsity of their regime. Because of ten people - all of Iran is suffering.

The IDF cuts off all the heads of the Iranians, all the ammunition coming through Syria - blown up on the way, and a large part of the ammunition coming from the Sinai Desert explodes on the way - blessed be He, that the Da'ashim are fighting with Hamas and the Palestinians - well done.

Jordan, your king waiting for salvation. Israel secretly protects him. The US is secretly protecting him from the infiltrators, Da'esh and Hamas. Despite this, the King of Jordan has to protect himself.

Hamas brags about the disturbances that the people of Israel are doing. There are tunnels in the Gaza Strip in the direction of Israel and they continue to renew new tunnels, and there are tunnels along the northern border to Israel.

Nasrallah is waiting for Syria to wake up.

Syria will never wake up. , The destruction will continue in Syria, the Syrian soldiers are the cruelest in the world, in the Yom Kippur War and in the Lebanon War they killed IDF soldiers with unthinkable cruelty, cruelty unparalleled in the world. The Holy One, Blessed be He, avenges anyone who touches his Jewish children who live in the Land of Israel.

Hezbollah is a barbaric people like animals, uneducated and uncivilized, living on the sword. They will be killed with their hearts and their bow will be broken with them, they will kill their people and get out of the [depart from the] world.

Lebanon is modern, they are like Europeans, or are masquerading as Europeans.

Turkey [is finished and destroyed]. Erdogan [is] in fear that they would kill him and fear that there would be a revolution. They tell him from heaven: Yes there will be a revolution! There will be severe earthquakes in Iran and Asia. [Patience]

Parents will [do] not let your children assimilate with gentiles. Keep them from drugs, alcohol and gambling, pity, the Jews are a people chosen. Every Jew is worth a billion Gentiles.

The rain will come down, there will be no drought in the Land of Israel! Every Jew will pray and ask for rain. It is forbidden to make fun of prayer at the request of rain. Water will never be lost in the Land of Israel. Rain will descend in the Land of Israel in its time and time.

There is nothing missing in the Land of Israel. All the good is in Israel. All the good scenery is in Israel. All the nourishing and healthy foods are in Israel. The world's best technology and [schemes] patents - in Israel there is a Creator with us in the Holy Land -

the Holy One, blessed be He, embraces the Land of Israel and all the people of Israel who are in the Land of Israel. Mashiach protects [guards] and protects the people of Israel. Mashiach [works] at night. On a normal day, at night they lead him out of heaven and instruct him what to do next day, what to talk about, what to keep, what country to hit and where to hurt. In the day he is ordinary, helping the people of Israel and blessing the people of Israel and at night, Moshiach is with all the righteous and holy spirits - to protect [guards]and protect[s] the people of Israel!

[Fortunate] Blessed is the believer, and the happiest man of the [fortunate is the] Jew who neither inquires nor procrastinates - he will be in the first circle!

**This reminded me of an article I read in Hamodia, about a Bar Mitzvah boy, at his Bar Mitzvah celebration, fell on his head and is now in the hospital. Likewise, a month earlier, his sister also injured her head and is under treatment. What this means is that one should not take a risk of any kind, type, or otherwise, because the Satan waits for such an act to prosecute.

Parshat Bo Message of Nir ben Artzi January 14, 5778 – HEBREW



מסר מפי הרב ניר בן ארצי שליט"א
לפרשת בא תשע''ח
נמסר ביום ראשון, כ"ז טבת תשע"ח (14.1.18) | 8:30

אבא שבשמיים ובארץ, אבא של היהודים ושל כל העולם, ברא אותנו לכבודו בלבד. החיים והמוות בידי בורא עולם והוא מחליט מי לחיים ומי למוות. אם זה צדיקים שנפטרים מן העולם - כדי לכפר ולהגן על הדור, ולהתפלל בשמיים להמלכת משיח. יש כאלה שהגיע זמנם, ויש כאלה שקיצרו את זמנם כי סיכנו את חייהם. עם זאת, צריכים אנחנו "ונשמרתם מאוד לנפשותיכם”.

למרות הכל, עם ישראל וארץ ישראל הקדושה, נמצאים בתקופה הטובה ביותר שהייתה אי-פעם. התקופה הזאת תמשיך לעולמי עולמים ועד אין-סוף, תקופה שהקדוש-ברוך-הוא נמצא עִם עַם ישראל צמוד צמוד, מרחם ומושיע, מגן ושומר, ולא נותן לאף מדינה ולאף גוי, להרע עוד לארץ ישראל וליהודים בארץ ישראל.

כל הצדיקים שבשמיים מתפללים על עם ישראל. נהרגים ונרצחים אנשים צדיקים, חפים מפשע, תמימים, זכים וטהורים, כדי לבטל גזרות בעם ישראל. אף אחד לא יכול להבין את תוכניותיו של בורא עולם, אף פעם לא טועה, לא טעה ולא ייטעה. איתנו מדבר הקדוש-ברוך-הוא, דרך הכאבים ודרך הייסורים. זו דרכו של בורא עולם ואין לנו רשות לדבר, להגיד או להתריס, כי בורא עולם אף פעם לא טועה, אף פעם לא טעה ואף פעם לא ייטעה. למרות שארץ ישראל מוגנת ושמורה, צריכים "ונשמרתם מאוד לנפשותיכם”.

הקדוש-ברוך-הוא מצווה על ממשלת ישראל לא להאמין לפלסטינים, לא לחמאס ולא לאף מדינה, כי מטרתם לפגוע ולהרוס את ארץ ישראל הקדושה. כל פעם שממשלת ישראל רוצה לקדם משהו עם הפלסטינים או החמאס – קורה אסון. זו נורה אדומה – לא להתעסק איתם כי מטרתם לא לשלום. מטרתם לעשות תרגיל ולהרוס חס ושלום, את כל היהודים שגרים בארץ ישראל.

נכון שנתן הקדוש-ברוך-הוא בחירה חופשית, אבל אם אנחנו בוחרים בדרך לא טובה, ורוצים לקלקל את הדרך הטובה של הקדוש-ברוך-הוא, נותן בנו בורא עולם כאבים וייסורים קשים כדי שנחזור לדרך הטובה.

רבי ישראל אבוחצירא - ה"בבא סאלי", ורבי מנחם מנדל שניארסון - הרבי מלובביץ', לומדים ביחד תורה במערה בשמיים. שולחן מלבני ארוך, בשני צדדיו ספסלים ויושבים צדיקים, מלוכדים ומאוחדים מכל העדות והקהילות, אשכנזים, ספרדים, ליטאים וחסידים - כולם באגודה אחת. כולם מתפללים תפילה מאוחדת לבורא עולם, שימליך את מלך המשיח בן דוד, ושהרבנים וגדולי התורה יבינו את החיזיון שקיבלו ויהיה להם הביטחון לפרסם אותו, לפרסם מיהו מלך המשיח שבחר בו הקדוש-ברוך-הוא. לא הם בוחרים. מתפללים שהקדוש-ברוך-הוא ירחם ויעזור, ייתן דעת, בינה וחכמה למי שצריכים לפרסם את החיזיון. יש שם תפילה וזעקה גדולה לקדוש-ברוך-הוא כדי שהקדוש-ברוך-הוא ייתן גאולה ברחמים, משיח ברחמים, ויכניס במוחם ובליבם של גדולי התורה שלא יפחדו וידברו, כדי להקל על עם ישראל. עם ישראל זקוק מאוד לביאת משיח, כדי לנטרל את כל האויבים סביבנו ובתוכנו ולקבל חיים טובים ושלווים בארץ ישראל.

כל המוסלמים והנוצרים יודעים בוודאות, שיש משיח שפועל ועובד בתוך ארץ ישראל. הם יודעים שהקדוש-ברוך-הוא מגן ושומר על היהודים בארץ ישראל ובכל זאת, הקנאה מכרסמת בהם והאנטישמיים רוצים לפגוע ביהודים יותר קשה.

הקדוש-ברוך-הוא מנקה, מטהר ומזכך כל יהודי. מגלה את כולם במערומיהם, אם זה שוחד, זימה, גניבה או רמאות. למרות שמביך אותם ומבייש אותם, הם נפגעים קשה מהבושה ובכאב נוראי – זה לטובתם. בסופו של דבר, מזכך ומטהר אותם כדי להכין את ארץ ישראל והיהודים להיות בזמן גילוי משיח בפרהסיה.

משיח נמצא וממתין להוראתו של בורא עולם. אין זמנים אצל בורא עולם ואין לאף אחד ידיעה מתי יתגלה מלך המשיח. אף אחד לא יודע תאריכים. בורא עולם אומר לעם ישראל: 'אין לשאול מתי מתי מתי, תמתינו ותקבלו מתנה'. בורא עולם אומר לעם ישראל: 'מהיום הראשון שנברא, אני מכין את העולם למשיח ואפעל לגילוי משיח בפרהסיה'. אף אחד בעולם לא יכול לשנות מהלכי שמיים, מהלכים של הקדוש-ברוך-הוא - זמני גילוי משיח. לא למהר ולא לקצר, הזמן והתאריך אצל הקדוש-ברוך-הוא! את הזמן המדויק ביותר, מתי התאריך, מתי היום המיוחל לעם ישראל להתגלות מלך המשיח - אף אדם בעולם לא יודע. אנחנו היהודים, צריכים להמשיך להתפלל ולבקש שימליך את מלך המשיח.

יהודים שגרים בחו"ל, בורא עולם קורא להם לעלות לארץ הקודש דחוף ביותר דחוף ביותר. עומד להיות גל של אנטישמיות בעולם כולו, לפגוע בגוף היהודים. עד עכשיו פגעו ביהודים ברכושם, בפרנסתם, ובביתם, מהשבוע הזה – יתחילו להתנקש ולפגוע בגופם של היהודים. העלו בחו"ל רף גבוה, רוצים להרוג יהודים. יש שבעה וחצי מיליארד אנשים בעולם שהם לא יהודים.

צרפת, הנשיא הצעיר עושה כל מיני פטנטים, הולך בין הטיפות ומצייץ שהוא לטובת המוסלמים כדי להרוויח שקט בצרפת. צרפת תתמלא עד אין-סוף מוסלמים, מסתננים ודאע"ש, כדי לגרש את היהודים מצרפת לארץ ישראל הקדושה ולא לאף מדינה אחרת. כשיעזוב אחרון היהודים את צרפת, אירופה, ארה"ב וכל העולם ויגיעו לישראל – יהיה שקט בכל המדינות.
לאירופה אין כוח נגד המסתננים המוסלמים, כי אירופה הם מיעוט. ייכנסו עוד מיליוני מסתננים מאפריקה ויעבירו את תרבות אפריקה לאירופה. אירופה תהיה פרימיטיבית ואפר. סבלנות, תיראו מה יקרה.

טראמפ יודע לשחק במילותיו, מזל שהערבים אטומים, סתומים ולא מבינים. הוא יודע שבזכות ארץ ישראל וירושלים, יש כח לארה"ב וקיום לעולם. ישראל זה הלב של העולם.

רוסיה חברה של ישראל בסתר. כדי לכלכל את עצמה, כדי שתהיה פרנסה, היא מוכרת נשק ותחמושת למדינות ערב.

באיראן תהיה עוד מהפכה. המשטר האכזרי ייהרס. המשטר האכזרי באיראן שובר את הגוף של האיראנים, כדי שיהיו נכים. כל העולם ועם ישראל, תזכרו טוב: תהיה מהפכה באיראן! נמאס להם לסבול את הזיוף של המשטר שלהם. בגלל עשרה אנשים - כל איראן סובלת.

צה"ל, קוצץ את כל הראשים של האיראנים. כל תחמושת שמגיעה דרך סוריה – מפוצצים בדרך. חלק גדול מהתחמושת שבאה ממדבר סיני, מתפוצץ בדרך - ברוך ה' שהדאע"שים נלחמים עם החמאס והפלסטינים - כל הכבוד להם.

ירדן, מלכם מחכה לישועה. ישראל מגינה עליו בסתר. ארה"ב מגינה עליו בסתר מהמסתננים, דאע"ש וחמאס. למרות זאת מלך ירדן צריך לשמור על עצמו.

חמאס מתפאר על ההפרעות שעושה בעם ישראל. צה"ל צריך לפגוע בכל הראשים של החמאס והפלסטינים שמכוונים הסתות. יש מנהרות ברצועת עזה לכיוון ישראל והם ממשיכים לחדש מנהרות חדשות. יש גם מנהרות בגבול הצפון לכיוון ישראל.

נסראללה חיזבאללה מחכה שסוריה תתעורר.

סוריה לא תתעורר לעולם. סוריה מתה ותמות, מתה ותיגמר, ההרס יימשך בסוריה. החיילים הסורים הם האכזריים ביותר בעולם. במלחמת יום כיפור ובמלחמת לבנון הם הרגו חיילי צה"ל באכזריות שלא עולה על הדעת, אכזריות שאין כמותה בעולם. הקדוש-ברוך-הוא נוקם במי שנוגע בילדיו היהודים שגרים בארץ ישראל.

חיזבאללה זה עם ברברי כמו חיות, לא מחונכים ולא מתורבתים, חיים על החרב. "חרבם תבוא בליבם וקשתותם תישברנה", עמם יהרגו את עמם ויסתלקו מן העולם.

לבנון עם מודרני, הם כמו אירופאים, או שמתחפשים לאירופאים.

תורכיה נגמרת ונהרסת. ארדואן בפחד שיהרגו אותו ומפחד שתהיה מהפכה. מודיעים לו משמיים: כן תהיה מהפכה! סבלנות ותיראו.

ימשיכו אסונות טבע מחוץ לגבולות ישראל, יהיו רעידות אדמה קשות באיראן ובאסיה.

הורים, לא לתת לילדיכם להתבולל בגויים. לשמור עליהם מסמים, שתייה חריפה והימורים, חבל, היהודים הם עם נבחר. כל יהודי שווה מיליארד גויים.

גשם יירד, לא תהיה בצורת בארץ ישראל! כל יהודי יתפלל ויבקש גשם. אסור לעשות צחוק מתפילה לבקשת גשמים. מים לא יחסרו לְעולם בארץ ישראל. גשם יירד בארץ ישראל בעִתו ובזמנו. בארץ ישראל לא חסר כלום. כל הטוב - יש בישראל. כל הנוף הטוב - יש בישראל. כל האוכל המזין והבריא ביותר - יש בישראל. הטכנולוגיה הטובה ביותר בעולם והפטנטים - יש בישראל, כי בורא עולם איתנו בארץ!

הקדוש-ברוך-הוא מקיף בזרועותיו את ארץ ישראל ואת כל עם ישראל שנמצאים בארץ ישראל. משיח שומר ומגן על עם ישראל. משיח עבודתו בלילה. ביום נראה רגיל, בלילה מוליכים אותו מהשמיים ומדריכים אותו מה לבצע יום למחרת, מה לדבר, מה לשמור, באיזה מדינה לפגוע ובאיזה מקום לפגוע. ביום הוא רגיל, עוזר לעם ישראל ומברך את עם ישראל ובלילה, משיח נמצא עם כל הצדיקים והרוחות הקדושות - לשמור ולהגן על עם ישראל!

אשרי המאמין, ואשרי האדם היהודי שלא חוקר ולא מתמהמה – הוא יהיה במעגל הראשון!



Replacement El Al Plane Lands in Canada

Replacement El Al Plane Finally Takes Off

The Story (in brief):

Full article can be read at YWN

An El Al flight from JFK to Israel was forced to make an emergency landing on Sunday morning. El Al flight ELY008 landed at an airport belonging to the Canadian Army in Goose Bay, Canada. The flight had departed JFK airport in New York at 1:00AM on Sunday morning. Multiple passengers told YWN that the plane was shaking terribly when the pilot called “mayday” and made the landing on the small air strip. “We heard loud noises coming from the engines”, one passenger told YWN.

When informed that many passengers were saying Tehillim, the pilot whispered that he keeps the Tehillim that his grandmother gave in the cockpit with him at all times! Mi K’amcha Yisrael!

[. . .]

MK Meir Porush is reportedly on the flight, as well as many people flying to the Agudah Yarchei Kallah in Yerushalayim.

Of Special Note:

On the plane is the Aron of Mrs. Mira (Hager) Cohen Wein A”H – who was on the way to her Kevura in Har Hamenuchos. She is the wife of Rabbi Berel Wein (Jerusalem); former wife of Rabbi Dr Samuel Cohen, Z”TL; Mother of Baruch Cohen (Los Angeles), Michael Cohen (Brooklyn) and Miriam Silberberg (Monsey). She is a descendant of the Vizhnitz-Kosov-Ontinia-Zalishchik-Rizhin Chassidic dynasties, and a Holocaust survivor of the Transnistria concentration camp.

As of this posting (and the time could change due to EL AL 1008 landing in Israel: Cell contact: (972)54.454.3618), Kevurah will be at Har Menuchos, Har Tamir, Gush Taf-Daled, Chelka Aleph, Chelkas HaRabbonim. Monday, January 15, 2018 at 11:00 AM. Shiva will be at Rabbi Wein’s home, 15 Ben Maimon St., Shacharit at 7 AM, Mincha at 4:55 followed by Maariv.

[10 am ArutzSheva news brief: "Passengers on the El Al flight which carried out yesterday an emergency landing in Canada due to indications of a fire in the landing gear of the plane have landed this morning in Israel."]

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Meir Ettinger on the Murder of Rabbi Raziel Shevach – ENGLISH

Why Leave the House?
They turn around frustrated from wall to wall in the house, and again look to catch up on the news, as if something can happen. If you want change, you have to leave the house
by Meir Ettinger 10/1/2018

If you want change, you have to leave the house. True, in order to truly change, we must change the leadership, offer a real solution, and take responsibility. But taking responsibility begins with going out into the street.

Only if we succeed in arousing the desire for change, only if we succeed in arousing the people, who must change, and remind us that the current government, the previous one and the one who will come are responsible for the attack.

We go out into the street to demand - a demand to defeat terror, and we know that it is possible and know that we must, and only need to. And the leadership will only want if the people want, and the leadership will change only if the people demand. So you do not have to be ashamed to demonstrate and go out into the street - with clear messages, and a clear demand - to defeat terrorism and expel the enemy.

You can not rely on the IDF to fight terrorism, you can not rely on the government that is preoccupied with survival that will defeat the enemy.

Hundreds of housing units, or security components, will not help us anymore. If we want a change in the security situation, if we want a fundamental solution - it will only happen with demand from the people, with unrest in the people.

We must leave the house. If we want change, we have to leave the house. The past few years have been characterized by brilliant political moves, by unconventional campaigns that have raised parties and parties, but policy has always remained the same. As archaic and old-fashioned as it sounds, only a change takes place on what comes out of the house.

Let it be clear that no government will come from the government - from any government. When Barak was here, they said that when Bogogi arrived he would defeat terrorism, and then Bugi arrived and contained the terror (in fact, he did not contain Arab terror and forcefully entered the Jews). And then Lieberman said he would take care of them, and Lieberman came and went on talking. You can continue to think that when Bennett arrives, everything will work out, but we know that nothing will happen, because a system that does not act according to the Torah can not and does not want to defeat terror.

If you want change, you have to leave the house. True, in order to truly change, we must change the leadership, offer a real solution, and take responsibility. But taking responsibility begins with going out into the street.

Only if we succeed in arousing the desire for change, only if we succeed in arousing the people, who must change, and remind us that the current government, the previous one and the one who will come are responsible for the attack.

We go out into the street to demand - a demand to defeat terror, and we know that it is possible and know that we must, and only need to. And the leadership will only want if the people want, and the leadership will change only if the people demand. So you do not have to be ashamed to demonstrate and go out into the street - with clear messages, and a clear demand - to defeat terrorism and expel the enemy.

Meir Ettinger on the Murder of Rabbi Raziel Shevach - HEBREW

יש למה לצאת מהבית
מסתובבים מתוסכלים מקיר לקיר בבית, ושוב מחפשים להתעדכן בחדשות, כאילו שמשהו יכול לקרות. אם רוצים שינוי צריך לצאת מהבית

מאיר אטינגר כ"ג טבת תשע"ח - 10:45 10/01/2018

עוד פיגוע. עוד יהודי נרצח.

שמענו על הפיגוע, מיהרנו להתעדכן באתרי החדשות, לאט לאט התבהרה התמונה, קראנו פרק תהלים, ניצחו אראלים את המצוקים, השם יקום דמו. עכשיו מה עושים?

מצד אחד הלב רותח, ברור שאי אפשר להמשיך לסדר היום, לחזור לשגרה וכל כך מהר לשכוח. ומצד שני, מה אפשר לעשות??? מסתובבים מתוסכלים מקיר לקיר בבית, ושוב מחפשים להתעדכן בחדשות, כאילו שמשהו יכול לקרות. הלב מתפוצץ.

כשקורה פיגוע זה תמיד מאוחר מדי, את העבודה היינו צריכים לעשות בימי השגרה, שהרי עם המדיניות הרופסת של צה"ל וכוחות הביטחון, אירועים כאלו לדאבוננו הם רק עניין של זמן. אבל אנחנו בני אדם, ותמיד מתעוררים מאוחר מדי, כשהלב שותת ודורש נקמה, וסביר להניח שאם לא ננצל את ההתעוררות, מהר מאד נשקע שוב בשגרה, ונשכח, עד הפיגוע הבא.

מאז הפיגוע הנורא – צה"ל חסר הכיוון איבד עוד ועוד את הבלמים, בניסיון להשתיק את המחאה, ולהחזיר את השגרה. צה"ל שמבין שאין בידיו כלים למנוע פיגועים כאלו, הפך את התושבים היהודיים למחבלים, ומשתמש בנשקו שלא ידע לעצור את המחבל הנתעב, כנגד היהודים.


אי אפשר לסמוך על צה"ל שילחם בטרור, אי אפשר לסמוך על הממשלה שעסוקה בהישרדות שתנצח את האויב.

לא יעזרו לנו עוד מאות יחידות דיור, או רכיבי ביטחון. אם רוצים שינוי במצב הביטחוני, אם רוצים פתרון יסודי – זה יקרה רק עם דרישה מהעם, עם תסיסה בעם.

מוכרחים לצאת מהבית. אם אנחנו רוצים שינוי מוכרחים לצאת מהבית. השנים האחרונות מתאפיינים במהלכים פוליטיים מבריקים, במסעות פרסום לא שגרתיים שהעלו מפלגות והורידו מפלגות, אבל המדיניות תמיד נשארה אותה המדיניות. עד כמה שזה נשמע ארכאי ומיושן, רק על מה שיוצאים מהבית מתחולל שינוי.

שיהיה ברור, מהממשלה לא תבוא ישועה – מאף ממשלה. כשהיה כאן את ברק אמרו שכשבוגי יגיע אז הוא ינצח את הטרור, ואז בוגי הגיע והכיל את הטרור (בעצם לא, הכיל את הטרור הערבי ונכנס בכל הכוח ביהודים). ואז אמרו שליברמן יטפל בהם, וליברמן הגיע והמשיך לדבר, אפשר להמשיך לחשוב שכשבנט יגיע אז הכל יסתדר, אבל אנחנו יודעים שכלום לא יקרה, כי מערכת שלא פועלת על פי התורה לא מסוגלת ולא רוצה לנצח את הטרור.


אם רוצים שינוי צריך לצאת מהבית. נכון, כדי לשנות באמת צריך לשנות את ההנהגה, להציע פתרון אמתי, ולקחת אחריות. אך לקיחת האחריות מתחילה מלצאת אל הרחוב.

רק אם נצליח לעורר את הרצון לשינוי, רק אם נצליח לעורר את העם, שמוכרחים לשנות, ולהזכיר שהממשלה הנוכחית, וזו הקודמת וזו שתבוא הם שאחראיות לפיגוע.

יוצאים לרחוב כדי להשמיע דרישה – דרישה לנצח את הטרור, ואנחנו יודעים שאפשר ויודעים שמוכרחים, ורק צריך לרצות. וההנהגה תרצה רק אם העם ירצה, וההנהגה תשתנה רק אם העם ידרוש. אז לא צריך להתבייש להפגין ולצאת לרחוב – עם מסרים ברורים, ודרישה ברורה – לנצח את הטרור ולגרש את האויב.

14 January 2018

President Trump – a Real Life James Bond

*President Trump is a Real Life James Bond
by Mark Langfan at ArutzSheva (editorizing by me)

The New York Times on Sunday January 7, 2018, gave us a “snap-shot” of the state of the United States’ “Intelligence Community’s” intelligence assessment of North Korea’s nuclear and missile capabilities as of January 2017. This is what the New York Times stated, “At the start of Donald Trump’s presidency, American intelligence agencies told the new administration that while North Korea had built the bomb, there was still ample time — upward of four years — to slow or stop its development of a missile capable of hitting an American city with a nuclear warhead."

The North’s young leader, Kim Jong-un, faced a range of troubles, they assured the new administration, giving Mr. Trump time to explore negotiations or pursue countermeasures. One official who participated in the early policy reviews said estimates suggested Mr. Kim would be unable to strike the continental United States until 2020, perhaps even 2022.

Mr. Kim tested eight intermediate-range missiles in 2016, but seven blew up on the pad or shattered in flight — which some officials attributed partly to an American sabotage program accelerated by President Barack Obama. And while the North had carried out five underground atomic tests, the intelligence community estimated that it remained years away from developing a more powerful type of weapon known as a hydrogen bomb.”
There you have it. At the start of President Trump presidency in January 2017, and after 8 years of then-President Obama, the vaunted US intelligence assessment was 100% wrong on perhaps the most urgent military/national security issue ever facing the United States. This US intel assessment was even more catastrophically wrong because if the US Intel community was 100% wrong on North Korea, then the same intel community was 10000% wrong on the state of Iran’s nuclear and missile capabilities (excuse the hyperbole).
Everyone knows that Iran financed North Korea’s nuclear and missile program with part of the $150 Billion dollars Obama gave to Iran. So, not only did Obama’s intelligence corps spectacularly fail on its assessment, Obama gave Iran and North Korea the funds to finance the final push to their nuke and missile arsenals.

President Trump Tweet-trap Intelligence Operation

Which brings us to the post-January 2017 President Trump Tweet-trap intelligence operation. President Trump, like any spy-master, looks for his asset’s greatest weakness. In this case, President Trump concluded Kim Jong-Un’s greatest weakness was his personal vanity. Once President Trump saw Kim’s “vanity-weakness,” he exploited it by tweeting personally nasty comments against the North Korean lunatic. This predictably caused the North Korean leader to have to “prove” how strong and manly he really was.

US intelligence spent tens of billions of dollars and pays hundreds of “experts” to study North Korea’s nuclear and missile capability, and they got it catastrophically wrong. Meanwhile, President Trump with nothing but his New York real estate smarts and his tweeter feed delivered the real intelligence of state of North Korea’s nuclear arsenal.

As an aside, what was President Trump supposed to tweet-back to Kim Jong-Un’s “nuclear button on the table” remark? Anything President Trump tweeted would have been derided by the Trump-haters. Trump is in a no-win hate-Trump-at-all-costs situation. Had he not tweeted back at all, the Left would have railed that President Trump was bested by his own tweeting game, and showed fatal weakness.

What the mainstream lemmings didn’t understand was they were actively interfering with President Trump’s ongoing intelligence operation. And Kim Jong-un gave away all of his military secrets, while President Trump gave away nothing.

President Trump doesn’t even have a “nuclear-button” on his desk

In conclusion, can anyone imagine a Hillary Clinton administration where the US intelligence community and the US Congress are allowed to blunder along for another 4 or 8 years under the totally false belief that North Korea is still 4 years away from a miniaturized hydrogen bomb?

What horrifically wrong decisions would have been made believing that North Korea wasn’t really an immediate “clear and present danger”?

What equally bad decisions would have been taken about Iran if the world still believed North Korea was 6 years away from a deliverable nuclear-tipped ICBM?

The United States would have gotten hit with a surprise nuclear Pearl Harbor-type attack. Thanks to President Trump, now we know virtually exactly the true state of North Korea’s nuclear program. President Trump should be lauded for his genius and his heroic intelligence coup that clearly exposed North Korea as an immediate and real nuclear-armed threat.

We all need to pray for President Trump’s health and success for the New Year. President Trump’s safety and success is the safety and success of every freedom-loving person on this planet.


*"Trump: I 'probably' have a very good relationship with Kim” read all about it at ArutzSheva

The Mystery of Revelation

The Mystery of Revelation by Rabbi Cardozo

If anyone would ever argue that traditional Judaism is guilty of too much dogma and too little imaginative thought, a closer look into the world of rabbinical insight into the idea of revelation would cure him of such ideas.

When speaking about Moshe’s conversation with God in the Tent of Meeting the Torah says: “When Moshe entered the tent of Meeting to speak with Him, he heard the Voice speaking to him from above the cover which is on the ark of testimony, from between the two cheruvim, and He spoke to him.” (Bamidbar 7:89) Most remarkable is the fact that the verse mentions twice that God spoke to Moshe; “he heard the Voice speaking to him…and He spoke to him.” 

Looking at the Hebrew, we discover something even more unusual: Based on the masora, the traditional way in which the words in the Torah are pronounced (since there are no vowels under the Hebrew letters), we read, “And He heard the voice (midaber) to him.” 

Would we not have received such a tradition, we would undoubtedly have read “medaber,” “And he heard the Voice speaking to him (i.e. Moshe.)” “Midaber” is, however, a hitpael, a reflexive form. “Midaber,” then, reflects back to the one who is speaking, i.e. God. In that case, the translation should be, “And he (Moshe) heard the Voice speaking to Him, (i.e. God Himself.)” 

Thus Rashi comments, “This is an expression similar to ‘ Mitdaber’ (reflexive) He spoke between Him and Himself, and Moshe heard.” In other words, God was really in conversation with Himself and Moshe “overheard” this. This caused Moshe to have an inner acoustic experience in which, according to Rashi’s bold words, he heard God speak to Himself. It is in that way that God “spoke” to Moshe.

This observation is very close to Maimonides’ understanding of prophecy as explained in several parts of his famous Guide for the Perplexed. To find such an observation from this great Jewish philosopher is not at all surprising when one is aware of the general philosophical approach of Maimonides. 

But, for Rashi, who is not known to be a philosopher or someone likely to speculate about philosophical problems, it is all the more unique. We must, therefore, conclude that this observation is not just the manifestation of philosophical inquiry but a basic foundation of Jewish belief. Still, most commentators do not pause at this fact, and the translations of the targumim (Onkelos and Yehonathan) do not make any distinction between “medaber” and “midaber.”

Many years after Rashi, the great Italian commentator, Rabbi Obadya Siforno, seems to relate to Rashi’s observation. In one of his most profound and difficult statements, he comments on our verse as follows, “‘midaber elav:’ Between Him and Himself, for ‘God does everything for Himself’ (Mishle 16:4) and by knowing Himself, He knows and does good to others, and the action manifests itself to the one affected by God in accordance with his capacity, and so it is true about every case in the Torah where it says, “And God spoke.”

As in many other cases, Jewish commentators struggle with the notion of revelation. All agree that revelation did happen as told by the Torah, but, since the text is silent about the “how,” the sages and later rabbinic thinkers showed unusual creativity into the nature of this divine disclosure.

Source: Reflections on the way to Mincha

12 January 2018


By Roy S. Neuberger

Why did I not visit Sholom Mordechai Rubashkin in prison? Only after his release did I realize that he had been imprisoned in New York and not Iowa. I could so easily have gone there. I know what it means to visit a prisoner. Decades ago, when Rebbetzin Esther Jungreis was scheduled to speak to Jewish prisoners in Rikers Island Prison in New York City, an emergency arose and she asked me to fill in for her.

You can easily see Rikers Island if your plane happens to land on a certain runway at LaGuardia Airport. It is the next island over, looking out the right-hand windows. By car, it is reached by a bridge from the Borough of Queens. It is usually the first place prisoners are taken if they are so unfortunate as to be brought into the New York City prison system.

There are, of course, many layers of security before you actually enter one of the prison buildings on the island. First, at the end of the bridge, they have to know who you are and what you are doing there before they let you on the island. Then you go through several additional layers of security. I was finally allowed to enter the building. I passed through a glass door that slid open automatically as I approached. There was a long corridor behind the door, with another door at the far end. The door behind me shut, and the door ahead of me would not open until the one behind me had closed.

I already felt trapped. I walked through the corridor. On each side, wardens stared through glass windows. Only when I had passed through this passageway and was apparently “approved” by all the staring eyes, did the door on the far end open. I entered the prison. What a feeling! I imagined that perhaps a mistake might be made and they would forget I was a visitor. Maybe those doors would never open again, and I would be trapped forever!

This visit took place during Chanukah. I spoke about how Yosef ha Tzaddik was suddenly released from prison and became melech Mitzraim! The prisoners appreciated this. This message is so appropriate, because, when you are in prison, you powerfully feel your own helplessness and the fact that your only hope comes from beyond you!

“Min hamaitzar … from the straits I called upon G-d. G-d answered me with expansiveness!” (Tehillim 118)

“Ha Maitzar … the straits.” This word means that one feels pressed on every side. “Tzaar,” which is part of the word, refers to pain and trouble. There is no room to breathe. It is a feeling of mental and physical imprisonment, as if you are locked in a cage.

This is in fact how I felt for the thirty years before I found Hashem, as if I were trapped in a spiritual maze. In his own difficulties, Dovid Hamelech called out to Hashem, Who answered him “ba-merchav-ka.” According to Rabbi Samson Raphael Hirsch zt”l, this word means “Divine ‘breadth’… liberation from every sensation of constricting anxiety … a blessed relief which only G-d can provide, and which causes anyone confined in the narrow straits of oppression to sense that G-d is near.” (Hirsch Tehillim, Feldheim Publishers 2014)

This week’s Parsha finds Am Yisroel imprisoned in Mitzraim. Hashem is sending Moshe Rabbeinu to rescue us. This is the essence of our existence as Jews: we are alone in a world in which there is no help from anywhere except Shomayim. In the words of Rabbi Hirsch,

“[Dovid Hamelech] sensed [this, as he says,] ‘When I was utterly forsaken by men … I still knew no fear, even though all of mankind was against me. And when men were at my side to help me, I viewed them simply as messengers of G-d…. I regarded the aid they rendered me as help coming to me from G-d Himself, and therefore, I could look calmly upon those who hated me.” (On Tehillim 118) The happiness of the man who fears G-d “consists not only of the circumstances in which things are well with him at the moment, but in that he can calmly face whatever the future might bring….” (On Tehillim 112:8)

It is so vital for us to connect with the world of Mitzraim which is revealed to us in these parshios. If we think that we are not in prison, then we are not aware of what is going on. I want to quote something powerful that I saw in the words of Rabbi Shimshon Dovid Pincus zt”l. This quote illustrates the nature of the surrounding society, which we tend to accept as “normal.”

“We live in a ‘modern’ world, but with all its technological advances … the results are shockingly poor. Everything is put to use for the bad. The world was a more beautiful place without modern cameras and their streams of indecent images that now flood the world. And so it is with technology’s other products. There is no modern invention that did not do harm to the world, without exception.” (Nefesh Shimshon)

My friends, this is the prison in which we reside, the prison built by a foreign culture that does not fear Hashem. But Hashem is sending us signals; we have to watch for them. Sholom Mordechai Rubashkin was rushed from prison on Zos Chanukah. Yosef ha Tzaddik was rushed from prison on Rosh Hashanah (Rosh Hashana 10b). Bnai Yisroel were rushed from Mitzraim on Pesach.

Suddenly, b’keref ayin, the Goail Tzedek will appear to release us from the “straits,” and we will return to our Holy Land, to dwell there b’simcha in eternal service to our Father and King!

* * * *

Roy Neuberger, author and public speaker, can be reached at roy@2020vision.co.il.
© Copyright 2018 by Roy S. Neuberger

11 January 2018

The Sequence is thus sod1820.co.il (for those who can read Ivrit), yeranenyaakov, yehudiyerushalmi, and excerpts below (from yehudiyerushalmi) for the benefit (persumi neis) of readers of this blog:

A Message from Eliyahu HaNavi to an IDF Soldier 
linked from Yeranen Yaakov which linked an interesting story on sod1820.co.il

Yehudi Yerushalmi gives a translation:
(please the amazing full translation at the above link)

(the soldier was riding on a bus, and an ‘old man’ sat next to him and told him many things)
"We heard in a lecture on Chanukah 5778 by Rabbi Dov Kook of Tiberius, who said that by Purim the war of Gog and Magog will breakout and that this Purim 5778 will be the last Purim before the revelation of Mashiach."

[. . .] "It is brought in the book "Davar B'ito" (Everything in it's time) about the month of *Shvat, that on the 15th of Shvat there will be a full lunar eclipse. It is written in the book "Yalkut Moshe" that a lunar eclipse in the month of Shvat [is a sign of] stringent judgment on most of the world, and that day will be very dark."

[. . .] "And also that it is no secret that one of the purposes of the army is to secularize young Israeli men. It will not continue, Hashem hates licentiousness.”

[. . .] “We have to wake up, Hashem is dealing with us with great kindness and is sending us faithful messengers that we may merit to wake up and prepare ourselves for the Geulah.”

(Please read the full article at the link above)


As described at endofdays blog by Reb Dov bar Leib, begin reading comments at 1/10/2018 10:49 PM – "Earth (Mudslides), Santana (Devil's) Wind, Fires, and Water all in Southern California” = the disasters aimed at California [could be] retribution for the licentiousness and immorality that permeates that state. Unfortunately, any of the ‘good’ people that live there will/have become victims because of their neighbors.

*Wednesday, January 17 is Rosh Chodesh Shevat.

The Parsha and Current Events: Fulfilling the Torah as a Nation *and* Answers to letters from critics

This portion is for Parshat Shemot, having missed it last week, but since the theme is Eretz Yisrael, I am posting Rabbi Kahanas always relevant words. 

The Parsha and Current Events:  Fulfilling the Torah as a Nation
*and Answers to letters from critics.

Hashem appears to Moshe at the “burning bush” with a message of hope and salvation (Shemot 3,7-8):

7) And Hashem said, “I have indeed seen the suffering of my people in Egypt. I have heard them cry out because of their slave drivers, and I am concerned about their suffering. 

8) So I have come down to rescue them from the hand of the Egyptians and to bring them up out of that land into a good and spacious land, a land flowing with milk and honey—the present place of the Canaanites, Hittites, Amorites, Perizzites, Hivites and Jebusites...

In this initial revelation to Moshe (3,7-8) Hashem refers to the people and to the land. The spiritual Torah factor is alluded to only in verse 12:

And Hashem said, “I will be with you. And this will be the sign to you that it is I who have sent you: When you have brought the people out of Egypt, you will worship God on this mountain.”

Then again in verse 17 Hashem refers to the people and to the land but with no mention of Torah:

And I have promised to bring you up out of your misery in Egypt into the place of the Canaanites, Hittites, Amorites, Perizzites, Hivites and Jebusites—a land flowing with milk and honey.’

The message Hashem is resonating is obvious: In order for Hashem’s holy Torah to be fulfilled in this material world there are two priorities: a people who are spiritually orientated, and a specific land where the Torah will be fulfilled in all its glory, not as individuals but as one nation under Hashem.

The challenges and failures of leaders
Misrash Raba, Shemot chapter 5, informs us that Moshe and Aharon, together with the “Zekainim”, the elders of the Jewish people, made their way towards Pharaoh’s palace to present their demands. However, one by one the elders left, each with his cowardly excuse, so that in the end only Moshe and Aharon confronted the evil and dangerous Pharaoh.

The Midrash relates that Hashem exacted punishment on the elders when they ascended Mount Sinai with Moshe and Aharon to receive the Torah. Hashem commanded the elders to descend and stand at the foot of the mountain with the “common” people. They experienced disgrace, embarrassment and degradation for having previously deserted the people they were chosen to lead.

Letters from my critics
Following are extracts from three critical messages which I received in the last few days in response to my weekly articles (I also receive complimentary letters at a ratio of about 100 to 1 in my favor).

Letter #1:
“I read your comment about fake Jews or real Jews with fake beliefs. You lambasted those who had not yet made aliyah as having fake beliefs. May I tell you, please, that this does not help anyone, nor is it toradich. Yes, there are many sincerely observant Jews in galut, particularly in USA, who have not yet made aliyah. Many many who love Israel and would like to but feel that they are unable. For you (and others) to lambast them for not doing so, and for unjustly and wrongly criticizing them for "fake beliefs' is a serious lashon hara. You are certainly not looking for their good points as we are advised by the great tzadik, Rebbe Nachman m’Breslev .... if you want geulah...and if you want Jews to make aliyah, then honey is more effective than vinegar.... Do you want to know what really helps is reaching out to our fellow brothers and sisters with ahavat Yisrael, even ahavat chinam, which is what will build the 3rd temple mamash. Finding their good points, encouraging them in Torah umitzvot and in traveling to visit Israel and hopefully make aliyah. Reaching out to them that way is what will really build the temple within our hearts and then it can be built in Jerusalem B”H.”

Letter #2
“In your op-ed two days ago you are condemning so many Jews who still live in galut. You may not be aware of it, but very many of us are very eager to come, and we are nowhere as rich as you seem to think. It is very difficult to make aliyah through the normal process, and even harder for people who are older than 40. We are told that it is almost impossible to find paid work, and we need to bring a small fortune to be able to subsist... Please do not condemn all of us, some people may be reluctant because they have a very comfortable life style in the Western countries, but that is not the situation for all of us.”

Letter #3
“Rabbi Kahana,
Please allow me to speak my truth (with enormous respect for your work and you).
I must state for a record, that I fully disagree with your statement in your late article where you suggested that nothing should be done for Jewish in Galut and this (Eretz Yisrael) is only matter of love (not of convincing), as love for a panting.
No. No. No. Why? I am that Jew from Galut. And this is not ONLY a matter of love. But a matter of education. Matter of knowledge. Matter of understanding as well.
By the grace of Hashem you were born into the family who always " knew" about what does it means to be Jewish, about G-d, and about Israel. Consider yourself lucky, fortunate or any way you wish. Privileged??

But in that "silver spoon" upbringing as a Jew....do not forget millions and millions of others....someone like me. Who were brought up in total darkness.
Do you want to know my truth of how I know about Israel?

First time I learned about Judaism was at age 15, when at school boys cut my new coat that my dad just brought from his business trip to Baltic's republics. It was a beautiful red leather coat.

But they not only ruined my coat. They also left a note that said: " Hey Shidovka (Jew) get out from our land. Go home to your Israel”.

They knew that my home was in Israel. I did not. They did. Fair? Right? Learning by hate! Well, hate of others can be a very powerful teacher.

I learned about your work and you much later. Your work gave me, to my husband so much support.

That is why I am asking you today to reconsider your statement and corrected it. On behave of Jews like me ....and I believe there are many of us ...you must revise it.

We must keep calling, educating and most of all keep loving them and showing them a way to Home.

You may not understand it fully ...but you are a lighthouse for someone like me. And... The Lighthouse should never stop being a beacon for those who are lost at the sea!!! Never!

May Hashem has a mercy on all of his children, on all of us. May we all be at Home and at peace with each other. May we all be written on the good (credit) part of the book.
Thank you for listening.”

A personal reply to my critics
Dear friends who have taken the time to express your feelings on the critical issue of aliya and the tone and text of my messages.

Life is not a kindergarten where the teacher strokes the heads of the sweet little kiddies and gives them sweets. Life is a very short and narrow bridge; where a slip could send one hurtling down into the rapids from which return is very improbable. Eighty percent of our forefathers in Egypt chose not to leave and they died. Six hundred thousand men refused to enter the land with the Meraglim and they died. Great numbers of Jews who could have left Europe and come here in the twenties and thirties did not do so, and they died.

I don’t live on the moon, nor in a closed cave somewhere in the Judean desert. I am perfectly aware of what is happening in the galut of America, having been born there and gone through the best Torah education that they could have offered.

My wife and I came on aliya in 1962; five years before the Six Day war. Our way was not paved with roses, nor were we welcomed on a red carpet. We came with 1800 dollars, and lived in a third-rate wooden hut in Moshav Nechalim. The hut was hot in summer and freezing in the winter. We entered the hut and saw that grass had grown through the floor so the first day we spent with scissors in hand.

We experienced wars (I served 22 years in the reserves) and difficult economic times, which are a thing of the past in today’s modern Israel. No oleh today will have to experience what we went through. My wife Feige, who was born and grew up on the West Side of Manhattan is one of the most courageous and loyal people I know. Never once in our 55 years in Medinat Yisrael did she ever voice a complaint; but has always been a bulwark of support and strength.

But to be frank, I understand and even empathize with the call for moderation in my messages. The rank and file of Jews in the galut are not the true target of blame. The real blame is a repeat of what we experienced in Egypt; with leaders who fled their responsibilities. Each one retreating to the comforts of their lives rather than joining with Moshe and Aharon in implementing their responsibilities as Jewish leaders.

There is a popular saying that when the owner is angry with his flock of sheep he blinds the lead sheep, which then leads them all over the cliff.

The accordance of Eretz Yisrael to a secondary status by contemporary religious leaders in the galut is the greatest hindrance to the Jewish nation’s spiritual advancement since the time of the Meraglim (spies, scouts). In the best of cases, religious education in the galut presents living in Eretz Yisrael as a mitzva of choice, rather than one which is incumbent upon each Jew.

This one single issue of aliya to Eretz Yisrael and the negative, and in the best case, ambivalent attitude of religious leaders in the galut serves as the lock that denies entrance for countless numbers of Jews to an authentic Torah life.

For many Jews, the message is clear (albeit incorrect). They reason that if the gates to Eretz Yisrael are open, and yet such religious people refuse to enter, it must mean that Judaism is a “pick and choose” religion. God gave us the Holy Land, according to the Bible, so if these holy people prefer to remain in the galut, the conclusion is that the whole Torah is “pick and choose”. Hence, one may choose not to abide by Shabbat, or choose not to adhere to the laws of kashrut, or to marry a gentile. Just as long as he remains a good Jew. Reform and Conservative Judaism are super-sensitive to the nuances arising from the Orthodox communities in the galut, where Torah is studied. Chassidic sects pitch their tents where great citadels of learning Torah dot the land.

Another conclusion arises from the Orthodox leadership in the galut. If one presents you with the keys to a brand-new Lexus, but you refuse to enter it, you either reject the giver or reject the gift, and probably both.

Hashem presented the Jewish nation with the majestic gift of Medinat Yisrael. But if you do not reside here, the conclusion is that you reject the Giver or you reject the gift. Both are very bad choices.

Source:  Rabbi Nachman Kahana ArutzSheva