24 February 2020

"It Is Very Possible That We Are in The Last Few Moments of This World” Rabbi Mizrachi Gives us Advice.

Prepare For The Hardest Days Ever - Don't Ignore Them!

ABOUT THE VIRUS: If enough die, there won’t be enough people to bury everyone.

Food may run out, so buy enough to last a long time. Remember if there is quarantine, workers will not be at the electric or water etc. facilities. So buy water also.

Comparison of AIDS, SARS MERS EBOLA do not last long after released, this virus lives more than 9 days on surfaces, and a sneeze in a room, everyone gets the virus.

Some advice about Pesach

Possible scenarios: World could end in 10 months, but with the SARS outbreak Hashem intervened and it stopped.

In this world we are in the process of dying, every day, since the day of birth.
How you die is not important, but where you go afterwards is important.

Shabbas observance, female modesty are very crucial.
Women: Tsanuya or Prutza. Men: Tzadik or Rasha.

From another source, it was written: The Chinese confirmed that the virus can incubate for 27 days

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