23 February 2020

24 Days Not 14 Days Should be Quarantine Duration.

It should be understood that because of “misinformation” it is now suspected that 24 Days is needed for quarantine. Plus sometimes one can be tested “negative” but weeks later become “positive” and during that time duration one can infect hundreds; with each of them also infecting others and so forth.

The Ministry of Education said that as a result of this situation, a hotline has been opened for discussions with parents and students to be manned by experts in dealing with stress and emergency situations. The hotline will start operating Sunday between 8:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. It can be reached by calling 1800-25-00-25 or 073-3931122.

The Ministry of Health has expanded its directives and ordered Israelis returning from Korea and Japan to stay in isolation at home for two weeks

Researchers should scan the internet for more reliable and up to date information that is not being provided by the CDC and WHO.

200 Foreign Nationals Not Allowed 
to Disembark at Ben Gurion Airport

A decision was made by Israeli health officials this weekend not to allow tourists arriving from South Korea and Japan Saturday evening to enter Israeli territory.

Almost 200 foreign nationals who arrived on a Korean Air flight from Seoul at 7 pm were not permitted to disembark from the plane; after refueling the aircraft was expected to immediately return to South Korea.

The 12 Israelis who returned Saturday night were required to self-quarantine at home or in a medical setting for 14 days, according to the Health Ministry.

All were transported to their homes by Magen David Adom ambulances with personnel specially trained and outfitted with clothing designed to minimize the risk of infection.

Director-General Moshe Bar Siman Tov spoke with reporters at a news conference held following news that a delegation of nine South Koreans were diagnosed with COVID-19 upon their return from Israel.

Israeli Ambassador to China, Zvi Hefetz traveled on board the same flight to Seoul as the nine South Koreans who were diagnosed with COVID-19; he is to remain in quarantine in Beijing, according to Israel’s Foreign Ministry. Other embassy staff will not be limited, however.

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Those countries that balk at Israel not accepting their tourists should instead concentrate on controlling their own virus contamination issues, and not send their citizens to infect others.

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