28 February 2020

Rabbi Winston Shlit”a — Preparing for Redemption

New Book: 
Preparing for Redemption: What to do NOW for THEN

Redemption of the Jewish people is an inevitable reality. It is not a question of if, but of when, and perhaps more importantly, of whom. Given the prophecies regarding the final redemption of history, it seems obvious that a person has to be prepared for redemption if they want to survive it!

Rabbi Pinchas Winston and Thirtysix.org have produced many books over the years on the topic of Final Redemption. But none however have dealt with preparing for it as extensively as this new one:


And it turns out that redemption has two levels, national and personal. The ideas presented and developed in this book help a person to achieve the latter as well as the former. An individual, if they prepare, can already experience redemption ahead of the rest of the nation.
Based upon ideas and premises established by the Ramchal and the Vilna Gaon, this book provides a comprehensive program for making sure that when the final stages of redemption finally unfold, the individual who follows the program will be ready for…and worthy of redemption.

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