23 February 2020

Palestinian in Wuhan: Symptoms are Harsh and Painful

Wuhan: First Palestinian Arab infected with COVID-19

Palestinian studying for doctorate says 'symptoms are harsh and painful, 
you feel like your lungs are exploding.'

Muhammad Abu Namus, a Palestinian Authority Arab studying for a doctorate in Wuhan, China, has contracted COVID-19, which he described as "similar to flu but its symptoms are a lot worse," Ma'an reported.

In an Arabic interview with Sky News, Abu Namus said, "The symptoms are harsh and painful, and the patient feels like his lungs are bursting out of his body."

He also said that the doctors told him that COVID-19 completely destroys the lungs.

Currently, Abu Namus is being treated at a hospital with antivirals, medications to strengthen his immune system, and vitamins. The patients are examined each day, and once every three days patients undergo a chest x-ray.

Source: INN

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