05 March 2017

“. . .with crying they will come, and with lamentations I will lead them"

The following was a comment to another blog post:

The Chofeitz Chayim:

“All the many troubles that have fallen upon us, from which we have still not been saved, are because we don’t scream and increase our prayers in response to them. If we had prayed (properly), we would not have returned empty-handed. And it is not enough that (one) prays the Shemoneh Esrei prayer three times each day; several times daily he must pour out his requests in solitude, in his house, from the depths of his heart. 

The three regular prayers are so routine that one does not really concentrate during them – which is not the case if each person would contemplate in solitude his own plight... then he would pour out his heart like water to Hashem. Such a prayer would emerge with very deep intent with a broken heart and with great humility. Such a prayer will certainly not go unanswered…!” (Kuntrus Likutei Amarim, chapter 10).

Just as Hashem listened to the groaning voices of Bnei Yisroel in Egypt, so will Hashem listen to our cries today. In the merit of that prayer and crying, Hashem will speedily bring the Redemption, as is written (Zohar volume 2, page 12b), 

“Rav Yitzchak said that the salvation of Israel depends only on crying... as it is written (Yirmiyahu 31:8.) ‘… with crying they will come, and with lamentations I will lead them.’”

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