19 March 2017



BREAKING: North Korea issues SHOCK war warning: ‘If a single bullet is fired, we WILL nuke the US’
NORTH Korea has pledged to launch a nuclear strike on the US if a “single bullet is fired” as US forces flood the Korean Peninsula
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Also MUST SEE pictures inside No Korea

Reb Dov Bar Leib of EndofDays blog:

Dov Bar-Leib said...

North Korea takes on the World of Edom: US buildup near Korean Peninsula aimed at 'incapacitating' Kim: Report

[. . .] a growing amount of evidence that the North Korea/ Persia Axis will be testing Inter-continental ballistic missile technology in real time with a 62% probability by Pesach Seder night. Trump will do whatever he can to derail this including by sending Seal Team 6 into North Korea to assassinate or kidnap Kim Jung Un BEFORE Un launches the ICBM.

Zohar 32a continued, after discussing how the Children of Yishmael were given merit for 1300 years, 400 years after the last Tanna, Yehudah HaNassi, wrote down the Mishneh because of the emptiness of Eretz Yisrael.

At that time, a nation from the end of the earth (halakhically determined international dateline) will be aroused against evil Rome and wage war against it for three months. Nations will gather there, and [Rome] will fall into their hands, until all the children of Edom will gather against it [that nation] from all the corners of the world. Then G‑d will be roused against them. 

This is the meaning of:

"For G‑d has a sacrifice in Botzrah"(Yishayahu 34:6). (Botzrah is the city in Iraq controlled by the Shi'ite Arabs at the behest of neighboring Iran. This points to an endtimes alliance between the nation at the edge of the world (N. Korea) and Persia/Iran.)

And afterwards, it is written: "That it might take hold of the ends of the earth..." (Job 38:13) He will destroy the descendants of Ishmael from the land, and break all the powers of [all the nations' guardian angels] Above. There will not remain any power of any people on earth, except the power of Israel alone. This is the meaning of "G‑d is your shadow upon your right hand". (Psalms 121:5)


And cogently we read from IsraelRising:

"It should not be lost on anyone that the same Obama administration that failed to curb Kim Jong-Un’s race towards a nuclear arsenal also actively empowered the Iranian regime in its own nuclear development. The outcome of this is a nuclear Middle East whose Shiite Crescent with Russian backing threatens to engulf Israel. Trump’s move against North Korea must be coordinated with Israel, because when the war starts on the Korean peninsula the Iranian regime will act aggressively against the Jewish state."

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Heshvangrl said...

Kim Jong Un is really a nutcase!..and looking to their neighbor in South Korea..is like a different world similar to USA..living lala land state of mind..HaShem is a master architect :D