07 March 2017

Refuting Erroneous Idolatry

Refuting Erroneous Idolatry

The Article about:
Revered Rabbi’s Deathbed Message Invokes Angel Michael Bringing End of Days

Followup Article:
A Reply to an Involved Comment on BIN

(both of these can be read on AbsoluteTruth)

"You may also get a kick out of my answers to these ignorant comments.  Xtianity is just about over as it states very clearly in the book of Obadiah.  I don't want one Jew or righteous non-Jew reading these misguided comments and being sent far from the truth.  Time is up, and they are obviously blinded to the real absolute truth."

Menachem Robinson Replies to Comments:

The so-called new testament will be gone soon, and you will only have the true work of our Creator to rely on, not some horrible book written by Jew-haters. I have studied the NT for decades, and I know much more about its content and its evil writers than you can possibly imagine. We know of many, many mistakes that prove that it came from misguided people, and not from the Creator of the universe (not even inspired by Him).

My eyes have been open for close to 73 years and I know beyond a shadow of a doubt who is blind. Unless you are reading the Bible in Hebrew, you don't have a clue what G-d is saying. There are an estimated 20,000 differences between the real Hebrew Bible (absolute proof from such sources as the Dead Sea Scrolls) and the KJV. When you translate Hebrew into Greek, then into Latin and then into English, the translation is very distorted. But, when you have an idolatrous church make changes to the word of G-d by making up new prophecies to justify a false messiah, a non-prophet, in fact a very evil rebelious Jew, it is blasphemy, nothing less.

Please ignore all the comments that come from the misguided Xtians. The real Messiah is here in Israel and it is not JC. The two thousand year old debate is over. The prophecy of the book of Obidiah tells of the end ot Edom, which is Xtianity. This is not speculation, but close to 70 years of deep study of scriptures including a very extensive amount of research on the subject. Also the prophecy of Zechariah 13:8 telling of 2/3rd of the population being wiped out in the end of days is immenent and it includes the Xtians. Only non-Jews who have become Bnei Noach will survive; all other idolaters (which is what the Bible calls Xtians) will be gone -- guaranteed in writing.

The real Messiah is here in Israel and will be announced soon. I know who he is, as many others know him, and your JC guy will not even be a memory in the world. My proof that he is the real Messiah is extensive and unshakable. Also, the absolute proof that your character is a false messiah is also extensive, but you have to understand G-d's messages in Hebrew to know this.

Show it to me in Hebrew and we can review exactly what each of those verses mean.

The English is flawed and anything that is correct in the NT is plagiarized from the Jewish Bible. Anything that is not from the Jewish Bible is totally false. Please show me one prophecy in the NT that came true, that isn't copied from Jewish scriptures. In many decades that I have been making this request, no one has succeeded. Please don't tell me something that is yet to happen; we have thousands of years of prophesies that have come true in Jewish scriptures, and none in the NT.

Very good question. G-d has instructed us exactly what to do to bring ourselves closer to Him. Repent your mistakes in life (that is not words, but actions to correct the mistakes), pray every day (prayer works if done correctly; what a shame that we waste it), study Jewish scriptures (that is how we learn what to do), help others (including giving charity; it is a very big request from our Creator), do the Commandments (they are the tools G-d gave us to be happy and succeed in this life and for all eternity). There are 613 Commandments for Jews and only 7 for non-Jews (Google Bnei Noach for information).

Do these Devine requests and you and your loved ones will be as happy as can be. Do your own thing, including praying to false gods, false messiahs and false prophets and don't complain on Judgment day when you discover you threw it all away -- guaranteed in writing!!!!!

After studying scriptures for 70 years and science for 60 years, the only source of truth in the world is the word of G-d. It is interesting that all of science and mathematics is in Jewish scriptures, so I have had a lifetime of proof of the truth. I am a retired Electronics Engineer and a retired US Army Officer.

But the biggest proof is that I live in a city of only observant Jews whose lives are tremendous. Most of the problems of life don't exist here. As an example, we do not have a police force here since there is no crime. Stores leave merchandise out over night knowing no one will take anything. Even the buses are on the honor system. Everyone swipes his or her own card to pay; no one would ride without paying. There is no drug problem, teen pregnancy (boys and girls are separated in different schools, and dating comes when it is time for marriage). People help their neighbors and friends always; nobody has to face a problem alone. Even money problems are not as prevalent, since the rich help those who are not a financially in good shape. This goes on and on, but there is such happiness in this place and in many places in Israel, that we know that our Creator is our protection. Even terrorism is unheard of in my city (I have lived here 14 years and not one incident). The Arab propaganda that is in the news is basically fake news, but the Jew-hating world loves it.

Are there any problems in Israel? Absolutely, since a majority of the population is secular. G-d is giving us what we need measure for measure. If we do His will, life is much better, if not, we have many, many problems (mostly in secular areas of Israel). Is everyone perfect in my city? No, but it doesn’t take too long to discover how to get Devine help and a good life. Yes, we are still human beings who make mistakes, but we have been taught from a very young age how easy it is to be happy and succeed in this life and forever.

I should mention that a city like mine does not allow TV and is very limited even with radio. Computers are for business purposes. Schools check to make sure that the children do not have access to the web; they are expelled if this is violated. The problem is phones and tablets which are frowned upon by parents. The proof once again is the happiest children in the world, who love life,  family and their Creator. Everything we do is for the good of humanity, and in preparation for the worldwide redemption and the real Messiah (which are both sooner than you think).

I have been doing Torah Codes, in Hebrew of course, for about 25 years (I have the software to do my searches). The only name that I have seen in the Jewish Bible in conjunction with the Messiah is the name of the real Messiah that is about to be introduced to the world. I have found his name over 400 places, all with significant verses about the redemption, the Messiah, end of days, the devastation happening in the world these days, Nibiru (which is the Star of Jacob), etc, etc, etc.

All the names of everyone who has ever lived, are alive now and who will be alive is in the Torah's 304,805 letters. There are 600,000 ways that information is in the Torah and it tells us every detail of everyone who ever lived. What you had for breakfast, what you are wearing today, what I am typing is all in there. Every tree, every rock, every star, everything is encoded. If you found a name of a false messiah, his name is in there and it says false messiah next to it, guaranteed.

The information encoded in the five books of Moses is infinite. If you say: That is impossible, you are catching on. No human beings could have written the Torah only an Infinite Source of Intelligence Who is not in time, but sees all time. Nothing here is speculation but decades of research and verification.

Ummm... Nibiru or plant X as you refer it to, doesn't exist. Fancy that you claim it is real, although you cover yourself by saying Rabbi Ben Artzi confirmed that Nibiru is real, but he did not attach a date to it.

You're slick, I'll give you that. I've read your blogs. You say a lot of nothing with lots of fluff but you are very careful not to get caught up in dates and such. For example:

From MARCH 7, 2016, "I had in mind to bring you a very detailed analysis that I have been researching about Nibiru. I have been paying attention to all the noise being made on the web, especially other Jewish blogs and I decided to exercise my mission of giving Mussar instead. The Hebrew term Mussar (מוּסַר) is from the book of Proverbs 1:2 meaning moral conduct, instruction or discipline. At age 71¾ I am old enough to give Mussar."

Really? Mussar? Well then.

And what is your proof of all that you say?

" “why should we believe you as opposed to those who don’t have a clue about what they are saying? The best answer is the majority of the information that I have given about the immediacy of preparing for Nibiru is from One Source: HASHEM!!!!"

And that was a long time ago. Still no Nibiru on the horizon. Or in the scopes of any world wide known astronomers who have no connection to NASA.

All good and done. We should believe you because you claim G-d told you. Keep in mine you also said within this very article's comments, "My proof is unshakable and very, very extensive, way too long to write here. All we need to do is wait a few more weeks and you too will fully understand."

So, I would gather within a month we should all understand, correct? By your own words?

I've only dug a little here. Need I dig any deeper? What does G-d say about those who mislead others? What was that commandment? Thou shalt not bear false witness? I would love to hear from you. Feel free to privately PM me on Facebook.


I do not know who he is commenting to, and have not printed their tete-a-tete with Menachem. What is important is his reply to the wayward commenters and their erroneous thinking.

Reply to Comments. "Pres Obumer signed an Executive order a few years ago allowing him to detain anyone he wants INDEFINITELY. There have been many who have disappeared without notification. As an example there are 37 major cities in the US that have made homelessness illegal. They have picked up many, many homeless people and put them in FEMA camps, never to be seen again. Google Americans disappearing and see the results.” Read rest of his replies to comments.

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