21 March 2017

The Cosmic Clock Conundrum

Cosmic Clock Conundrum

According to what I read at Rav Shmuel Eliyahu on Geula, I have a challenge:

Back then, 2012, I commented that “It is amazing how close we are B”H.”

Comparing 2012 to 2017,  I can still say, we are getting closer; obvious from the events taking place in the world, the revelation about Nibiru, and the (creeping along) Cosmic Clock.

But I have a challenge for anyone who reads this to please help us understand where this Cosmic Clock is taking us, to what hour do we reach whatever we are supposed to reach?

From the above article I read:

"The weakening of the Kelipa - the year 5750 - Noon on the sixth day” = 12:00 pm (approx)

March 20 the Cosmic Clock is at 12:38:07.96081

Which means we have advanced approx 38 minutes in 27 years!

In another 27 years, we will be at 5804 and approx 51:18.8.

Therefore, from 5750 to 5777 the Clock has advanced by 38:07.96081 (rounded to 38.8, yes, only approx)

At this rate when will we reach “the Magic Hour". Is it Shabbat? And is it Shabbat summer time, or Shabbat winter time?

I am not qualified to do justice to the above estimates, so  anyone good in math, please calculate and clarify:

1. Will time speed up so we reach “the Magic Hour” and the Geula and Mashiach will be in process; or is it that the Final Redemption occurs?

2. At what hour on the Cosmic Clock will we reach the year 6000?

3. Advancing another approx 38.8 years we will reach 5842

4. All total from 5750 to 6000 we will have gone through 6.44, time periods of 38.8 min/sec.

Of course, I expect Mashiach to come “today” (or “tomorrow”), but in another 250 years we (this generation expecting and writing about the Geula and Mashiach) will not be around.

What are we to make of this? Please apply your wisdom “CLEARLY” so those of us challenged can understand.


yaak said...

6:00 PM is the year 6000 as 6:00 PM is considered average sundown.

The Cosmic Clock doesn't speed up at any time, but nevertheless the Geula can come at any time.

Neshama said...

Yaak, thank you. However, I thought the clock represents our progressing toward the Geula. According to the time, we have many years ahead of us. No?

yaak said...

Forget the clock. The clock is just a representation of the years.

Yes, we have 222.5 years until 6000. But the Geula can (and hopefully will) come much earlier.

Neshama said...

Yaak, thanks for cutting through and making things simple.

Miriam said...

According to most, Resurrection of the Dead has to start 210 or 214 years before the 6000 end mark as it is a gradual process and Moshiach has to come before that. The in-gathering of the exiles already started by 1990 and is a 40 year process. This IS in our lifetime and if Hashem decides there will be no more death after Moshiach, then we very well may live to see the year 6000. The cosmic clock is a great way to understand time in relation to all history and the end equaling Shabbat. We will understand it all only after Moshiach comes. I am sure even the smallest decimal of a second will have great significance and we can find out then.

Anonymous said...

Does it matter if the world has to wait another 222.5 years? None of those presently living will be around by then. It will be a whole different way of life 200+ years from now, and inevitably our whole Jewish lifestyle, beliefs and mindset prove entirely at odds with today's.

yaak said...

Miriam said:

The cosmic clock is a great way to understand time in relation to all history and the end equaling Shabbat.

Indeed. One thing I forgot to mention is that the clock is useful in understanding that how just as we prepare for Shabbat early in the afternoon, we can bring the cosmic Shabbat early in the "afternoon". About six years ago, we have already passed Minha Gedola on Friday when the afternoon shadows are visible. The cosmic Shabbat is more discernible now more than ever before, and if we merit, we can bring Shabbat early.

Anonymous said...

Just read this article and commnets. Tp Anon @ 22:13, Torah Judaism never changes. Dress, etc. change but our Jewish mindset and laws stay the same. Moshiach is on his way here sooner than we think and only then will we understand what we cannot fathom today. Our Torah and beliefs are eternal.