15 March 2017


This is a continuation of a series of Dreams of a Little Girl:
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Recent Dreaming:
my daughter told me she redreamed the dream again and remembered more details. She likes when I read to her all of what I wrote down from her previous dreams. This time, I was telling her a few parts and she was describing things that I said and going further. When I got to the part where she dreamed about the beit hamikdash in a planet she said she remembers that well. The planet was yellow and big but you could see the shape of the beit hamikdash in it. She saw it clearly in the sky when the spaceship flew near it. I asked her if she wanted to see a picture of something that reminded me of her dream and she said yes. 

So, even though I had showed her that *picture on your post a while ago when she didn't want to say anything more or talk about the dreams anymore, this time she was excited and was looking at it as if it was a new picture she had never seen. She said that it looked EXACTLY like that shape but was yellow in reality. I told her this was like an x-ray picture so the color wouldn't show, just the shape. She was wide-eyed and really happy to see her dream in a picture!

If that isn't enough...she starts telling me that the aron hakodesh that she dreamed about (she said that you could kiss it and make a wish and Hashem granted that wish) was next to the lechem hapanim. I was shocked she knew anything about that as she is only in gan and they don't learn about that yet. She said the melachim taught her what it was and she drew a picture of it. She didn't understand the name and thought the bread had smiley faces on it because of the word "panim." When I looked at her drawing and it greatly resembled the real thing, I asked her if she wanted to see a picture of that too. She was excited to see so I showed her the model from the Temple Institute site. She saw that and said that was EXACTLY how it looked! she was so happy!

Then I read to her about the part in her dream where moshiach takes the spaceship under water to get the treasure chest from deep in the ocean. She said they went into a cave under water and the melachim went to take out a big treasure chest box. I asked her to describe it as she only has ever seen a pirate kind of treasure chest but she said this was not the same. 

She said it was shiny box but not sparkly. It looked like it was oiled. As we are looking through pictures of the kelim of the beit hamikdash, she sees the aron hakodesh and says that's it! That's the treasure chest! I asked her what about the keruvim on top and she said yes! That's exactly how it looked in her dream! You know how it is supposed to be kept in secret underground tunnels beneath the beit hamikdash? I am wondering if the tunnels go down to water level and it really could be underwater there in a cave!

Anyway, the dreams are really fresh in her mind now and ultra clear to her. Very inspiring!


It's funny, I asked her teacher if they learned about the vessels in the beit hamikdash and she said they did and were shown pictures but I asked my daughter and she said she never saw pictures and I really think it was on a day she was home sick! So, I'm not 100% sure she didn't see pictures first but the accuracy in which she described and drew the pictures shows she really paid attention to detail and I doubt she could have gotten that from a 5 min presentation during parshat Teruma. She said more things to me like she was able to lick the breads and they tasted like Mann, any taste you wanted them to taste like. I never know which parts are dream parts and which are embellishments so don't print that.

Oh, another part she said is really interesting and I forgot to include it before: she said when she was on the spaceship, she could see water cover the Earth and then it was removed and we could land. Now, she explained further and said it wasn't a flood and no one died from that. It was like a mikvah (she has watched me immerse dishes and was referring to that) and everything was just dunked in water for a moment to purify everyone and everything. She said the melachim threw water over everything with a big splash and then the whole world was freshly cleaned. I really love that!! I originally interpreted her telling me that to mean a destructive flood but I am glad to hear it was a like mikvah waters instead!!

This shows we can't interpret all her explanations literally because she is not explaining everything perfectly and little details that come out later change the meaning. Just be inspired that she is redreaming again! She said at first she dreamed it 3 times in a row and now she started again and dreamed it twice so far again.

*These are the Images 

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