30 August 2015

"He Who is Merciful to the Cruel will End up Being Cruel to the Merciful”

"He who is merciful to the cruel will end up being cruel to the merciful”

"The IDF's policy of restraint in Judea and Samaria … has led, and is leading, to the murder of Jews and one must not remain silent"

Jewish Soldier Abandoned to Arab Mob in Nabi Salah
Attacked by Screeching Arab Women, Tearing at and Biting the Soldier.

This is the full video, a deliberate provocation, a set-up play enacted every Friday, and the soldiers are not being taught how to react to such provocations. The cameras are there, the actors are the same at many such incidents, and i’m sure they are getting paid for their repulsive behavior, especially that blonde in the pink shirt. She’s in many such videos. In the video watch how she makes sure the camera is getting the right shot.

You can see the cameras juggling to get into a good position.

“Avi Naim, head of the Beit Aryeh Regional Council and chairman of the local regional security committee, railed on Sunday against the shameful video depicting an IDF soldier being beaten by Arab women and children in the village of Nabi Salah on Friday. "On Fridays, hundreds of Arab rioters accompanied by Israeli anarchists throw stones, curse and humiliate IDF soldiers," Naim continued. "This is an intolerable reality that harms both soldiers and Israel's image.” Arutz Sheva

Lieberman: “It is disgraceful. The Nethanyahu government isn't worth a pinch of (…). They have let us down internally: the Temple Mount is almost juden rein, the cops of Israel are as corrupt as any 3rd world country, no one stops Arabs from attacking Jews in Jerusalem and now this! How will they defend us against the Iranian nuclear threat? (,,,)” Arutz Sheva

This is What the People are Saying.
Israelis are furious and Respond in the Comments section:

“Why is anyone surprised by this? There is systematic effort on the part of powerful people in and out of Israel to destroy Israel and annihilate the Jewish people and the IDF is a primary target. Rules of conduct and engagement have been established that place the lives of every combat solider in danger. The lives and wellbeing of our enemies is placed above that of our own people. Who is behind all this and why? The brass hats are more concerned with the right portfolio strategy than the right military strategy. So who is really running the Army? Who is giving the orders to persecute children and raid a lawful meeting? Who gave the orders to allow terrorists to take control of the Temple Mount? In short, who is really running the country?”

“I recognize some (…) in this clip, from other Pallywood productions where women and little girls harrassed and beat our soldiers…the little girl in the pink shirt has been in a few of these provocation videos, but I think she's actually Israeli.”

“... they were VERY STRONG when they came to arrest teenagers who they imagine are "Jewish terrorists". They know that those "Jewish terrorists" would never harm a soldier; neither would the surrounding Jewish crowd. The army was also VERY STRONG when they came to my neighborhood and took away a trailer, and all the cheap furniture, including the pots, food and refrigerator, of a young family, who are also imagined to be "Jewish terrorists". These "brave" IDF soldiers were only following orders. There is a saying from the Talmud: "He who is merciful to the cruel will end up being cruel to the merciful”.”

“It is only the tip of the iceberg catching the stone throwers. Arrest the inciters including Abbas, all their terrorist moslem preachers, leftist NGOs... And Untie the hands of the IDF. They should be creating determent by their presence, and not find themselves attacked by anyone. If little girls are not afraid of them, what does that tell you about Bibi's/Ya'alon's policies?””

“One of these days soldiers will say no more-- will Yaalon imprison hundreds of soldiers? Total government insanity. They fear young settlers will become more powerful than the leftist scum anachist Yaalon backs and protects, and humiliate Jewish soldiers.”

"He who is merciful to the cruel will end up being cruel to the merciful”.

What Happens When a Jew Defends Himself 
from Arab Rock Throwing:

Noam Federman of Kiryat Arba will stand trial for an incident last year in which Arabs ambushed his vehicle with rocks…when Federman was driving through Hevron with two of his children. They were ambushed at close range. Federman and his son immediately got out of their car and chased the rock throwers into an alley.

“In the alley, Arabs threw more rocks at Federman and his son, who threw rocks back. (,,,)

"It is a very grave matter, that the prosecution in the State of Israel has turned the attacked into the accused,” he said. “We all know that rocks were thrown at me and my family, and all my actions were in self defense.

“The IDF's policy of restraint in Judea and Samaria … has led, and is leading, to the murder of Jews and one must not remain silent, even at the cost of a charge sheet.” INNews

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