02 September 2015

Schlepping the Jews Out of Golus. Eliyahu, Where Art Thou?

Consider this!

The Geula might not be prevented from occurring because not enough of Jews did teshuva, but will proceed anyway Davka BECAUSE the evil in the world has exceeded its allowed limit and therefore HaShem needs to propel the Geula, and in so doing it will schlep the Jews along out of Golus as a result! This was a truly mind/eye opening shiur given by a very studious Rebbetzen! There is much more to share, but I need to transcribe the audio IY"H to a written format.

It says, before Mashiach comes Eliyahu will announce His arrival.
Where have we heard Eliyahu?
Who is Eliyahu?
What will it sound like?

The prophet Malachi already spoke about the great hiding of the face of Hashem and the great confusion of minds and ideas before the arrival of Mashiach because the evildoers and the actions of the Satan will be successful and the trials and the strength needed will be great, and there will be no possibility of talking about the truth and about faith in front of the multitudes…Therefore the prophet said: "Then those who fear Hashem spoke each one to his fellow" . . . that those who fear Hashem will have to strengthen themselves that they should not err and go after the mistaken people and after the majority, and one should help his fellow man and strengthen him and tell him: "Be strong" and the Holy One blessed is He who searches the heart and kidneys, will test their words. (Maskil el Dal)  From Years of Awe

23 Lo, I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and awesome day of the Lord,

כגהִנֵּה אָנֹכִי שֹׁלֵחַ לָכֶם אֵת אֵלִיָּה הַנָּבִיא לִפְנֵי בּוֹא יוֹם יְהֹוָה הַגָּדוֹל וְהַנּוֹרָא:

         24 that he may turn the heart of the fathers back through the children, and the heart of the children back through their fathers-lest I come and smite the earth with utter destruction.

  כדוְהֵשִׁיב לֵב אָבוֹתעַל בָּנִים וְלֵב בָּנִים עַל אֲבוֹתָם פֶּן אָבוֹא וְהִכֵּיתִי אֶת הָאָרֶץ חֵרֶם:


Anonymous said...

Of course, we know that we are now in B'itah time. It is written that when we arrive at the b'itah zman, H' tells us 'I will hasten it', whether we are all bad or all good. If, we are all good (did teshuva), the geula will come with glory or if, c'v, all bad, it will be the opposite. Praying that the Geula comes with great rachamim in great glory!

Neshama said...

Thank you anonymous.
The point I wrote about was that it wasn't us Jews who caused the Geula Mitzrayim, it was the evil of Mitzrayim that HaShem dealt with directly, with the yidden getting out as a result of, not the cause of.

HDG, Yerushalayim, E"Y Shlemah said...

...just as the world has now gone below the 50th level of death-giving Tumah by approving the very things they agreed not to. Whatever the Jewish people can be accused of, it cannot be worse than that of the goyim now.

Well, it could, but it hasn't so far. Thankfully; may it never be.

HDG, Yerushalayim, E"Y Shlemah said...

...from The Absolute Truth blog from today:

"Through Eliyahu the Prophet, G-d will put redemption and the coming of the Messiah in the minds of Israel, and only that! Whoever hasn't dreamt should not say that they have because it will harm him. Anyone who says they are the Messiah and did not get it from G-d will go to the heavens.

"The Messiah knows for certain that he is the Messiah of G-d! The Messiah works, protects, and prays for the state of Israel! G-d knows exactly when to crown him in public!"


Neshama said...

CDG, what you wrote about "G-D putting the thought of redemption into the minds is An Yisrael" is actually said by and from the Riziner Rebbe, who declared that HaShem would create this desire and longing in the hearts of the Jews for them to start moving to Eretz Yisrael. I had saved this quote in my old iMac but lost it when the HD died! We can see it in the eyes and excitement of those who come on ElAl vis Nefesh, when they finally exit the plane and begin their walk among the cheering crowds into the reception are where the receive their teudat Oleh/Olah. If you haven't seen the videos of arriving new immigrants, you are missing a jolt to your neshoma!

Neshama said...

Unfortunately Google spell check messed up a few words in my reply to you, CDG. Hope you can figure them out.

Anonymous said...

Praying that the Geula comes with great rachamim in great glory!---

the geula is already happening with rachami bH. Cant you see, no gog uagog this summer, no majot jewish tragedy, no world war, etc ?? bH

All Jews merit the geulah. a jew = this gulgul + previous gilgulim together. The geula will be above tevah.

DS said...

Nice post, Neshamah.
Very late here in the US. After Shabbat. Shabbat Shalom.

Leah said...

Hi Neshama. I wish you had the quote form the Riziner Rebbe(did you mean Riminover Rebbe or the Riziner Rebbe?)
We are making aliyah on the 9th of this month and yes, we feel that it is time to come over. We feel the geualh is very fast approaching. I tried to click on your email from your blog Letters, but it did not work.

Neshama said...

Leah, I'm so sorry. When is the date of your move? I'll try to find it online.

Leah said...

Sept. 9th :)(Bezrat Hashem