09 September 2015

Pinchas the Son of Elazar Son of Aharon HaKohen : Eliyahu HaNavi

Before Mashiach, Eliyahu HaNavi Must Appear

Do Not Give Up, Strengthen Your Emuna

In my last post, Schlepping The Jews Out Of Golus I was calling out to Eliyahu HaNavi. Before Mashiach can be revealed, Eliyahu needs to come and identify him. Many events in the world seem to be leading up to a crescendo. We need Eliyahu to come amidst Am Yisrael to inspire us and lead us in the right direction so we can with a full heart receive Mashiach. So we should be davening (praying) for Eliyahu HaNavi. Below are two videos by Rabbi Glazerson on Eliyahu, and further on some valuable info about his background.

The weekly pronouncements of Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi stated:

"There will be great economic downfalls in the world, the harshest will be after Sukkoth, and all of the Jewish businessmen in China will come back to Israel with a little bag of money. After Sukkoth, China and many other places in the world will be stricken." Rabbi Ben Artzi has indicated that Jews would be safe living in Eretz Yisrael, many many times in his weekly talks.

"G-d is telling the Jewish people of Israel: "I will fight for you and you will work." Work - this refers to studying Torah, praying, and obeying the Commandments. G-d does not differentiate between the Jews, those who are real Jews. He wants everyone to repent, religious and secular, everyone has something to repent for, no one is without sin. G-d gave the world the month of Elul, Rosh Hashanah, the Ten Days of Repentance, Yom Kippur and Sukkoth so that the people of Israel fix their wrongs and repent. G-d is using every way so that the people of Israel repent and beg Him to crown the Messiah as King in public. The people of Israel can't see that the nations of the world are eating at each other? That no one cares about Israel? That everyone thinks Iran is a gold mine? 80% of Iranians are terrorists; it is all an act and mask."

Rabbi Glazerson's two videos on Eliyahu:

This is from April 2015

This is a very recent video

US Jews Wake Up: Muslim J-Street Head is 'Anti-Israel'. Two weeks after the election of a Muslim to head J-Street, more of her anti-Israel positions are coming to light.

And from his weekly Divrei Torah, Rabbi Pinchas Winston writes about Eliyahu HaNavi.

Some Background by Rabbi Winston on Eliyahu

In the year 3043, (almost 600 years!) from the time Pinchas acted on behalf of G-d to kill Zimri and save the Jewish people from themselves, Eliyahu HaNavi ascended to Heaven in a fiery chariot (I Melachim 2:11).

"He (Eliyahu) found respite in the cave at Har Chorev, until he went up in a windstorm to Heaven. It was Eliyahu HaTishbi from the tribe of Gad who ascended to Heaven, and he did not descend again.

"However, Eliyahu from the tribe of Binyomin, reincarnated into the one mentioned in the posuk, "And Ya'areshyah, Eliyahu, and Zichri were the sons of Yerucham" (I Divrei HaYomim 8:27). Later, when he died, he ascended to join Eliyahu HaTishbi who had ascended.

"It is Eliyahu from the tribe of Binyomin who ascends and descends constantly to perform miracles for the righteous, and to speak with them. (Sha'ar HaGilgulim, Chapter 32) Not to mention stops by Seder Night at the houses of Jews around the world towards the end of the Seder when we open the door and recite 'Sh'foch chamasecha."

"However, in Yemos HaMoshiach, he will have an additional role to fulfil: In the "End of Days" in the generation of Moshiach, Moshe will return to teach Torah to Israel and will still be of "uncircumcised lips." However, Eliyahu, who will be "chai," will be his interpreter, and this is the sod of the posuk, "Pinchas the son of Elazar son of Aharon HaKohen" (Bamidbar 25:11). This is as it is written, "If [one is drawn] to scoffers, he will scoff" (Mishlei 4:37): when they will need a translator for Moshe, Eliyahu who will be "chai" will translate and be Moshe's interpreter. (Sha'ar HaGilgulim, Chapter 36)

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