10 September 2015


Like in Mitzrayim, are we living through HOSHECH?
Next to the last makkos in Mitzrayim was the Darkness that prevented the Mitzriim from being mobile, those sitting could not get up, those standing could not walk.

While it is not so dark here in Israel, in other places in the Middle East, visibility was nearly zero. 
We have no helicopters in the skies, planes are grounded sitting in the airports. Sensitive people are home bound, with air conditioning going in order to breathe. 

There is no clean air to speak of. Everything is covered with layers of sand. All the leaves are covered with sand.

And this is to continue (from Tuesday) until right before Rosh HaShana!

Do we not see a siman (hint) in this weird happening?

This is all I am writing for now on this but there is much more.

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Noise Blockers and Other Remedies said...

Well, where are all the Kabbalists? Let's start hearing some explanations and not theories. Let's go - time is short and air is precious. Surely you have a few friends who break these matters down to numbers and gematrias. What is everyone waiting for?