20 September 2015

The Temple Mount is in Trouble


One of these days the Islamic Bubble will burst and nothing will remain of their hypocrisies and lies.

We won’t cooperate with Israel 
as long as ‘Palestine is occupied’: 

“Tell Mr. Netanyahu not to propagate false information,” Faisal told The Times of Israel at the Thursday panel session, when asked to address Netanyahu’s reference to a “sea change” in Israel’s relations with Sunni Arab states.

Jordan's King Abdullah II threatened an "explosion" over Israel cracking down on violent Muslim riots on the Temple Mount on Sunday (. . .) "I say this bluntly - (. . .) Al-Aqsa is a place of worship for Muslims" (....) Arutz Sheva Also King Abdullah and his Lawyers.

Some Honest Historical Background:

Jerusalem's role as "The Third Holiest Site in Islam" in mainstream Islamic writings does not precede the 1930s. It was created by the Grand Mufti Haj Amin al Husseini. The Islamic claim to the Temple Mount is very recent EretzYisroel

The Western Wall in constant use since biblical times

  • There were no mosques in Jerusalem in 632CE when the Prophet Mohammed died... Jerusalem was [then] a Christian city (by Dr Manfred R. Lehmann
  • El-Kuds is an abreviation for "The Jewish Temple" by Rabbi Joseph Katz 
  • The streets of Jerusalem and the Holy Jewish Temple were walked upon by Jewish Kings and Prophets long before the 7th century C.E. when a man named Mohammed had a vision that he was the last chosen prophet of G-d, the G-d they called Allah. Mohammed was driven out of Mecca by the Arab community and fled to Medina which had three Jewish tribes. Mohammed offered himself to the Jews as G-d's (Allah) final Prophet.
  • For 19 months Mohammed offered his "quibla" (direction of his prayers) toward Jerusalem as a "confidence-building gesture", until the Jews refused to believe his claims and totally rejected him. Then Mohammed gathered the pagan desert tribes under his visionary image. [the above information, plus the history of the Temple Mount is from the same eretzyisroel links above]

FastForward to 2015,
and the Temple Mount is [still] in Trouble, 
an article by Rabbi Shmuel Rabinowitz, 
the Rabbi of the Western Wall and Holy Sites:

"Over 80 years ago, even before the establishment of the State of Israel and the return of Jewish sovereignty to the Temple Mount, the Muslim mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin al-Husseini, began to spread lies about Jews trying to harm the Aqsa Mosque. (. . .)

This view from the southeast is probably taken from the Arab village of Silwan, across the Kidron Valley. From this angle the entire width of the Temple Mount's southern wall is visible. In the years since 1967, the area in front of the southern wall, within the curve of the distant road visible here, has been excavated by Israeli archaeologists. BiblePlaces

"Forty-eight years have passed since the Temple Mount, the site of the Temple, returned to Jewish sovereignty – and never have Muslims been restricted from entering. On the contrary, the State of Israel has invested great effort to make freedom of worship possible on the Mount – even at the cost of harming Jewish visitors who wish to ascend to the site. (. . .)

"Only a few days ago, on the eve of Rosh Hashana, another name was added to the horrific list of the Temple Mount libel victims. A Jew, wrapped in tallit and tefillin, was on his way to the Western Wall when he was nearly beaten to death by a gang of young Muslims. His only sin was his Jewish appearance, and for this he almost paid with his life. Interview of Yeshiva Student.

"Since then and while these words are being written, the Temple Mount is aflame. Make no mistake – this fire is burning from within the Mount, not outside of it. This fire is bursting forth from Molotov cocktails and pipe bombs that have been hoarded over a long period by heartless and G-dless people in preparation for a well-planned attack on Jewish worshipers praying at the Western Wall during Rosh Hashana, which took place this week.

"I ask you, dear readers of these words – can you conceive of desecrating the holy site with ammunition? Would you dare bring arms meant for murder into your House of G-d? Can you imagine making your G-d a co-conspirator in your plan to harm innocent men, women and children?

"Indeed, Haj Amin al-Husseini was correct in declaring that the Temple Mount is in danger. It is in danger because of those who call themselves “believers,” but use faith to rationalize their blind hatred and cruelty toward Jews. The Temple Mount is in danger from those who claim to be men of religion, but who use their position to spread hatred, dispute and war. Is this G-d’s will? Is it for this purpose that we were all created? So that we shed each other’s blood forever? If the Temple Mount were sacred to you, you would not dare turn its mosques into armories and its gates into blockades.

"If the Temple Mount were sacred to you, you would not build fortifications and blockades on it while drafting hotheaded youngsters to entrench themselves there until blood is spilled.

"We Jews prayed on Rosh Hashana at the Western Wall for the entire world. We prayed for a year of blessings and abundance for all people, of all nations. How despicable and far from G-d is the attempt to harm Jews while they are praying such prayers.

"My Muslim brothers,

[C]ould it be that you would defame the Temple Mount in the name of its holiness?

Could it be that you would desecrate the House of G-d in the name of faith? (. . .)

Is this what G-d desires?

*Rabbi Shmuel Rabinowitz, author of the above article, is rabbi of the Western Wall and Holy Sites. (this appeared in the Sunday issue of the Jerusalem Post; comments and features section) [emphasis is mine]


Dr. Mahmoud al-Habash: "We could find ourselves in a Religious War

  “If Israel continues to violate the status quo, we could find ourselves in a religious war. These are two small words that contain a very big danger. I urge you: stop testing Palestinian patience. This kind of situation will lead to disaster. Is this what you want? Naftali Bennett, Yehuda Glick, the settlers, and Benjamin Netanyahu himself want this disaster. If I were an Israeli, I would put Netanyahu on trial for treason. He is ruining Israel.”

I urge everyone to read the full article by David Mark at HaKolYehudi

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