23 August 2015


Mount Zion (הַר צִיוֹן) is a hill in Jerusalem just outside the walls of the Old City. The term Mount Zion has been historically associated with the Temple Mount, but its meaning has shifted and it is now used as the name of ancient Jerusalem's so-called western hill. In a wider sense, the term is also used for the entire Land of Israel. (Wikipedia) The following Mt Zion Archaeological Team is uncovering a FIRST CENTURY Jewish Mansion.

However, there is a battle for possession of Har Zion between the Pope and his minions, and the lovers of Zion and HaMelech David. This is all happening just near the City of David

The Archaeological Site

Two years after discovering the lower levels of a first-century C.E. mansion in the Old City of Jerusalem, the Mt. Zion archaeological team led by Shimon Gibson and James Tabor of the University of North Carolina at Charlotte have continued to excavate the site, uncovering more of the mansion in the process. Excavating at Mt. Zion: Jerusalem Dig Uncovers Ancient Mansion I met and heard Shimon Gibson speak at a City of David Seminar this summer.

During this summer’s dig season, the team resumed their excavation of the finished bathroom found in 2013. The archaeologists also found another complete vaulted room.

“These remains are extraordinarily well-preserved, such that not only do we have the complete basements of houses with their rooms intact, but the first story of these houses are also very well-preserved,” Gibson told The Charlotte Observer. “This is truly amazing.”

Gibson explained that not many buildings from first-century Jerusalem have remained intact because of the Romans’ destruction of the city at the end of the First Jewish Revolt in 70 C.E. and Roman emperor Hadrian’s subsequent rebuilding atop the ruins 65 years later.

“Then, in the Byzantine period (330–1453 C.E.), the buildings were filled in so the area could be flattened in order to build houses and structures on the top,” Gibson added.

It is remarkable, then, that the mansion being excavated by the Mt. Zion dig team is so well preserved.

The archaeologists believe that the mansion belonged to aristocrats or to a member of the wealthy Jewish priestly families. While this hypothesis seems to be a likely explanation from the types of artifacts found at the site—including a cache of murex shells, from which the highly sought-after rich purple dye was extracted—further evidence is needed, such as attestation from an inscription or other writing.

The Spiritual Site
HAR ZION: Diaspora Yeshiva, 
World Peace Center, King David

The Diaspora Yeshiva, the only Jewish institution located on Mount Zion, was the first in Israel to open its doors to those with little or no Torah knowledge. Since opening in 1967, the yeshiva has grown to include a multitude of programs for men and women of all levels of Jewish knowledge.

The holiness and the spiritual sensations give an incredible yet tangible feeling of pure Oneness, pure love, pure peace. Here is where prayers or affirmations are said for the well-being of oneself, family or friends with difficulties on a physical, emotional or spiritual level. Prayers for all humankind, and for all nations are said and felt from this place. This is the place where King David rested while deciding the area of the city to be built in his name. This is the place where you may rest and realize the potential of peace.

An Aerial View of the City of David, Har Zion and David's Tomb (center, a little left and a little down on top of the "Z" of Mount Zion)  

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