27 August 2015

Another Cat Story

Limpy (who lost a rear foot somehow)

I like cats, both big (like Cecil and Cubs) and small ones, like Limpy, Blacky and Smokey, as I've written about previously on another blog. So the following also captured my attention.

This is Blacky

and this is Smokey

Cecil and his mate


"Tzuk and Eitan were rescued from the fighting zone in the Strip during Operation Protective Edge by an IDF soldier, who is now the protagonist of a new optimistic and colorful book for children."

"All of a sudden, a weak yowling was heard, and then another very weak, shaky yowling, and then a third. 'What is there in the corner?' Matan called with wonder. Two pairs of eyes sparkled in the darkness. Matan shone his light at the whispering, bustling corner, and then another weakling meow was heard. Matan saw two skinny, gaunt cats, and he felt sorry for the hungry and abandoned kittens."

"Author Nurit Sternberg from Moshav Sde Warburg (...) decided to write a children's book about the operation and the kittens' adoption. Despite the fact the book takes place in war time, she wrote an optimistic and colorful book which makes for a light reading."

"And so the book describes it: 'With a heavy bag on his back and his weapon on his shoulder, Matan marched with his friends along their journey, while the white and ginger cats were closed up in a cardboard box.'"

"'I found the story really touching. It opens up a window into what went on in the soldiers' hearts, and how they did not lose their compassion and gentleness despite the difficult operation,' Sternberg said.'"

You can read the whole heartwarming story here

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