02 August 2015

PRES. CANDIDATE HUCKABEE WAS RIGHT, but he had the wrong country.


Police Threatened to 'Burn All Haredim' 

'Dozens' of officers arrested a rabbi's wife in connection to the Gay Pride stabbing - without a warrant - and threatened her,  . . . The rabbi's wife was violently arrested Saturday night in Jerusalem on suspicions of being linked to the haredi man who stabbed six people at the Jerusalem gay pride parade." Arutz-7.

Rabbi Grossman: "I am simply in shock from everything that happened, I feel that such a thing does not belong in the State of Israel," ... "They just brutally broke into our home, after we returned from a Bar Mitzvah on Friday, and about a dozen detectives descended on my wife and son - they broke into our home, without a warrant or anything," the Rabbi said. When the Rabbanit asked why she was being asked to come with them,

"they (the Police) started talking to her rudely - one said 
'we have to burn all the haredim'."

The Police knew the perpetrator had just been released after spending 10 years in prison for the same crime in 2005. Instead of keeping an eye on this guy to preempt another possible stabbing at this year's (2015) "Pride" Parade, they chose to viciously attack a Rebbetzen whose husband is known to be vocally against such a life-style. 

Attorney Itamar Ben-Givir . . .  explains “Police are panicked and acting in a hysterical fashion to cover their failure regarding Schlisel. It is unclear why one who opposes the parade was placed under arrest. Is it now prohibited to oppose such a parade?YWN

What is the connection? 
They're religious

At the so-called anti-violence rally (Tel Aviv), with speaker Shimon Peres (of Pope hugging fame) stirring up the crowd against 'extremists' said “those who are prepared to burn babies in the middle of the night (i.e., crazy hilltop settlers) and (i.e., haredi fanatics) plunge knives into the hearts of our daughters are the enemies of the people." "And Peres continued, . . .the Thursday stabbing attack at the Pride Parade, (is) an annual event bitterly criticized in some ultra-Orthodox circles.

Well, just don't forget the anti-religious anti-rightest hatred spewing forth from the leftists after losing in the surprise election. There was no end to their anti-semitic insults.

What is the connection here?
They're religious

The anti-violence rally was 'instead' a rally of hatred toward those who do not agree with the leftist ideology of a democracy that permits tolerance for immorality, persecution of religious zionist settlers (think disengagement), and no tolerance for the religious observance of Shabbat, and laws of our Jewish Torah.

Channel 2 obtained footage of police preventing ultra-Orthodox and Orthodox men from approaching the demonstration (in Jerusalem). In the clip, an ultra-Orthodox man can be seen asking police to pass through the barrier to access a nearby kiosk. The policeman refuses. “Why? Because I’m religious? Because I’m Haredi?” asks the man. “Yes,” the cop replies.
Meanwhile, other secular protesters are seen passing through without inspection. 

What is this connection?
They're religious

*Title of post refers to Presidential Candidate Mike Huckabee who was interviewed on Breitbart about his controversial remark: "he (President Obama) will take the Israelis and march them to the door of the oven" (because of the Iran 'deal'). . .  Breitbart

**emphasis (..) mine

I'm afraid we might be witnessing the beginning of societal breakdown and chv"s a war of Jews vs Jews, but as Devash wrote in The Culling, "This culling is the separation of the real-Jews from the Erev Rav, Eisav, Yishmael and Amalek prior to the destruction of all evil and lies from this world."


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