03 August 2015


In my previous post about a Joe Settler article in JPress, I wrote the following: "The Police have not arrested anyone, and we don't know if Jews really committed this crime; it could have been the arabs and their internecine tribal clans."

In an article in Arutz-7, about a settler boy who visited the Duma Village, they describe his impressions on being there (from his Facebook page).  His impressions are really quite revealing, and i hope are documented by the police, IDF and political entities. Please read the following carefully. Here are just a couple:

"The third set of impressions that Yonadav Tapuchi came away with concerned the suspicious nature of the alleged arson. He did not mention that there have been reports of an ongoing, 18-year feud between two clans in Duma that might be related to the murderous arson. In addition, one of the two graffiti messages – the single word nekamah, meaning "revenge" – has calligraphic elements that raise the suspicion that it was actually sprayed by an Arab."

"(...) on the bus filled with veteran left-wing activists from Tel Aviv – a horrific scene of hatred-filled talk: hatred of settlers, hatred of the religious, and especially of haredim; hatred of the State of Israel; and explanations why it was a moral imperative to leave and move to another country."

"I can only say that when the arsonists are ultimately caught, we will get to hear a fascinating story of why they chose to navigate their way all the way into the middle of the village, and how they had time to set a house on fire, wait to find that it was empty, then walk around and enter another house and set it on fire, wait with the parents, spray graffiti in two places – including with a little design of a crown! – and then run away through the middle of the village with all the townspeople surely already up and on their feet seeing the flames and hearing the family's cries. Something here is very fishy…""

This young settler, I believe, has been sent (min HaShamayim) to put asunder the hatred, lies, and venom that has been vomited across the internet about religious Jews and Israelis, especially the leftists and secularists who attended the so-called "anti-violence" rally at which Shimon Peres was vociferous about the Duma Village incident. So much for incitement!

It should be clear to all clear-thinking Israelis that much is amiss and not always what those protesting and yelling about is truthful. Truth belongs to HaShem and we have just read what His messenger has clearly uncovered.

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