23 August 2015

"It is I, I am He who comforts you"

Shabbat Parshat Re'eh was Rosh Hodesh Elul, the time of introspection, leading to Rosh Hashana when we crown HaShem as our King. This Rosh Hashana thru Simchat Torah we expect great things to happen for the Glory of Hashem and His Chosen Nation Am Yisrael.

On a regular Shabbat Parshat Re'eh, the Haftorah commentary reads (*from the Stone Ed of the Artscroll Chumash):

"In a lyrical prophecy of Messianic times, Yeshaya (Isaiah) speaks of a world where the currency will be righteousness, where defense will be faith in G-D, and where sustenance will be bought with obedience to the word of G-D. The leader of Israel will be the offspring of David, and the nations of the world will flock to him and his nation -- because all will recognize that G-D has glorified Israel."

The Haftorah of Parshas Shoftim which we just read this Shabbat, reads:

"It is I, I am He who comforts you. The day will yet come whe Israel will hear G-D calling out joyously to Jerusalem, wake up, wake up! Don your strength (Emuna), O Zion, don the garments of your splendor, O Jerusalem ..."

And both Devash, Transitioning from Seven to Eight and ShiratDevorah, The Shmittah Connection both post about the possible beginnings of economic downturn estimated by many forecasters coming this September, together with other foreboding or promising events depending on your perspective (Geula), The Mystery of September 23 and The 33 things to happen in September.

And this coming Shabbat we will read, Parshas Ki Seitzei,

"When you go out to war against your enemies, and HaShem, your G-D will deliver him into your hand...."

Do we see a pattern here, so relevant to our current situation, the gematrias in Devorah and Devash posts, the crash of the market over a two-day spread, and the escalation of Iranian missiles fired from Syria, and Israel's swift reaction. The Prime Minister, loud and clear, "PM warns 'we'll harm those who try to harm us,' slams world powers for nuclear deal after 'Iranian commander ordered rocket strike.'" Iran/Persia is send out its tentacles of war, provoking Israel.

What will happen next, I believe, will depend on our teshuva and calling out to HaShem to heal our Nation, and bring us into the Geula with Mashiach.

Now and then we are privileged to 'see' the Hand of HaShem working in the world on our behalf. We must reciprocate and show that we appreciate and look forward to more and greater things.


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