04 August 2015


In Clarifying Life's Mysteries, I wrote: "The Police have not arrested anyone, and we don't know if Jews really committed this crime; it could have been the arabs and their internecine tribal clans."

It seems they did originally arrest two arabs: "There was actually a report up in Hebrew on rotter.net yesterday that claimed that suspects had been arrested in connection with the arson, and that they were Arabs. But when I clicked on the link from Twitter, the post had been removed." IsraelMatzav

As a result of the anti-settler/religious incitement, in addition to the one firebomb attack of a car reported in the media, we have other recent news stories not appearing (that I could find) on any of the Jewish media in Israel,

"Jerusalem Arabs Arrested for Brutally Beating Religious Jewish Couple ..... The gang attacked a Haredi man and then a religious couple with brass knuckles and a knife. The woman recited the Shema (usually said when fears they might die)"

"They continue to berate the entire religious community and the “settler movement” for last week’s arson-murder that everyone assumes was carried out by “hilltop youth” because the word “revenge” was scribbled in Hebrew on the wall of one of two houses in the heart of the Samarian village of Duma, that were attacked with Molotov cocktails and set on fire.

"The same media were not interested in reporting that six Arabs, including three minors, used brass knuckles, a knife and a club to assault religious Jews. The language of the Hareidi website that reported the attack used a Hebrew expression that might have been “clean language” for sexual molestation of the young woman, but this has not been confirmed."
Religious Jewish couple brutally beaten in Talpiot

Just Monday, another firebomb at Jews: "Several Molotov cocktails were thrown at an Israeli bus near Halhul, in the Hevron region, last night (Monday)." Arabs firebomb Jewish bus

The Palestinians are on the war path: "Jordan Demands UN End Israeli Occupation: Jordan lost no time in blaming the Israeli government for the arson, even though the identity of the culprits remains unknown, and the PA has likewise announced it will bring the case to the UN Human Rights Committee (UNHRC), as well as the International Criminal Court (ICC)... The attack [on Yosef's Tomb] comes as part of a wave of terror attacks that have been ongoing since the arson, and which were fueled by Hamas calls to attack soldiers and "settlers" as "legitimate targets."

When the Israeli Government will come out and vocally abhor murders of Jews by Arabs, and equally prosecute Arab terrorists that terrorize and harm Jews, how long do they think the people of Israel will be patient? These appear as government-sanctioned crimes against the religious community. Is the government fearful of President Obama? Are they fearful of world condemnation? Or, has the liberal leftist democratic ideology run its gamut, off the cliff. It doesn't matter, the world condems Israel and the Jews for everything and anything.

Instead of arresting the grandson of Meir Kahane, Meir Ettinger, whose parents were killed by (?) Arabs, the "establishment should investigate in the Duma Village:

"...there have been reports of an ongoing, 18-year feud between two clans in Duma that might be related to the murderous arson. In addition, one of the two graffiti messages – the single word nekamah, meaning "revenge" – has calligraphic elements that raise the suspicion that it was actually sprayed by an Arab."


"According to the Duma version, the attackers burnt one house, then saw that it was empty, and so they went to set fire to the next house. The second house is enclosed by a fence, and the windows are covered by a dense lattice; a firebomb cannot be hurled through the windows, and in any event it is very hard to reach the windows behind the fence. The arsonists had to go around the house, enter the yard, and place the firebombs through the lattice. According to the Duma version, the attackers entered the house, stood over the parents and did not let them leave until the flames engulfed the house. Only then did the arsonists run away from the village." Young "Settler" pays Condolence Visit to Duma Village

Will the government investigate this apparent incriminating evidence instead of trying to build a case against Meir Ettinger.

In Closing:

Amazing comments by *Michael Ben-Ari:

"I don't know Meir at the personal level, but this is madness by the authorities who have lost their senses," Ben-Ari said. Administrative arrest, a relic from the British mandate normally used against Arab terrorists, is now being controversially used against Ettinger and could have him jailed endlessly all with no evidence of any wrongdoing.

"This isn't how a rational government behaves. When an Arab commits an attack, it's 'lone wolf,' and here in the attack at Duma village that they still don't know who did it" a large chain of Jewish extremists is being claimed as responsible, noted Ben-Ari.

He pointed out that in the Duma arson attack last Friday the identity of the attackers remains unknown, and claims that Jews were behind it based on the presence of Hebrew graffiti come amid several serious question marks surrounding the case.

Ben-Ari noted that "only today, four days later, they're gathering the (security) cameras" from the town, in what he termed another police “fiasco."

"They're trying to mark off a 'v,' so they caught Ettinger, a man that journalists know, and if that's their big catch it's a sign of how much is lacking at the Shabak (Israel Security Agency)," . . . Ettinger acts openly and not in secret, and is no more dangerous than leftist activists who the security forces let be . . . I suggest that they fire several Shabak members.”

“"The home of (former Hevron Chief) Rabbi (Dov) Lior was attacked time and again. We didn't hear about administrative arrests or underground organizations, they're waiting for a disaster," he concluded.

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