25 August 2015


IDF soldiers stopped a terrorist FIREBOMB attack in Judea on Sunday night on Highway 60, just outside of the Jewish community of Efrat, about five minutes south of Jerusalem. Two Palestinian Authority Arabs were caught by the soldiers as they were preparing to hurl firebombs (Molotov cocktails) at an IDF outpost located outside the Jewish community.

Israel Catches Palestinian Authority Firebomb Cell Israeli security officials cleared for publication Monday evening that they have arrested a Palestinian Authority terrorist cell that was behind several firebombing and rock-throwing attacks on Judea and Samaria.

Terrorists attack Israeli soldiers with a Molotov cocktail in Arab village riot near Beit El and Ramallah The terrorists are from a village near Shechem, where the Palestinian Authority is committed to maintain security and tear down the terrorist infrastructure.

8 Palestinian Arab Terror Suspects Arrested Eight Palestinian Arab terror suspects were arrested overnight in the Arab village of El Aroub. Four of the suspects were arrested on charges of terrorism. Two were taken into custody on arson charges and two were arrested in connection with rock attacks.

Terror by Fire

AND DO WE REMEMBER THIS:  The Jerusalem area has experienced several fires in recent weeks, and new blazes raged on Monday in various areas in the vicinity. Molotov cocktails were found at the scene of Sunday’s huge fire outside Jerusalem, causing investigators to conclude that it was the work of arsonists. The massive blaze in Jerusalem on Sunday that consumed property and 74 acres of natural forest was ignited by arsonists, Israeli authorities announced on Monday.

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