25 August 2015


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“What of the nascent Sanhedrin?”

A rabbinical organization called the Sanhedrin, which includes several prominent rabbis from the hardline wing of the national- religious community and from the haredi (ultra-Orthodox) sector, wrote letters of support to the 10 men who have been banned from entering Judea and Samaria on Sunday by the Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency). JPost

“Praiseworthy are you who represent an example and an inspiration to rabbinical judges and to all the faithful of Israel,”

“He who redeemed Israel in the days of Greece will be the One who will redeem Israel from the hands of all the dictators as long as they fail to repent quickly before the great and awesome day of God,”

[T]he letter expressed support for the youth in question “for their self-sacrifice, their dedication and their faithfulness,” and that the reference to “dictators” was directed towards Israel’s current leadership. . .the letter was not praising violence but rather the youths’ dedication to “settling every part of the Land of Israel.”

“There is complete justification in measure for measure and a proportional response and revenge,”

“If the security official tries to beat you, you can beat him back, you are obligated to beat him back, this is a human reaction,” … “You cannot expect Jews not to defend themselves.”

“… acts of vandalism to express anger and opposition to government action were also acceptable, but said that there was no evidence tying Jewish extremists to the arson attack in Duma and the murder of the two members of Dawabsha family."

"The Sanhedrin organization was established in 2004 as an attempt to revive the ancient rabbinical council known by the same name, which existed during the time of the Talmud and comprised 71 Jewish sages. The institution constituted the supreme religious decision-making body of the Jews during that era. . . The newly established Sanhedrin – which is not recognized by the state or by mainstream Jewish denominations and groupings as having any formal standing – has adopted radical and hardline positions on the conflict with the Palestinians and on the place of Jewish law in the State of Israel.”

"The missive was signed by three rabbis from the Sanhedrin organization, including the head of the group’s rabbinical court, Rabbi Yisrael Ariel.

"The group supports the application of Torah law in place of the secular law of the State of Israel, and in February 2010 ruled that “it is obligatory for every Jew to exclude himself from the secular Israeli judicial system in every matter.”

This entire article is from the morning edition of The Jerusalem Post, Tuesday, August 25, 2015



CDG, Yerushalayim, Eretz Yisrael Shlemah said...

Thank you, Neshama...! This is beyond words!!!

Anonymous said...

These young people represent the ideal real Jew. In them the purity, strength, true Zionism, imbued with love of earth with mitzvot. They are not assimilated, but they seek seems Jews in their appearance. They are repairing the historic mistake of the Zionist state and bringing closer to Moshiach ben Yosef. They do not have armor, they will win the state by peaceful revolution, with his words, being persecuted and imprisoned, without moving a sword or gun.