27 August 2015

A Warning From Shomayim

Message From the Next World Comes to 
Israeli Mystical Rabbi Amram Vaknin

Rabbi Vaknin Warns of Imminent War and Danger….As previously reported by Breaking Israel News, Rabbi Vaknin receives periodic messages from the Next World, warning about events in Israel. Gil Nachman, a close student of Rabbi Vaknin’s, told Breaking Israel News, “Pray that it’s not going to be today, tomorrow or in two weeks.”

Nachman recounted the specifics that Rabbi Vaknin received in the message.

“The Muslims are going to contaminate the water, the fruits and vegetables.

They are going to damage the electricity,” he said.

“And there are going to be people dying in the streets, thousands of people all over Israel.”

Nachman urged that the Israeli water company, the electric company and food importers should be prepared for these attacks. (The Rabbi names a member of Knesset who is a spy for the enemy.)


“We’re getting close to the big day of Moshiach. Before that happens, Hashem wants us to do teshuva. We have to be ready and prepared,” pleaded Nachman. “When we do real teshuva, Hashem will fight for us.”

The article which appeared on Geula Watch can be read in full at Breaking Israel News

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