04 February 2010

Prepare for 21st of Adar

The 21st of Adar – Yahrtzeit of the holy

Noam Elimelech zy”a

The minhag of the Noam Elimelech zt"l

was to say Torah at Shalosh Seudos on the Parsha and after completing the divrei Torah he would speak about what would take place during the generation when Moshiach will come. On occasion he said the following three things:

1 – Whoever will be a Yirei Shomayim 1 in those days will be stepped and tread upon so strongly, that if it would be one of the talmidei HaBaal Shem zy"a who were alive in those times, they would not be able to continue to live from the intense pain and hurt. So HaKadosh Baruch Hu will bring down neshamos of katnus, those who feel less, and neshamos that are more physically inclined to this world in the generation of Moshiach, who will have the ability to undergo this pain and hurt and still stay alive.

2 – HaKadosh Baruch Hu (c’viyuchol) will stretch a rope throughout all the places of galus and everyone will grab on to it. Then HaKadosh Baruch Hu will take hold of the rope and will shake it strongly. The people who are superficial will let go of the rope, because they’ll say "It seems that G-d doesn’t want us to hold on to this rope".[But the people who have belief and trust in Hashem will continue to hold on].

3 – HaKadosh Baruch Hu (c’viyuchol) will sift the entire world, like one who sifts flour in a sifter. The nature of sifting is that all the flour gets hit and banged by the sides of the sifter – even the good and select flour gets hit. Afterwards, the good and select flour falls down with a large thump, and the residue remains above in the sifter. At that point the residue will say to the good and select flour: "Not only didn’t I fall with a thump like you, but I’m also the one who remained on top". But the residue doesn’t realize that once the refining process is complete, whatever remains in the sifter will fall in such a way that it will become totally expelled and nullified"2.

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