13 May 2009

President Peres:


He spoke of "suffering you had to endure" and "lifting an embargo" and "solidarity". These words were not in empathy with the millions of Jews murdered by his country and neighbors, no they were spoken to the people with a mission to kill more Jews, after blowing up buses, hotels and blasting rockets and missiles into homes with children. The "Mr President" he was speaking to was not the President of Israel, it was the so-called President of a people who worship death, and wish death  (G-d forbid) to Jews.

 And now, your friend's words to his friends:

"Mr. President, the holy see supports the right of your people to a sovereign Palestinian homeland in the land of your forefathers, secure and at peace with its neighbors, within internationally recognized borders," the pontiff said upon his arrival, standing alongside Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.

And now his political message:

In Bethlehem, Benedict delivered a special message of solidarity to the 1.4 million Palestinians isolated in the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip. He has no plans to visit Gaza.

"In a special way, my heart goes out to the pilgrims from war-torn Gaza: I ask you to bring back to your families and your communities my warm embrace, and my sorrow for the loss, the hardship and the suffering you have had to endure," the he told thousands of Palestinians who packed an open-air Mass in Manger Square, some hoisting Palestinian and Vatican flags and pictures of the pontiff [...].

"Please be assured of my solidarity with you in the immense work of rebuilding which now lies ahead, and my prayers that the embargo will soon be lifted," he added.


PS. What this holy see doesn't see is that Islam has neither respect for Jews nor his followers .

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