18 May 2009

Abuse of Statistics

Abuse of Statistics ... Muslim Demographics on YouTube

Postkiwi Duncan Macleod says "he's concerned about the Fear and Loathing “Muslim Demographics” video which has gone viral on YouTube over the last month. There are several copies out there, but it looks as though the original was posted by “Friendofmuslim”, a YouTube user based in Lebanon, who has received over 5 million views. What concerns me is that the video uses false statistics and fear tactics to stir Christians into raising larger families and converting Muslims."

Tiny Frog says "the point of the video is to say that Europe will be predominantly Muslim within fifty years or less, as a result of low birthrates among native Europeans and high birthrates among Muslim immigrants."

While I am in no position to verify or refute the statistics in either of the videos and their refutations, they present very good counter information and charts and their own numbers.

Before believing the dire statistics of any of these videos, consider the amazing statistics presented by Tamar Yonah in Your Grandkids May Be Moslem. Links to fascinating charts are provided in her article.

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