07 May 2009

The One That Got Away ... nearly!

Cow On the Loose after Escaping Slaughterhouse
A wily steer turned the street of Queens into a wild west scene when he broke out of Halal slaughterhouse and had to be lassoed by cops.

The bolting bovine charged up 109th Ave. in South Jamaica with cops and a butcher in hot pursuit.

The break-away beef cut up the driveway of Steven Khan's house on 109th Ave., "We were chilling. I was coming back, taking out the garbage when I saw my friends running," said Kahn, 20. "I'm like, 'Why are you running?'"

At least a dozen cops were required to get the steer into the trailer, witnesses said. 

Maybe this cow was trying to get to that supposed Yeshiva's yard to be shechted Kosher-style.
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