17 May 2009

Just Say "NO", Bibi!

Monday, May 18 is the BIG DAY!
A meeting between the BIG WIGS in DC.
And Bibi is invited.
It's the "JEWISH ISSUE" again.
What are they going to do with the Jews?
The WHOLE WORLD is kvetching about the Jews.
Well, there is someone who has some advice, 
And he says, Read This Bibi:

"...why has the world and the United Nations become obsessed with this tiny, tiny Jewish state, and the biblical backyard it occupies--actually the size of New Jersey. No oil, no gas, no minerals; just mud from the dead sea which sells in malls for $5.00 a bottle. Not exactly a multi-billion dollar industry. Yet Israel is the only country in the world where its citizens are not permitted to travel to 18 nations.

"There is a museum in Cairo dedicated to the Arab victories over Israel and the Jews in the '67 and '73 wars. Hezbollah still says it won the war in Lebanon, even though Beirut looked worse than Dresden. Hamas, Syria and Iran recently announced and celebrated a great victory after Operation Cast Lead where Israel literally devastated Gaza. In other words, do NOT believe your own eyes or the tv cameras, just believe our Arab propaganda."

Look Obama in the eye Bibi: "And the world almost always falls for such nonsense by offering to donate money and rebuild everything for a population that elected a Nazi-like government, whose entire raison d'etre is to destroy Israel. So my dear schoolyard buddies, Barak, Hillary and George, let's learn a lesson from all this fighting. My weak, pathetic fellow Jews in Israel will never, ever be forgiven for defeating and devastating the big macho Arab/Muslim armies in 1948, 1956, 1967, 1973, 1982 and 2009. Israel is the common enemy and necessary for the survival of the bizarre dictatorial governments throughout the Arab and Muslim world."

Raise your voice Bibi: "Even worse, how dare those Jews build a successful democratic society in our midst, that is a model for technology, medicine and scientific discoveries, while all the oil rich nations can do is hire outsiders to design and build palaces for their powerful, dictatorial leaders. Talk about embarrassing--the Prophet Mohammed is probably spinning in his grave."

Use your hands Bibi: "Arab and Muslim leadership understands that Israel must always retain its status as the common enemy that binds their populations together--just like Hitler used Germany to galvanize its own nationalism. Even the Saudi Peace Plan is a sham because it is just a typical example of Arab souk/market negotiations which offer results for impossible criteria.

Put your glasses on Bibi: "Right of Return" itself is a fraudulent negotiating request, because it shows quite clearly that the Arab and Muslim world has a particular talent for aggrandizing their own historical interpretations, by referencing a myth that has present day implications, and of course ignoring a truth that they do not wish to confront. How about "Right of Return" for hundreds of thousands of Jews who were absolutely thrown out of Arab countries against their will, had their homes, businesses and valuables confiscated, all for no reason. Virtually every Arab who left Israel in 1948 did so under their own free will, because they were promised by Arab leaders that they would return after the war to much more land and golden Jewish spoils."

Hands in pocket Bibi: "How about the so called "occupation," another fraudulent term commonly used. First it was the French occupiers, then the British, and now the Israelis and the Americans--all "occupiers." I mean, America gets rid of an Iraqi dictator who has tortured and murdered hundreds of thousands of innocents, and they call you an occupier instead of a savior. Talk about ingratitude."

Stand right next to George Mitchell, Bibi: "Hey Obama, you think Fatah is moderate? Pick up any newspaper or watch their tv on any given day. The hatred for Israel is incredible. Just recently, the PA passed a law that anyone who sells land to a Jew will be executed. Where have we heard that before?"

Sit on the corner of Obama's desk Bibi: "Two months ago, the so called moderate Palestinian Authority closed and disbanded a Palestinian Youth Orchestra and arrested its founder because they played music for Holocaust survivors. PA television just released a full length special devoted to the glorification of the 1978 roadside massacre where Palestinian terrorists commandeered some Egged buses carrying families going to a company picnic, killing 38 men, women and children and wounding 73 Israelis. Last week a Palestinian terrorist from the West Bank used an axe to murder a 13 year old Jewish boy."

"That's the type of rhetoric that Prime Minister Netanyahu must use. 
Otherwise, Israel is dead!!!!"

If you want to know what else Irwin Graulich suggested Read This Bibi!

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