28 May 2017



Something to think about. 

Could this barrage orchestrated against Trump and his ‘appointees’, plus White House leaking  be ‘min- haShamayim’[did Obama sanction bugging the WH? Is there a political traitor inside the ‘insiders'?] because  Trump did not follow through on his promises to Israel? And because he is allowing himself to be “advised” by Obama appointees? [And because he is wavering in his ‘min-haShamayim’ appointment to the presidency and as a political-world-shaker?]

When Israel is unjustly harangued, America suffers
[and Hashem wants Jews’ teshuva]

Not only is America suffering because of the Administration’s political position toward Israel [orchestrated by Obama holdovers] but within the Land of Israel itself is a looming threat, tenaciously monitored by DEVASH (see Special Features and Featured Posts on sidebar):

We are in a war – a war for the hearts and minds of Am Yisrael. From the very beginning the HaYovel Ministry was envisioned as a Trojan Horse - a conduit for feeding Christians into the Land of Israel in order to wage a spiritual battle upon the Jews here.

NOT SURE IF THE SOURCE FOR THE FOLLOWING IS FAKE NEWS, BUT I READ ELSEWHERE THAT TRUMP WANTED TO BEGIN THE PROCESS FROM THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION, i.e. with the *Arab world recognizing Israel to create a stable atmosphere before bringing the parties together to discuss (blah, blah, blah). However with Jason Greenblatt arriving in Israel right after Trump leaves, is this a good sign? Thus:

It’s Starting: Trump Demands Israel Transfer Land to Arabs BEFORE Deal

By David Israel
The US is demanding that Israel transfer land from Area C, which, according to the Oslo accords is under complete Israeli control, to Area B, where the Palestinian Authority has administrative control while the IDF is in charge of security, Israel’s Channel 10 TV reported Wednesday night.
According to the same report, Prime Minister Netanyahu opposes the move, arguing that political capital should not be wasted on minor measures, when there are greater and more significant measures to come. (read more at above link)

*According to Hebrew newspaper Israel Hayom, Abbas rejected Trump's offer of a regional plan which would first entail normalizing relations with Israel's neighbors and only afterwards discussing a Palestinian state.JPost AND Report claims that Trump proposed plan based on 'Arab Peace Initiative' - with priority given to regional peace before the Israeli-PA issue. JPost


Other lies and distorted facts are now thrown-up onto the pages of the Washington Post:

Another Washington Post anonymously sourced hit job dropped on the Trump White House — this one about Jared Kushner asking the Russian ambassador for a “secret channel.” It dropped just in time to greet the president upon his return from his first international trip and the very day after Attorney General Jeff Sessions pledged to “put an end to” the rampant leaks coming from within the government. The leaks that produced this story, according to sources, came from inside the West Wing.

“They are solely focused on themselves 
and planting false stories, 
to put targets on other people’s backs, 
to shift attention from their own records.”

The latest claim stems from a supposed meeting that President Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, and Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn had on Dec. 1 or 2 with the Russian ambassador, Sergey Kislyak. According to The Post, U.S. officials who reviewed intercepts between Kislyak and Moscow saw that Kushner requested “a secret [communications] channel with Moscow rather than relying on traditional government systems.” [not including link]

[ed. one by one, the will go after Trumps administration supporters]

Complete Deep State ‘Leaks’ to Far Left MSM Outlets – With Analysis. "These ‘leaks’ in all cases still are not supported with any names of so-called sources and in all cases the ‘leaks’ are meant to destroy the current President."

In Every Generation We Must Take Control of the Land of Israel

"BAMIDBAR begins with the decree that Israel take a national census. Many of history’s great Torah luminaries explain the entire purpose of this count to have been for the organization of a military force that would liberate the Land of Israel from foreign rule. The holy Ohr HaḤaim even adds that there was a hidden miracle involved in the census – that every man counted was in top physical condition and eligible for combat service.

"In his supplement to the Rambam’s Sefer HaMitzvot, the Ramban teaches that it is a Torah commandment in every generation that the Nation of Israel take control of and inhabit the entire Land of Israel." (read full article at title link)

Donald Trump, NWO, and the Deep State’s War Against Jerusalem

By Trump essentially declaring that Jerusalem belongs to Israel, he has out flanked the global elite. By doing that, the President has pushed them to increase their animosity to himself and his agenda. McMaster and Tillerson will try to derail Trump’s accomplishments he made between the Arab world and Israel. Expect the leaks to increase and the investigations to begin to focus on the President himself. All the while the North Korean crisis will erupt and drag America into a serious war, leaving Israel vulnerable to attack. (read full article at title link)


[ed. But did Trump in fact do that? Was this the unspoken message to the Saudis? Did he convey that to the Israelis? How long can Trump act independently of Tillerson and McMaster?]

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