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25 November 2022

The Precious Land of Israel and The Red Heifer

Temple Talk Radio: The Precious Land of Israel! 

 Temple Talk Radio: The Red Heifer Special! 

It all began on the Temple Mount, with a thought that led to a question that led to a conversation.
A seed was planted, and soon after a remarkable "coincidence" sparked a three-year global search for a perfectly red, unblemished red heifer.
Chanan Kupietsky, the man behind the red heifer, tells the story of the search for the red heifer that he personally led, the people he met, the heifers he inspected, and how, with unceasing efforts and limitless energy, he ultimately brought five red heifers from Texas to Israel, all five being eligible candidates to be the one to bring the highest level of biblical purity back to the world.

Don't miss this fascinating, full-length interview:


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שערי הגאולה said...

שנת המשיח תשפ"ג גילתה שכינה
The Yanuka - "My soul will weep in secret." Very moving! English CC

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