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28 November 2022

New Book Offer


Patriot's Corner


This Sunday would have marked Dr. Vladimir "Zev" Zelenko's 49th birthday. This year, Zev has a gift for all of YOU for his birthday. Read below to find out more about “Zelenko: How to Decapitate the Serpent.”


Zev Passes the Torch to You With His Final Book

In his final years, Dr. Zev Zelenko had a message. He shared that message with anyone who would listen. He spoke of patriotism, faith, family, and medicine. Although we have sadly lost him, Zev has one last message to share with all of you. From his deathbed, he feverishly completed his final book. Zev was always a fighter, and fittingly, his book is called “Zelenko: How to Decapitate the Serpent.” This was his final chance to speak to all of you who have answered his call in the fight for medical freedom.


You can pre-order the book now at www.Zelenkobook.com

1 comment:

Neshama said...

I was able to download and printed out a few chapters to read on Shabos.
Slowly I’ll read the entire book.
His earlier book “Metamorphosis” is on Amazon.

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