30 April 2021

Witness in Meron Tragedy


[...]”This was the worst incident I’ve ever experienced,” a Hatzalah member said. “We simply ran from resuscitation to resuscitation. We left one body and ran to the next one. I can’t remember such a terrible incident. The Hatzalah members were falling apart as they tended to the wounded.”

“Masses of people were pushed into one corner and fell one on top of another,” Dvir, 25, a witness to the scene, told Army Radio. “There were stairs there and the people on the top fell and were injured the worst, the people on the second level after them…I was on the second level and I thought I was going to die.”

Another witness from Beit Shemesh said in a radio interview: “The whole time there were people passing through and everything was going smoothly. Suddenly there was terrible crowding. I looked up and saw five police officers who were simply standing there and stopping people from passing.”

“People begged, cried, screamed that they’re going to die, that they can’t breathe, but they didn’t open the passageway. Children were fainting in their parents’ arms. When the police finally allowed people through, everyone collapsed one on top of the other.”

ALSO: A policeman saw the crowd but instead of opening an escape path for people, he threatened them with pepper spray,” Deputy Mayor of Jerusalem Yossi Daitch who was at the scene told the Behadrei Hadarim website. 

We cannot let this collect dust in the memory of the Israelis!

Massacre in Meron: https://rumble.com/vgb2db-massacre-in-meron.html

Here’s a clue to the police modus opperendai: they removed the public cameras the day before! (On the rumble video)


moshe said...

May Hashem have Mercy. There is nothing that we can even think of saying - too much!
By the actions of these police, it seems that there needs to be an investigation.
To get a little perspective on this horrible, horrible disaster, there's a great article by Rabbi Chananya Weissman.
Nothing more to say, but that H', in His Infinite Mercy, end this evil galut and brings our Geulah b'CHESED v' b'RACHAMIM!
(May these holy neshamot intercede for all our people).

Neshama said...

Some are calling for an investigation, but an independent one. The police are fighting against that.
I could not help thinking of Aharon and his two sons, in their fervor they lost their lives. Korbanot.
PS they were Toldot Aharon!

Gavriela Dvorah said...

The police cannot investigate themselves. Look at the case of Ahuva Sandak, they murdered him and nothing has been done about it. I've been there and experienced a frighteningly similar situation. We can only turn to HaShem and beg him to exact punishment on those who hurt His children.

Neshama said...

Gabriela, it hurts so much. Those poor children.

Gavriela Dvorah said...

I know. I can't stop the tears. Tears are a mikveh for the neshama..I learned this once. So, no need to stop the flow. Nor to be distracted. We just have to scream for geula.