17 March 2019

“Is The Supreme Court Really a Front for the Arabs??”

The Israeli Supreme Court issued a ruling against Otzma Yehudit Sunday evening, barring one of its candidates, Dr. Michael Ben-Ari, from running for the 21st Knesset.

In so doing, the court overturned a decision earlier this month by the Central Elections Committee to permit Ben-Ari to participate in next month’s election.

The court also ruled Sunday to overturn the Central Elections Committee’s decision to bar the radical anti-Zionist Arab parties Balad and the United Arab List from running for the Knesset. The two parties, which are running on a joint ticket, had been barred by the committee for their support for terrorism and opposition to Israel as a Jewish state.




Israel has OFFICIALLY become a DICTATORSHIP controlled by the Supreme Court and judiciary. Time for MAJOR REVOLT to stop this assault on democracy.

According to the corporate media, if a white supremacist kills people its the fault of right wingers, and if a muslim kills people its the fault of right wingers.

If white guys only new this one trick they would make black people like them.
The idea of females not being engaged doesn’t make sense when our adversary will fight for their minds.

MANDELBIT SHOULD BE SUED as he is illegally extending his authority.
Let's see Shaked find the guts to do it.

I suspect he is eyeing a seat on the Supreme Court and intends to get it the way all the other anti-Right wing appointees did - by unjust anti-Right decisions. What how his authority extends once he is appointed.

No surprise. Remember this is the fascist high court, that loves arab terrorists hates Jews.

Michael Ben-Ari is an Afghan Jew. At the very least, he should be judged by the same standards applied to Arab candidates. Ahmed Tibi is a champion of Yasser Arafat, the worst mass murderer of Jews since Adolf Hitler. Disqualifying Ben-Ari and not Tibi exposes a very alarming anti-Jewish bias in the High Court.

If the judges in Israel want tuo work in an arab country, i suggest they pack their bag S and go to jewish judge should be allowed to take out a Jew from a Knesset do you still let this crook in Office? The justice System in israel néeds change, now.

The role of a Supreme Court is TO APPLY THE LAW , THAT'S ALL ...PERIOD

According to the law they're perverting these judges would be ineligible to run for would Mr Mandelblit.....this is clearly against the Jewish and democratic nature of the state

this is a judicial is anti democratic and evil

Who is this scum running the country to overturn the legitimate body responsible for approving party candidates? What is thier reasons and how can they justify their anti state agenda? To permit racial Arab facists to stand and ban Jews shows the judges have an inbuilt bias against Jews - the whole of the Supreme Court should be destroyed lock stock and barrel. Those who brought this matter to the court should themselves be banned by the Central Election Committe from standing both as parties and individual candidates already on an approved party list! Israel is a sick nation led by foul judges. Perhaps the president will now intervene in this blatent show of dictatorship of the High (Supreme) Court. Demonstrate outside 15 Balfour, Jerusalem home of the head of the Court to convey the message!

Announced no more than 2 hours after another act of terror in Yehuda ve Shomron

The supreme court is in violation of the law by disqualifying a Jewish candidate who is "racist" and allpowing a "racists" candidate from the Arabs to run. This makes the Supreme court Judges who voted against Ben-Ari and for the Arabs Racists. As such they should be removed from the bench for being "Racist" against Jews

Netaniahyu gave his orders and they obeyed , don t be mistaken who is behind this . He needs confusion to avoid speaking about issues of importance and will never adderess the cost of living because he has never been elected to help his people but to bully and instill fear into every white jews israeli.

[...] boycotting this election is not the right response. The objective of this election is to vote in the Right, at any costs, no matter how much damage they scheme to do. Don't let the skunks keep you away.

Is the Supreme Court really a front for the Arabs????

The Lunatics are running the Asylum

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Anonymous said...

First, it's interesting to note that there was a famous and honorable Judge named Judge Borke (forgot his first name) who was up for nomination to the US Supreme Court, but there too he was disqualified because he was a very conservative and honest judge and they could not bear that. He said 'the Israeli supreme court is the 'most' draconian court in the democratic world'.
There is much that has been written about that court and much said about it and its satanic behaviors and it seems most Israelis know about its hatred for G-D, Torah Judaism and unjust rulings, and for some unknown and inexplicable reason, they have more power than the PM, the knesset, etc., which is mind boggling for a 'democratic' country.
Doesn't matter these days what the people want and vote for because they take over and it's their way or the highway. Boy, do we need Moshiach!