18 January 2017


They Smell Blood!

The onslaught against this government is similar to the efforts hurtled against Netanyahu when he ran for Prime Minister. One can hear the diatribes spewing from Kerri's poisoned mouth (an amalakei rasha gamor) and see the invisible hand of his vindictive once superior (in mouth and deed) behind the (reshayim) leftist's  fueled onslaught against Netanyahu and anyone on the so-called Right. They are even out (trying) to get Deri again!

The coordination of attacks from many sectors of society are poisoning the public with their evil contortion of words in a rush to indict Netanyahu BEFORE the Inauguration.

One can see the layout of strategic coordinated arrows of venom jumping out from the pages of The newspapers. I can only attest that which I discern from the (English) Jerusalem Post. Is it any different in the Hebrew papers?One could almost declare that the new editor is staunchly implanted in the left leaning headlines of his paper.

Front Page Trial of Words:

"Kerry at Davos forum: Netanyahu is 'affecting ability to make peace ... American credibility is 'on the line'."

"Yair Netanyahu questioned [....]"

"Majority believes PM is guilty"

"Head of police probe to retire [...]"

"Glick going to ... Inauguration!” 
(saying he will represent Jerusalem???)

In my estimation”they" are trying to prevent the Geula.  Much travesty can occur. “They” are trying to indict the PM BEFORE Friday, January 20. “They” do not want to see the “Rise" of Israel and the purported support of Trump FOR Israel.  However, HaShem uses just such moments of disarray to move history forward. Each day is explosive. We are only hours away from the Inauguration of Donald Trump as the 45 President of the United States. The “Erev Rav” in collusion with the evil Leftists/Liberals of America.

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COMMOTION AND MYSTERIOUS behind-the-scenes maneuvering of preparations for Trump's swearing-in should raise huge alarms. Does one not see a similarity between events in Israel and those in America? There is a confluence of events taking place.

UNDERCOVER INVESTIGATION exposes groups plotting criminal activity at Trump inauguration. "a spokesperson for #DisruptJ20 says that the goal of his organization is for Trump to be inaugurated “amid complete chaos”… It is during this type of confusion and disruption that such an assassination could take place.
Butyric Acid Attack at the Pre-inauguration Ball.

EXCLUSIVE: TRUMP OPERATIVE ROGER STONE SURVIVES ASSASSINATION ATTEMPT – Doctors suspect longtime political adviser poisoned with radioactive substance used to murder spies Infowars

Why Has The White House Suddenly Released A Strategy For Dealing With A Catastrophic Meteor Impact? from Zerohedge.


LAST MINUTE CHANGE IN SECURITY AT INAUGURATION REMINISCENT OF JFK IN D EALEY PLAZA:  Without explanation and just a week before inauguration, President Obama has suddenly announced he is removing the Major General in charge of the DC National Guard who helped plan and was set to oversee event security that day, effective right in the middle of the ceremony the very minute after Donald Trump is sworn in as president. The termination is unprecedented and out of decorum with such a high state function taking place, raising serious concerns about the vulnerabilities and gaps in security on such an important day. Not saying that anything is going to happen, but it's hard not to notice and raise questions when the scenario is being made plausible.

Rabbi Glazerson’s Video of THREAT OF NIBIRU - 5777 ROME - MASHIACH:


Listen to the dialogue in this audio/video about what people are seeing and experiencing from the affects of Nibiru. [Published on Jan 14, 2017]

Planet X 2017 – This planet would stop at the edge of the solar system, about ten times larger than Earth and 500 times heavier than Pluto. Researchers have not yet directly observed the planet but result in the existence of the planet based on the impact Planet X has on several Kuiper belt objects.

The circumferential plane of planet X makes an angle of thirty degrees to the circumferential plane from that of other planets. Because the ninth planet is so massive and has a track that is slightly tilted in comparison with those of the other planets, the whole solar system is – with the exception of the sun – tilted.

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