31 January 2017

Amona Residents Ordered To Evacuate

The Knesset House Committee approved the Regulation Law Tuesday afternoon, with eight MKs voting to approve the bill and seven MKs voting against the bill.
The Regulation Law was brought for its second and third readings in the Knesset Monday.
Vice chairman of the House Committee, MK Shuli Mualem (Jewish Home), said: "I reject outright all of the talk we are hearing on theft and stealing. It is rewriting the Bible and the Jewish world. The land of Israel belongs to the people of Israel. We never said otherwise. Again and again [we said that] the right-wing government will pursue a right-wing agenda and rule from the right."

MK Mualem told MKs opposing the bill: "We were elected to the Knesset in order to promote what we believe in, and not what Meretz, the Zionist Union, Yesh Atid, or the Joint List believe in. The Regulation Law is the obligation of the right-wing government to lead the normalization of the Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria, after 50 years have passed since the great miracle which occurred during the Six Day War."

At the end of the vote MK Mualem said: "With G-d's help we will do it and we will succeed. The Land of Israel and the State of Israel won a great victory today."


Residents of the embattled town of Amona in Samaria have been ordered to abandon their homes and evacuate by the end of the day.

An army order posted in Amona Monday night warns that a general closure on the town will be imposed 
within 48 hours
According to the order, all property must be removed by residents before Wednesday.


In a further blow to the Amona deal, the Knesset announced on Tuesday that voting on the Regulation Law, a key component of the agreement, would be delayed yet again. While the bill was set to be voted upon this week, the Knesset declared no moves would be taken on the proposal prior to February 6th.
(reprehensible cowards)

The People Know . . . The Government Will Be The Last to Realize The Error of Their Ways

Listen to what they say"

"As I said many times. We just do not want to face reality. There never was any intention to either protect the families or to have replacement dwellings. Amazing how gullible, simple minded we are. NETANYAHU never had any other intention or ever will. He is destruction personified."

" no work has yet been done on the new neighborhood promised under the agreement. Amona residents have nowhere to go." CAN YOU IMAGINE THAT IN WINTER, SOME CRUEL FACTION OF THE GOVERNMENT IS THROWING FAMILIES OUT OF THEIR HOMES! And these people are victims of a governmental (sic) mistake!!! To make matters worse, the agreement made has not be [en]kept, but these poor people have to up and leave. TO WHERE????"

"It is a very bad news causing serious consequences. We are divided in political military and spiritual way Our enemies know now our weakness and they will take advantages as EU particularly France are making business with Iran. The French foreign minister is visiting Teheran in company of numerous business men. He has met the chairman of the Iranian Parliament Ali Larijani promising him to improve France s relationship with Teheram error Teheran. Shiites and Sunnits are preparing an alliance as Hitler did with Stalin just to destroy Israel and Trump."

"Our government stinks. We need moshiach. These people are being treated like the residents of Gush Katif."

"I’m not sure about Moshiach, he might delay his coming yet again. In meantime I would’ve given a chance to Feiglin and his Zehut party. The others are certainly sheat and do not deserve any.”


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